Klogr’s “Till You Decay” is Not for Me, but You Might Like It

Recently I got the album "Till You Decay" by the band Klogr (pronounced Kay – log – are). They are an alternative rock/metal band. I say this with due respect to the band Klogr, but the term alternative has been used so much that when I hear that word I think commercial music. There is nothing wrong with a band that has an accessible sound and Klogr’s music is very accessible. Is it commercial? In the rock sense…probably, their album is full of ear catching guitar riffs, guitar solos and a singer who’s vocal sound is original enough to give the band personality. He kind of reminds me of an angry Chris Cornell, but he has some very melodic moments as well.
Klogr is a reference to the law of Weber-Fechner, developed in the second half of the 800, which is known as the fundamental psychophysical relationship (S=K log R). The album "Till You Decay" is based on the concept that "the society around us controls us, judges us, conditions us and ultimately suffocates us. A psychological game of massacre, control and power over the masses in which they use fear and anxieties to unstabalize a person into something more fragile, more controllable and more subservient…so these guys are smarter than me, who am I to judge their music?
In short, the bands name and the concept of the album is more interesting than the album itself at least for my musical taste. There is definitely an audience for Klogr though. I mentioned it above, but the vocals are what stand out on the album for me, because without the vocals Klogr has the sound of bands like Shinedown, Godsmack, a heavier Bush and Audioslave. Vocally Klogr is original enough to not be accused of being a clone of any other band.
The first two songs "Live Dying" and "Silk and Thorns" are far and away the best songs on the album. Both songs are radio ready and would be make great live songs. The rest of the album is fine, but I just have a hard time paying attention because I feel like I’ve heard it before. That said I don’t think that should prevent you from checking these guys out, because musical taste is subjective. I’m into bluesy rock bands like Aerosmith, Guns n Roses, Buckcherry, The Black Crowes etc. To some of you, all of those bands may sound the same; to me they are very much independent of one another. In other words if you’re into bands like Shinedown, Godsmack, Bush and Audioslave I think you should check Klogr out, because I think you will find something that you enjoy.


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