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An exciting artist who is making an impression on today’s music industry is Eryn Woods. Her unique look bravely stands out, much like her music. The singer’s new album, “Holl. E. Woods,” is out now and the new single, “Gangstas, Geeks & Freaks, (GGF)” has just been released. I recently caught up with Woods to talk about her music, influences and whether or not it’s OK to sell out.

Q – Thank you, Eryn, for talking to me.

A – It’s my pleasure!!! :) Thank you for being interested in interviewing me.

Q – Your entire image and new single, “Gangstas, Geeks & Freaks,” off the new album, “Holl. E. Woods,” glorifies that people should be embraced for their individuality. When did you first realize that you were different from the norm?

A - I think everyone is different in their own way and that's what I want people to realize and understand; some people find it when they are younger, some when they get older. But we are all unique in our own ways; we all have different purposes in this world. I think I completely found it once I got out underneath my parents’ wings; I was able to spread my own and figure out who I truly am and what my purpose is!

Q – The mainstream is filled with acts like Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. Although you don’t necessarily fit into this mold, you have been featured on popular shows like MTV’s “The Jersey Shore,” VH1’s “Beverly Hills Fabulous” and “Mob Wives.” What is it about you that attracts many different types of fans?

A - I have always felt that even if they don't dress different or have crazy hairstyles, everyone in their own way feels "different." So I believe people look at me and see something in themselves; either they are letting it shine or they are too scared to let that part of them out. Even though I might not fit a certain mold, I stand for everyone!!

Q – Your music has a pop/rock/dance type of sound. How would you describe your music?

A - I think the best description of my music is when it comes from the fans who listen to it - GREAT WORKOUT MUSIC!!!! :) Music that gives you energy and helps you keep going throughout the day. That's what I want to do for my fans!!

Q – What I like about you as an artist is your music is for all ages, despite what stereotypes tell you about a girl with a Mohawk. How has the new album been received by fans, both young and old?

A - That was my #1 rule when I was creating my album; that ALL ages will be able to listen to it. No parents covering up their children's ears. LOL. So, I believe that I have succeeded on that end. Everyone from young to old absolutely LOVES the album. I believe it’s not too "kiddy" but everyone in some way can relate to what I talk about in my songs.

Q – What songs are your favorite to perform live and why?

A - My two favorite songs to perform are "GGF" and "Sweat." I love performing these songs the most because I absolutely love watching the looks on the crowds’ faces. They go crazy over these two songs!!! They get the biggest smiles on their faces and they just can't stand still.

Q – Which artists influenced you growing up and why?

A - There are two artists that I listened to growing up and they are the ones that I created a whole show to, to perform in front of the family: Madonna (80's) and Cyndi Lauper!!!! My first dance recital was to "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun," a moment I will never forget. They helped me through sad times and happy times. Watching their shows helped me learn a lot about performing and being such a fun and exciting artist.

Q – You’re out to conquer the world without selling out to all the fads. Is there ever a time where it is OK to sell out?

A - I would say NO only because I've been the most successful in my career and the happiest when I have been myself. And I believe happiness is the most important; how will I be able to make others happy when I'm not? It wouldn't be genuine.

Q – I look forward to seeing you out on tour. Is there anything you wanted to add?

A - Thanks so much!!! I can't wait to meet more "Kupcakes" out on the road and I hope that everyone loves the music they hear and the new video "GGF." Be yourself, and you will be happy!!!


Jason Tanamor is the Editor of Zoiks! Online. He is also the author of the novels, "Hello Lesbian!" and "Anonymous." Email Jason at

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