Jenny Mann and Blameshift Bring Hayley Williams and Paramore-type Rock to the Forefront. - Interview

Paramore helped open the door for punk/pop/rock bands to be successful. Bands like New Years Day, The Pretty Reckless and Evolove have all made some noise in the music industry. Another female led band, Blameshift, brings the same type of energy to the stage. Front woman, Jenny Mann, stopped by to talk about the band and their music.

Q – Where did the name Blameshift come from?

A – Well, our band name was kind of a fluke. James, who is no longer in the band, came up with the name while we were sitting in his basement the week before our first show. We had thrown around a couple other possibilities, but we liked Blameshift the best. As it turns out, the name has come to represent us as a band because we love to blame each other for everything!

Q – I heard the new single, “Ghost,” and see that it has the same tone as Paramore, New Years Day and The Pretty Reckless. How would you describe the band’s sound?

A - I would say we are a hard rock band with pop sensibilities. We try to mix high-energy rock with catchy hooks. Our sound is pretty upbeat, especially live!

Q – There seems to be an influx of female led pop/rock bands. How is Blameshift different from other female led groups?

A- It's funny, because when we first started playing together, I think we were one of the only Long Island bands with a girl singer. Now, it has just become so popular. Personally though, I think it is awesome that girls are finally having a voice in rock music. We like to separate ourselves from other female fronted bands with our live show. We run an entire light show and pride ourselves in bringing a "show" to every venue we play.

Q – The band is currently unsigned but was named as Hot Topic’s Unsigned Band of the Month for August. How did Hot Topic discover you guys?

A - We actually became friends with someone over at Hot Topic many years ago. He has been supporting us ever since. Hot Topic, although a very big company, still supports the underground scene which is awesome!

Q - Your new album, “The Black Rose,” is free to download on your Facebook Page ( Why did the band decide to give the album away for free?

A - It was actually an interesting turn of events that led us to that decision. We were out in L.A. in January recording some demos with our producer, Erik Ron. At that point we had been going through negotiations with a record label and were kind of putting everything else on hold. Erik was just so anxious for us to release the “Black Rose” EP, which we had recorded a couple months earlier. He basically convinced us that we shouldn't wait anymore. He believed by giving it away for free, we could build some great momentum and hype without having a huge marketing budget. So, that's what we did and it turned out to be an awesome decision.

Q – Blameshift is currently touring to promote “The Black Rose.” How have the road and fans treated you thus far?

A - This tour has been absolutely amazing. We have had so much support and love from the fans that it is overwhelming. The only negative part of this tour is the heat. It has been in the 100's for the last week. But that is our fault for touring in Texas in August!! =)

Q – Thanks again for talking to me. Is there anything you wanted to add?

A - If you haven't yet, please go "like" us on Facebook ( and download our new EP for FREE while you are there. Also, check out our video for "Ghost" on and YouTube (


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