Roddenberry Entertainment teams with Social Animal to Produce 360-degree film 'White Room.'

Roddenberry is a legendary name in the world of science fiction with a forty-five year history of innovation and storytelling in the genre.  Today at Comic Con that legend continues as Roddenberry Entertainment announced that the company is partnering with technology lab, Social Animal, to produce the first-of-its-kind 360° film project, WHITE ROOM: 02B3. Greg Aronowitz, who honed his skills as a special effects artist and design specialist with over two hundred films and television projects under his belt, is directing the project.  His film credits include MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA, DISNEY'S HAUNTED MANSION, SCOOBY DOO 2, MINORITY REPORT, A.I., CASTAWAY, SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, THE X-FILES and CONTACT.   

WHITE ROOM: 02B3 will transport the audience into 360 degrees of intensity as six strangers find themselves unwillfully participating in an experiment that could change the face of humanity.  Roddenberry Entertainment's Tory Mell penned the project upon executives recognizing the opportunity that the unique 360° video camera provides. The system consists of nine 2K cameras shooting off mirrors to capture a high quality panoramic video with no gaps or distortion.  

"Roddenberry Entertainment has always been synonymous with pushing the envelope.  Gene (Roddenberry) always saw Star Trek and science fiction as an art that could inspire and be inspired by new technologies. Today, we are following that tradition.  Upon discovering Social Animal's 360° camera, we realized we could use this amazing new technology to tell a story in a way that has never been done before.  White Room: O2B3 is more than a film, it's a true experience," says Trevor Roth, C.O.O. of Roddenberry Entertainment. 

Roddenberry will premiere the film at festivals in 2012, then launch it as an interactive experience online and as an immersive cinematic first in 360° domes around the country. Principal photography commences August 22, 2011 in Los Angeles, CA.

This is a great moment for Social Animal and for the format of 360 degree content. For the first time we are seeing an established icon in the world of science fiction embrace this new form of storytelling.  We are ecstatic about the potential of the project and to be working with the visionary team at Roddenberry Entertainment." says Tyler Malin, C.E.O. of Social Animal, Inc.   


For more information visit the Roddenberry booth (#2543).  Between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM on Sunday. Members of the Social Animal team will be on hand to demonstrate the 360° technology.

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