Nous Non Plus Releases First Single and Video "Bunga Bunga"off Forthcoming LP Freudian Slip

or...Berlusconi Fiddles While Rome Burns

"Why front, why fight the urge to gush-I LOVE this shit." - Portland Mercury

"With the right amount of sincerity and sardonicism, for the the first time in history, the world might just surrender to the French" - URB

Watch the video for "Bunga Bunga" at YouTube or Vimeo

Trans Atlantic francophiles Nous Non Plus have released a new video for their single "Bunga Bunga," off forthcoming album, Freudian Slip, out on October 11 with Aeronaut Records. "Bunga Bunga" is a term derived from the Italian (and now international) slang for sex party, political corruption, moral bankruptcy influenced by Italy's sitting prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi. Infamous for his greed and hedonist excesses, Berlusconi, who's been getting plenty of attention as of late, was accused of paying a Moroccan native for sex while she was still a minor. Featuring the drums of Julien Galner of Paris-based electronica band Chateau Marmont, the single is officially out on iTunes today and the accompanying video can be watched at Vimeo or YouTube.

"Bunga Bunga" is the band's homage to the Motown classic "Dancing in the Streets," and singer Céline Dijon brilliantly weaves together the world's capitals, including some one might not expect, reminding the listener with each chorus that "on fait le Bunga Bunga" (everyone is doing the Bunga Bunga). From the opening stanza, it's clear that Dijon's ingenious conceit is laden with social and political subtext and allusions to current events.

Nous Non Plus rose from the ashes of the NYC faux-French band Les Sans Culottes. Though the band members now all live in different cities from Paris to Los Angeles, they reconvened in Austin, TX to record the bulk of their third studio album Freudian Slip. Working with legendary songwriter/guitarist David Garza and Julien Galner (of Chateau Marmont), the band mixed programmed loops with live drums, and moog synths with layered vocal harmonies to create their textured pop sound.

Freudian Slip Tracklisting

1. J'en Ai Marre / Had Enough
2. Pas la Peine / (Oh No) Not Again
3. Acte Manqué / Freudian Slip 
4. Bunga Bunga
5. Neil 
6. All I Want Is You
7. Yé-Yé C'est l'Été / Summer Song
8. Ne Dis Pas / Indian Summer

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