Are You Into Art Rock Bands Like Pink Floyd, The Cure, Peter Gabriel and Portishead? Check out Sound of Cancer’s “No Vampires in Gilroy” – Review

Last year this girl emailed me asking me to check out her music. Her name was Alexx Calise. She sent me her album “In Avanti” and I was blown away with how radio ready it was. She was an independent artist, but if the right radio stations got a hold of her music she would have three or four hit singles off of that album. It was pop music, but it was definitely rock music at the same time. She also mentioned her other project with drummer Dennis Morehouse called Sound of Cancer. Their new album “No Vampires in Gilroy” is available for download on Halloween.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from Sound of Cancer. I didn’t think it’d sound like Alexx’s solo stuff, because why would she even bother with a side project if it sounded just like her solo stuff. I’m not sure I was prepared for how different Sound of Cancer was going to be. “No Vampires in Gilroy” is a dark artistic experiment by Alexx and Dennis. You can hear a wide range of influences on this album, from Pink Floyd to the Cure.

Alexx Calise is a guitar player, but on “No Vampires in Gilroy,” her vocals are showcased, even more so than on her solo album. I’ve always liked her voice, but on songs like “Confusion,” “Darkarnival” and “Love,” she’ll send chills down your spine. I love the musical performances, the guitar tones, the effects, the beats and the melodies. This album is perfect.

Every song on “No Vampires in Gilroy” has their own identity and their own haunting quality. My personal favorite songs on the album are “Confusion,” “The Abyss of Your Kiss” and “Darkarnival.” However, the six times I’ve popped this album in, I’ve listened to it beginning to end. There aren’t any songs on here worth skipping. The song most likely to be a hit is probably the song “Say,” provided the right people hear this album.

Sound of Cancer is kind of an unknown band at this moment, but the songs on their new album “No Vampires in Gilroy” would make for an interesting live performance. Given the right setting this album would make a potentially great theatrical or visual performance. It makes me think of some of the cool things Peter Gabriel has done live, see also Pink Floyd and Tool as well. Check out Sound of Cancer’s “No Vampires in Gilroy” and let me know what you think.


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Anonymous said...

As a former resident of Gilroy, California, I'm appalled (appalled, I tell you) that you failed to at least mention the reason behind the title. Gilroy is the garlic capital of the world!


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