Adam Lambert Joins Queen….On Tour

I’ve never gotten the chance to see Queen live. Freddie Mercury passed way before I was old enough to see them. I missed out on the Paul Rodgers tour. Now they’re coming back this summer with one of the great young voices of this generation. I love Adam Lambert’s voice…especially when he was on "American Idol." Personally I’m disappointed in his solo career, but that’s because I wanted more glam rock rather than glam pop. Adam Lambert is perfect of a Queen meets the New York Dolls sound, so I was disappointed when he went with a more Lady Gaga approach.

That all said, Adam Lambert has been a huge success. Internationally I believe he’s the most successful "Idol" alum. Stateside he’s more middle of the pack (in terms of the "Idols" that have had success), but still successful none the less. I may actually consider going to see Lambert with Queen. Don’t take this the wrong way Lambert fans, but I hope this isn’t Queen with Lambert (where they play both Lambert songs and Queen Songs), I hope it is full on Queen.

I know it’s just me being selfish, but I hope this collaboration influences Adam Lambert to kick out an amazing rock record, because I know it’s in him. The guy has too much talent to be wasting it in the pop music world…although that pays much better. Queen and Lambert fans, what do you think of the collaboration. Like our Facebook page and let us know what you think about the collaboration.


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Anonymous said...

I agree and disagree in the points you made. First off if adam performs with queen, it well be full out queen, adam has already said in an inteeveiw he wont be doing his music, they have their own music and he respects that. First off I agree adam is the most succesfull idol alum of all time. Its the fact that in the thickle echelions world of pop music, adams name is also current nd relevant in the thickle bubble of amercan Idol. His world wide appeal, and once in a generation voice is also the reason he has effoftlesley made the transistion from american idol contestent to international pop star.

Now I can see your not a fan of top 40. But I strongley disagree that adams wasting his incredible talent on pop music. Youv'e gotta understand if he was to make an all out classic rock album, that means the classic part, and that means covers. And tbh it would just nd up being dirreivitave. I mean rock music doesen't sound like it used to, you have your coldplays, muse, kings of leon, nickleback, green day. Adam is definatley not any of those band or sounds haha. I think adam wanted a bit more for himself than just classic rock, besides he influenced alot of that classic rock sound in fye.

Theirs a reason why the female superstars and jb are the superstars and doing so well, cos they are making music the ppl want to hear. With adam because he is so different and specefic in terms of his talent and his sound its not as easy. He really is a dieing breed in terms of apart from timberlake the only true male singer left in the pop industry. He really can do it all, so he doesent fit in the mainstream group of pop/rnb (jb, bruno) or the female pop sound, so its hard to market that. So right now Adam needs to be thinking HIT mentailitu, than maybe down the track when he garners some succedd, than he can experiement a bit more on the next album, possibly a bit more rocky. And from what ive heard theirs going to be 4 or 5 megahits from his new lp Trespassing. The title track trespassing from what ppl have heard it, is a million dollar hit very early queen, another one bites the dust, we will rock you e.t.c.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see Adam with Queen. He's really one of the only male voices right now that can sing the catalog, those are terribly tough songs to sing. He's already said if (when) he does a show with them, it will ONLY be Queen's music.

As for putting out a rock record? Yeah, we all know why that would NEVER work for him. Besides, that's the curse of being able to sing anything. He's a pop music lover, he should sing and write what he loves.

But doing a few shows with Brian and Roger is the best of both worlds. No one can replace Freddie, but Adam can more than do justice to the songs and I can't wait for Trespassing and I can't wait for a Queen show. WIN/WIN

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob!

Those who have been lucky enough to hear a few tracks off the new album say the title track, Trespassing, is like a stadium anthem.

But, doncha worry. When Adam achieves world dominance after the release of album #2, he'll be able to produce records in any genre he wants, and I'm sure there will be lotsa rock coming our way!