Megadeth’s “TH1RT3EN” is One of the Best Albums of 2011

I am somewhat new to the Megadeth fan base. The first Megadeth album I bought was “Endgame,” but I’ve since become hooked on Megadeth, buying a lot of their classic albums as well as their greatest hit album. Someday I’ll own all thirteen albums, but albums are expensive, so bear with me while I get caught up on their entire catalogue.

The most anticipating album for me of 2011 was Megadeth’s “TH1RT3EN.” I was really excited about it for a number of reasons. First in foremost Dave Ellefson is back in the band. Megadeth is Dave and Dave just like Metallica is James & Lars, GNR is Slash and Axl, the Stones are Mick and Keith etc etc. The second reason is that every album released in the last four years going back to Metallica’s “Death Magnetic” by the big four have been ridiculously good. “Death Magnetic,” “Endgame,” “World Painted Blood” and most recently “Worship Music” have all been flat out phenomenal. Dave Mustaine and company are not capable of sucking enough to fuck up this streak.

“TH1RT3EN” is very much a Megadeth record. When you think about the big four, what they all have in common are classic speed metal riffs. After that each band has their own characteristics that makes them who they are. Metallica has the most commercial sound. Slayer is the fastest and most evil. Anthrax…I don’t know, they’re from the east coast? Megadeth is the most technical band and to me that is where they stand-alone.

Chris Broderick is one of my favorite guitarists out there. The soloing between him and Mustaine has always been top notch and it continues on “Th1rt3en.” The songs are tight. They each have their own personality. My favorite riff on the album is the main riff on “We the People.” I think the most ear catching songs on the album are “Sudden Death” and “Public Enemy No. 1,” but that might just be because I was familiar with those songs prior to hearing the album.

I love the dark slower songs that Megadeth does like “A Tout le Monde.” “Millennium of the Blind” and “13” are those type of songs and they’re terrific. My favorite song on the album is “Never Dead.” It starts off with exactly a minute long military march drum beat and then all hell breaks loose. It’s one of the best riffs on the album and it’s probably the fastest song on the album. While I mentioned the slow dark stuff is great, I prefer the fast stuff.

Megadeth fans, you’ve already picked up “TH1RT3EN” so I don’t need to sell you on picking up this album. For those of you that went to Rock Star Energy Drink’s Mayhem festival to see Disturbed and Godsmack, well then you might have seen Megadeth. I love Disturbed and Godsmack, but those bands are gateway bands to the real heavy metal bands like Megadeth and Slayer. Grab Megadeth’s “TH1RT3EN,” I promise you, if this is your first time discovering Megadeth, you’ll go back for more. It happened to me with “Endgame.”


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Anonymous said...

A tout le monde is on 'United Aomoninations', not '13'. You should probably have your facts straight before you decide to review music by arguably the best thrash metal band ever formed.

Anonymous said...

I've followed Megadeth from the mid 80's since Killing... and Peace sells -albums. And I convince you people, Th1rt3en is a real and absolutely great Megadeth album. It won't let you down!

Huge MegaFan from Finland

Threat said...

" Anonymous said...
A tout le monde is on 'United Aomoninations', not '13'. You should probably have your facts straight before you decide to review music by arguably the best thrash metal band ever formed."

Maybe you should learn how to read, he never said "A Tout Le Monde" was on TH1RT3EN. He was comparing it to two other songs on the album.

Anonymous said...

if you 2 don't know, wich i think you do, a tout le monde wasnt originally on UA, it was originally on Youthanasia, the UA is a remake

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous person who wrote "A tout le monde is on 'United Aomoninations', not '13'" - you should learn to read before you write. The author of the piece never said it was on 13 - read it again.

BTW..A Tout le Monde was originally on Youthanasia

Anonymous said...

Dave Ellefson wrote the bassline and plays bass on a track which was released today (Johnny Wore Black - All The Rage). It's pretty rad: