“Chickenfoot III” Is a Rockin’ Gem

I’m sure the guys in Chickenfoot shy away from the label super group, but fuck them; Chickenfoot is the epitome of super groups. You’ve got the legendary front man in Sammy Hagar, a guitar legend in Joe Satriani and the rhythm section from two of the best all time bands in Michael Anthony (Van Halen) and Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers). Most super groups are either not that super or their music is ok at best, but Chickenfoot is for real. Their music is relevant. They’re not just a bunch of washed up rock stars cashing in on their past success their writing amazing, modern, relevant songs.

“Chickenfoot III,” the bands second album, is so good that they skipped a number. Have you heard the first single “Big Foot” yet? Sammy Hagar’s vocals on that are as good as anything he has done. That note he hits going into the guitar solo is incredible, you’d never believe this guy was in his 60’s. Speaking of guitar solos, how great is Joe Satriani? When you think of Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony teaming up with Joe Satriani you think they would sound like Van Halen, but that’s just not the case. Sure Sammy Hagar sounds like Sammy Hagar and when he and Michael Anthony do their harmonies there is some Van Halen there, but Satriani’s style is all over this album. When you mix in Chad Smith’s style, this band has an identity of it’s own.

My favorite song on “Chickenfoot III” is “Up Next.” That song is so hard. After hearing that song I didn’t want to listen to the rest of the album, I just wanted to keep listening to that over and over again. I absolutely love the monster riff. The song that follows “Up Next” is appropriately titled “Lighten Up.” “Lighten Up” is anything but a light song. I’m so used to Satriani being this instrumental/fusion type of guitar player, but I love Joe Satriani the rock guitarist. The guitar riffs on “Chickenfoot III” have balls the size of bass drums.

For all of you Van Halen fans out there, “Chickenfoot III” Is a must. I know I said it doesn’t really sound like Van Halen, but if you’re a Van Halen fan you’ll appreciate “Chickenfoot III.” If you’re into stud guitar players then you need to pick up “Chickenfoot III.” Satriani puts on a clinic and that clinic is not to be missed. Basically if you dig hard rock music then get your ass to the record store (or the internet or Walmart or where ever you kids shop these days) and pick up "Chickenfoot III," it is well worth it.


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