An Interview with Redlight King’s Singer Kaz.

Redlight King’s debut album “Something For the Pain” touches on the personal experiences of the band’s singer Kaz. He recently stopped by to talk about the band, its music and what the album means to him.

Q - You front the band, Redlight King. Real quick, where did that name derive from?

A - Redlight King is a term for people who break the rules, and regardless of the odds, stand by the decisions they make; and continue to push those boundaries regardless of the outcome.

Q - There are only two members of the band, you and Jules. Do you two handle all the instruments or do you bring in other musicians to assist?

A - Actually, we’re a four piece but for writing purposes it is pretty much me and sometimes Jules or a third party.

Q - For those not hip to Redlight King, how would you describe your sound?

A - It’s rock’ n roll first and foremost; however I see it as a combination of both new and old sounds, nothing too digital, nothing too analog. It’s unique in the way that it’s loud and big when it needs to be and textures are often dictated by the essence of the song itself.

Q - The band’s debut album is called, “Something For the Pain.” I read that the album is sort of biographical, meaning that a lot of the songs stem from your real life in a way. What did the completion of this album mean to you from a personal standpoint?

A - Personally, it was very hard deciding when the album was finished. I believe they had to pry it from my hands. I often draw from personal experience and also as an observer. For me, there is no real formula. I suppose these were songs I just needed to write.

Q - Which songs on the album mean the most to you and why? Are there any in particular that stand out?

A – “Something For The Pain” was the first track I wrote for this album and one of the most defining for us as a band. It touches on the human spirit, confrontation, and humiliation, all while leaving room for personal interpretation.

Q - Once the album drops, will there be a corresponding tour?

A - We are constantly touring. This year’s schedule is starting to look busy starting with dates in March. You can check out our tour schedule on our website at

Q - Thanks again. Is there anything you wanted to add?

A - Please support live music!! Go see a show and if you like the band spread the word; hell, you could even buy their t-shirt.

Check out the video to “Bullet In My Hand” here:


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