Black Country Communion’s Derek Sherinian’s “Oceana” is a Musical Wet Dream

What can you say about Derek Sherinian? He’s played with any and everybody. The former Dream Theater keyboardist is now a member of the super group Black Country Communion playing seventies style classic rock. He released two albums with the super group and managed to squeeze in some time to record a solo album that drops today entitled “Oceana.”

“Oceana” is an instrumental album that sends your mind on a journey. My wife is pregnant and due in mid December. When my son is finally bored, when he goes to bed at night, I will probably play this album on repeat while he sleeps, because I’m pretty sure this album will make him develop at a much faster pace. This type of music will stimulate your mind if you let it. It’s all instrumental, but there is so much going on. Musically a picture is being painted, a story is being told.

I really wish the casual music fan would pick this album up. They would learn so much about the power of music just from listening to “Oceana.” I also wish fans of guitar driven music would pick up “Oceana,” because Derek Sherinian will teach you that keyboards can rock just as hard as guitars if not harder. Who should pick this album up? Fans of bands like Yes, Emerson Lake and Palmer…Dream Theater, Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

I challenge you to give “Oceana” a listen and tell me that at the album is not at the very least interesting. It might be too complicated for some of us, I’ll be honest, I find the album mentally exhausting, but that’s the way I like it. It’s kind of like spicy food, sure it burns, but that’s how I like it. I like my food spicy and my music stimulating.


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