An interview with Dave Navarro of Jane’s Addiction.

One of the most established bands in music history is Jane’s Addiction. The band has been selling out theaters for more than 25 years. A lot of people credit them for starting the alternative scene with Jane’s Addiction headlining the first ever Lollapalooza. And although Jane’s Addiction has been so influential in music and pop culture, the band will only be releasing their fourth studio album. Dave Navarro recently stopped by to talk about this revolutionary group.

Q – For being around for so long, Jane’s Addiction only released three studio albums. How has the band managed to stay so popular with the release of only three albums?

A - Jane’s Addiction has only put out new music when our hearts were in and when we had something to say creatively. I’m hoping the fans identify with that and stick around because they see that.

Q – The new album, “The Great Escape Artist,” is due out this September 27, the first studio album in eight years. How is this album different from previous Jane’s Addiction albums?

A - This album is different because the band went in a new direction that we haven’t been in before but at the same time there are many familiar threads of where we used to come from. It’s an evolution from where we were but always remembering where we came from.

Q – How has the band evolved from when you guys first came onto the scene in 1985?

A - We have certainly evolved musically and as people and as a collective entity. Musically, we intended to broaden the depth of the music by introducing a new space that we hadn’t experimented with before. It’s an evolution from where we were without forgetting where we came from. Ultimately we are just having a great time doing what we are doing, which is making music and playing it for people.

Q – What’s your best advice for young bands trying to make it in today’s industry?

A - My best advice is to be sure that you love what you’re doing and you believe in what you’re doing because there are no guarantees in this industry, especially in today’s climate, and the only reason we got to where we are at is because we never bent for anyone.

Visit Jane’s Addiction on the web at: and be sure to get “The Great Escape Artist” on September 27, 2011.


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