California Rockers Crowned By Fire Are Prone To Destroy.

Los Angeles based hard rock ruffians Crowned By Fire have recently issued their debut album, Prone To Destroy, via New York based upstart label Digital Media  Records.


Eleven songs laced with pure piss and vinegar, Prone To Destroy is an in your face sonic masterpiece produced by Chris Collier and recorded at Larione 10 Studios in Florence, Italy.  Frontman, John Fitterer says, "We were flown over to Italy by a label called Molten Metal Productions who we were signed to for the European territories.  We actually stayed on an ancient Tuscan estate for five weeks and recorded.  It was an amazing experience."


Formed in 2006, Crowned By Fire made a name for themselves playing throughout Southern California alongside such notable bands as Saint Vitus and Trouble as well as playing events including The Body Art Expo (both Los Angeles and San Francisco) and the Seattle Doom Festival. They most recently played the Las Vegas Doom Festival in June of this year


Prone To Destroy can be purchased at:


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