Dan Levy Talks Stand-up, Kim Kardashian and His New CD. - Interview

Not only did Dan Levy receive Young Hollywood's award for "Best Comedian," but he recently released his CD "Congrats on Your Success." He's a fixture on television and in film, and he still finds time to tour the country with his stand-up act. Zoiks! Online recently had a chance to chat with him about his career, how he got started, and the Kardashian family.

Q - How did you get involved with stand-up?

A - I started doing stand-up when I moved to Boston to go to Emerson College. My dorm was across from Dick Doherty's comedy vault. (It was as awesome as it sounds.) So instead of binge drinking, I started going there every weekend.

Q - You just received the Young Hollywood Award for "Best Comedian." How did you celebrate this honor?

A - I celebrated it the way YOU MUST celebrate anything Hollywood related: cocaine and Kim Kardashian.

Q - Your new album, "Congrats on Your Success" dropped this summer. What can fans expect on the CD?

A - Jokes and true stories I've been working on over the past few years LIVE in Denver.

Q - You've performed your act on stages across the country (and still continue to do so). Where are some of your favorite places to perform?

A - Denver, Austin, Portland, NYC, and of course LA.

Q - What's your favorite road story, whether it's silly, embarrassing or just plain awesome?

A - No road story is ever "just plain awesome." However I was on a plane one time traveling to Boston and we lost oxygen in the cabin and had to make an emergency landing in Buffalo. The only thing worse than crashing was landing in Buffalo.

Q - Who are your favorite comics, and who influences you?

A - Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Louie CK.

Q - What's the best advice about entertainment you've received, and who gave it to you?

A - "It's never gonna work out." - Everyone.

Q - What's next for you? What can fans expect from you in the future?

A - I'll be going on tour in a few months but I'm currently working behind the scenes on a few shows. I'm writing on the new NBC sitcom "Whitney" premiering September 22 after “The Office” and I'll be executive producing a new sketch show on VH1 called “Stevie TV” in the spring.


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