Brent James and the Contraband, Debut Album Out Tomorrow – Interview

Brent James and the Contraband will be releasing their debut album “Moment of Silence” tomorrow. Brent James and the Contraband is a solid rock band managing both a classic and modern rock sound. They’re gifted musicians that play what they feel. I highly recommend checking out their debut album. Recently I got a chance to chat with Brent, check it out below.

Zoiks!: How would you describe your sound?

Brent James: I'd say a classic rock vibe with Modern Rock influences. We love good songs.

Z!: Who are some of your early influences?

BJ: Joe Cocker, The Doors, Bob Dylan and Neil Young.

Z!: At what moment did you know that music was what you wanted to pursue?

BJ: I played a small coffee house in my hometown of Frankenmuth Michigan in 10th grade. We packed the place on a Friday night full band rock style. The response from our friends was deafening. I knew at that moment this is all I would ever need in life.

Z!: As a fan what has been your most memorable concert experience?

BJ: My first show was Smashing Pumpkins in East Lansing Michigan. I remember spending most of my time at the show with my back to the band imagining it was me they were there for. Cheesy I know but true. The seed was planted again.

Z!: What can fans expect from your live show?

BJ: Energy & Conviction. No canned stage moves. Just heart.
Z!: How did touring with Ted Nugent come about?

BJ: Our agent sent Ted's manager our stuff and he liked it enough to pass it on to Ted. He invited us out and that was that.

Z!: Can you tell us a little bit about your new album?

BJ: Sure. We started recording it about 2 years ago in Nashville TN with Skidd Mills. Recorded 25 songs and narrowed it down to 12 for the record. It's just a feel good driving record. Just get in your car and roll. ll the songs don't sound the same. That's probably what I like most about it. Flavor.

Z!: What is your song writing process?

BJ: I like to take time to think about the story/situation I'm writing about. I think a lot of people don't have patience when writing a song. I like to give it some space and room to breathe to try and take it over the top. Let it show me where it wants to go I suppose. Tom Waits said it best. "Songs are just something interesting to be doing with the air". Very true.

Z!: What's your favorite part of being an artist, is it writing, recording, performing...or does it depend on the day?

BJ: I'd say it definitely depends on the day. I love to just feel a vibe or be inspired by something/someone and sit down and write it. That is just as fun as performing for me. Performing is always magical though. I love seeing people I've never met singing the stuff. It's definitely a moving experience.


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