Detroit’s ‘Dirty Show’ Steams Up Until February 25, 2012.

The 13th annual Dirty Show in Detroit, Michigan is currently steaming up Bert's Warehouse Theatre. The show, that's mission is to "promote, publish and propagate erotic art in all forms," will be on display until February 25, 2012.

When I first pulled up to the theatre, I had no idea what I was in for. It's located in a rather unassuming, deserted (at least on Sundays, when I went) part of town called Eastern Market. Right near all of the closed-for-the-season fruits and vegetable stands, and smack dab in the middle of some mom and pop delis, I encountered this to let me know I was in the right place.

Created in 2000 by Jerry Vile (quickly joined by Jeremy Harvey), the Dirty Show has grown every year since its inception. The show is heavy on art by Midwestern artists, but features works by artists throughout North America.

The Dirty Show really does have something for everyone (well, except those who are a bit prude-ish...but even they would have to smile at the entrance's Mr. Grab Ass game, a popular take-off on the claw arcade game, only the prizes include vibrators and condoms). The show features a variety of art forms, including performance art, paint, drawings, sculpture and photography. And the artists' takes on sexuality are quite different as well. Some of the pieces are comical, like "Little Skeezer's," which is a parody of the Little Caesar's mascot, only this one is depicted as doing something far more sexy than just selling hot and ready pizzas. And some are downright eerie and dark, like Jim Duvall's "2011-9459," a photograph of a nude woman in the bathtub who has just slit her wrists.

For some reason, when I first entered the show, I expected it to be a mix of pervy old men and snobby artsy-types. But, I was pleasantly surprised by what I found: a little bit of everything. There were young people, old people, couples, singles, people dressed sexy and punky, and folks who looked like they just stepped out of J. Crew.

In addition to viewing the art and watching the performance pieces, attendees can also visit the show's shop and take a print home with them. Not only that, but show-goers can drink at the bar, purchase Dirty Show swag or try their hand at winning prizes in the Mr. Grab Ass game. So if you're tired of standard dinner and movie fare, I definitely recommend going to the Dirty Show!

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Kate Brindle is a stand-up comedian from Ann Arbor, MI. For more information and for tour dates, visit her at Email Kate at

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