Jorge Calderon Releases New Singles.

Grammy Award winner and Los Angeles music legend, JORGE CALDERÓN, has now released two new singles, "Blue City" and "On Mardi Gras Day," through Inside Recordings. "Blue City" is a gritty blues-grooved elegy about hard times, vanishing jobs, and plants shutting down. While "On Mardi Gras Day," is inspired by the tragedy of Katrina, celebrating memories of the city, and rejoicing at the thoughts of returning for a future celebration. Both songs can be purchased on iTunes now.

Both tunes feature Jorge on vocal, guitar and bass, Ry Cooder on slide guitar, Luis Conte on percussion and Don Heffington on drums. And "On Mardi Gras Day," John Thomas sits in on Hammond organ. Calderón produced, while Jackson Browne served as executive producer.

Fans can listen to both songs streaming on SoundCloud now. For more information on Jorge, be sure to check out his official site,

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