Anberlin Currently on Tour With Switchfoot - Interview

Recently I got the chance to chat with the band Anberline about there latest album, their current tour with Switchfoot and what shaped the sound of the band. Currently the band is on tour with Switchfoot, if you get the chance be sure to check out those shows. Now here is your interview.

Zoiks!: Can you tell us a little bit about the tour with Switchfoot?

Anberlin: We're about a week and a half into the tour and things are going amazing. We've talked with Switchfoot for years about touring together. We've played a bunch of shows together in the past at radio shows, festivals, and college gigs, etc, but never actually toured together. We finally got our acts together and made it happen. Its a co-headline bill so both bands are playing a little over an hour and have both brought full production and lighting. We also have a an amazing band, Atomic Tom, opening the tour

Z!: What can fans expect from your live show?

A: Flying, magic, snake charmers, belly dancers, drum circles, drum lines, the rockettes, interpretive dancers, interpretive painters, cats and dogs living together.... mass hysteria! You know, the usual

Z!: You released your latest album about a year ago. Now that it has been out awhile, what has been the fans reaction?

A: Pretty great. I think the gauge for success is less and less about record sales, and more about your live business. How many people are coming out to your shows, is it increasing or decreasing? We've only grown in that area so I'd have to assume that people like what they hear. Each year gets just that much better than the last; Bigger tours, better opportunities, more faces of the world rocked. It truly is a blessing

Z!: How are the newer songs translating live?

A: At this point, we've been touring on this record for a year, so we've pretty much figured out what translates well live and what doesn't. Also, after 5 records worth of music, we try to keep a balance of "new" songs and "old" songs in the set as well.

Z!: As a fan, what was the first concert that you attended and how did it affect you?

A: I started going to local all ages shows in Seattle when I was in middle school, there were at least two concerts every weekend, Fri and Sat. I wasn't old enough to drive so someone’s parents or older siblings would drive us to the venue. I can't remember exactly what my first concert was, but I feel like it was Undertow. It really changed my world. I was just coming into the age when one defines themselves with the music they listen to, and begins buying and collecting records. I truly believe that it set me on the course which led me to this current point where I answering this question.

Z!: Was there a moment in your life where you realized that making music is what you wanted to do for a living? What was that moment?

A: I would say that it was shortly after that first concert. It was a dream of mine from that moment on. Some of my friends played instruments and started a band. I got an acoustic guitar for Christmas or my birthday, got a combo amp soon after. Taught myself how to play (with the help of said friends that already could play). Started jamming, eventually started a band, played in other bands through high school and eventually college. Dropped out of college my senior year because my band got signed, and haven't worked a normal job since.

Z!: Who are some of your early influences?

A: A lot of Metal. Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Sepultura, Pantera, etc. I picked up a guitar because I wanted to be able to play Metallica songs. I grew up in Washington so obviously the grunge scene that was going on there at the time influenced me. Later, in high school, I got into new school punk and hardcore bands: NoFX, Lagwagon, Face to Face, Earth Crisis, Strife, Snapcase etc.

Z!: Who influences you now?

I am an avid music fan. I'm almost obsessive about buying music. I have records that I have bought that I still haven't really listened to yet.

A: I've got some pretty eclectic tastes as well. I listen to everything from extreme death metal to Motown, classical music to every form of electronic music. I would say I'm inspired and influenced by all of these artists

Z!: What can fans expect from Anberlin in the next year?

A: New music and new tours


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