Nina Sky (@ninasky)Talks ‘Move Ya Body’ and Dinah 2012. - Interview

Identical twin sisters Natalie and Nicole Albino make up the sizzling hot music duo Nina Sky. The girls’ new EP, “The Other Side,” has received enormous support from their fans and the two have no plans of stopping anytime soon. Along with a full-length album this spring, Nina Sky will perform at the legendary Dinah 2012. Natalie and Nicole recently stopped by to talk about their music, what it’s like being twins and their hit single, “Move Ya Body.”

Q – Nina Sky is comprised of twin sisters, Natalie and Nicole Albino. When you two were younger, was it both of your goals to go into music or did one have to coax the other? How did you two get started?

Natalie - Music was always a shared passion of ours. Growing up, our step dad was a deejay and that sparked our interest. As soon as our mom allowed us, we starting going to tons of auditions. Through the auditions, we landed a deal with a production company and eventually signed with a record label. We released our first album in 2004. That's the short version of the story!

Q – Your first album, self-titled, dropped in 2004 and spawned the smash hit, “Move Ya Body.” A lot of artists don’t see that type of success until their second or third album. Has the success made it easier or difficult to maintain that type of momentum with subsequent projects? Do you feel like you’re continually trying to top the first album?

Nicole - "Move Your Body" is the song that opened the door for a lot of other cool things to happen in our career. Whether it has made it easier or harder for us after having a hit like that? I don't really know. Our goal is not trying to "top" what we created on our first album, for us it's just important to stay inspired, make great music, and to continue to do that 'til we're old and grey.

Q – I have twin brother-in-laws and they have a special connection, as I believe a lot of twins do. When the two of you are collaborating creatively, has there ever been disagreement on how songs should be written? Any so bad that it has affected a song, your relationship, etc.?

Natalie - We do have our disagreements and believe me, they’re not only about how songs should be written! None that have affected our relationship though. We respect each other's ideas, especially when working on music. If we have to change something in a song, we figure out how to fix it and keep on moving. No hurt feelings, no grudges. All love.

Q – Nina Sky will perform at The Dinah 2012. How did you two get involved with this event?

Natalie - We got the booking request and we were totally down. Looks like a great event!

Q – A new EP was just released digitally. How has the response to the new material been?

Nicole - Yes, we released "The Other Side" EP via our website in 2010. The response was great! It was our first independent project; no major label. We collaborated with a few of our favorite producers and made magic.

Q – Are there any plans for a full-length release?

Natalie - Yes! We're releasing a new project this spring. The first single will be released at the top of the year, with a video to follow. The first single is called "Daydreaming." Be on the look out!

Q – Thank you for taking the time. Is there anything you wanted to add?

Nicole - Yes, thank you for the interview! For the latest in Nina Sky news, check us out @ninasky on Twitter, and And most importantly, lots of love to all our fans!


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