Graffiti6 Steals The Show On Conan.

Graffiti6 stopped by Conan last night for a live performance of "Free." Lead singer Jamie Scott showcased his soulful vocals on the band's breakout single against a backdrop of beautiful strings. "Free" appears on Graffiti6's debut album, Colours, which is available now.  See what everyone is saying about the album below.

Graffiti6, the duo of singer/songwriter Jamie Scott and songwriter/producer Tommy "Tommy D" Danvers, makes the art of crafting pop gems seem like the easiest task in the world."
Spray painting their debut album with '60s psychedelia, rave music, and falsetto-kissed soul (courtesy of dreamy lead singer Jamie Scott), this UK duo makes a vivid splash."
People Magazine

"Using acoustic guitar and electric piano as primary colors, they combine smoky falsetto-soul melodies and breakbeat rhythms."  - USA Today
"Pop at its most glorious" -Marie Claire
Kaleidoscopic beat tornadoes" - Entertainment Weekly

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