Rob Zombie/Slayer Tour, Comic Book Horror vs Real Life Horror – Piggy D Interview

One of the hottest tours this summer is the pairing of Rob Zombie and Slayer. In one corner you have the fun almost cartoonish version of evil and in the other corner you actually have evil. Recently I got the chance to catch up with Rob Zombie bassist Piggy D to talk about the upcoming tour and potentially new Rob Zombie music.

Zoiks!: How excited are you for the upcoming tour with Slayer.

Piggy D: Aw, it’s going to be awesome.

Z!: What can fans expect from a Slayer/Rob Zombie show?

PD: Oh my God! (laughs) You know what’s cool about this tour, is that it’s one of the tours where you open the paper and you see the ad for it and you see both names and you go, ‘holy shit…. in the same night.’ Rob Zombie you have the big crazy monster, theatrical fire extravaganza, then you have Slayer, one of the heaviest bands of all time. It’s going to be awesome.

Z!: How did this tour come together?

PD: I’m not exactly sure. I know Rob’s done some stuff with Slayer before. We’ve actually been on the same shows with them a few times this year. We keep kind of running into each other. I know that Kerry King played on some Rob Zombie records back in the day. I think it’s just one of those things.

Z!: When you play with a band like Slayer, is it competitive? Are you constantly trying to one up each other?

PD: Unlike tours we’ve done before where there is a friendly competition, like the Alice Cooper tour, you have two very theatrical bands and different types of theatrics. Alice’s version is way different than our version. With this I think it’s more about each band doing what they do. The two of them compliment each other. Rob is more the comic book style of horror and Slayer is more the real version of horror. It’s a mix of glitter and blood. It’s a really good pairing and its up to each band to do the best they possibly can each night.

Z!: I’ve read things on line about Rob being difficult to work with yet in his movies his cast seems to be very loyal to him as do you and John 5. What is it like working with Rob?

PD: He’s not difficult to work with in any way. What I think people get confused is that he’s one of the few artists that have been around as long as he has, that actually knows what he wants. He’s not relying on other people to do stuff for him. He’s not relying on other people to shape the sound of the music, to shape the look of the show. He’s not relying on production designers. He’s so hands on with everything. He’s there directing. He directs the show to a degree, the lighting, the video, the pyro cues and the monsters. He’s so hands on with everything, he’s not difficult to work with, he’s just so hands on with everything. It’s the first band I’ve been in where it wasn’t just like do your own thing…No, if you’re thing is cool than great, but he knows exactly what he’s looking for the whole time.

Z!: You’ve played with a handful of different drummers over the last couple of years. Being a bass player is it difficult adapting to different drummers?

PD: It is and it isn’t. The songs don’t really change. It’s not like we’re jamming out longer versions of the songs. I mean there are a couple of songs where we could do that with. You kind of just play the songs really. From a bass player stand point it is a little bit different for me, because Joey (Jordison) has a completely opposite style than our previous drummer Tommy (Clufetos) who has a completely opposite style from our current drummer Ginger (Fish). My job as a bass player, locking in with the drummer does move and shift a little bit. Joey used to accent things in the music that he felt should be accented where Ginger kind of plays to the record. Because Tommy was in the band so long, he’d play like was on the record, but then Tommy had added things, different fills and stuff like that. It takes a little bit of getting used to because it’s like, ‘oh he’s not playing that one fill we added three years ago.’

Z!: How is Ginger working out and what does he bring to the band?

PD: Ginger is (laughs) not like anybody in the band. He is incredibly detailed when it comes to the parts and how it should be played. In most peoples eyes, anybody that is not a professional musician, he’s probably over prepared. (laughs) He’s got everything charted, everything written down, he’s got it in his iphone, his laptop and on a note pad. Nobody has ever done with the detail that he has. He works a lot with electronic music, so he has that background. He’s got a different approach to…he’s just got a different style all together.

Z!: I was a big fan of “Hellbilly Deluxe II.” I know he’s working on a new movie, when can we expect more Rob Zombie music?

PD: I’d like to think we’ll start working on something as soon as the movie is done. I mean there is a lot of stuff already kicking around. I’ve been in the band five years and there were tours where we’d write a song a day on stage during sound check and record. We went and revisited some of that stuff and made the “Hellbilly Deluxe II” record. There’s already so much material. Maybe next year? It’s hard to say at this point, we’ll see how long the movie takes and what we’ve got together.

Z!: I was over at your website ( and I see that you have a new single “Locust Dance” coming out tomorrow, can you tell us a little bit about that?

PD: Yeah, I’m going through an interesting phase. My last whole solo record was released four years ago next week. I took a break for a long time releasing music. The last six months or so I started going through and finishing things and writing different styles of music. I’ve got a country project I’m working on, I’ve got a lot of pop stuff I’ve been working on. I listen to all different types of music and I’m now writing different types of music. So the “Locust Dance” is kind of a sequel to a song that I put out in May called “God Save the Queen Bee” which is a new experiment where I’m doing a stream of projects with writing where I wake up at 4 in the morning and I’ll just start writing. I don’t have a preconceived idea. I’m not trying to write a hit. I’m not trying to write a single. I’m not trying to do anything contrived. I just start writing, and I don’t edit it. You kind of turn your brain off and let the pen go, and then I bring that into the studio and I track it pretty much exactly as it is. They are kind of like long form poems in a way, and me and my producer we just kind of jam on the ideas and get a feel for where the vocal is rhythmically and that’s it. It’s the most uncontrived thing I’ve ever done. I sit back and I look at it and I think, ‘okay, what am I saying here?’ And I’m constantly surprising myself; maybe I have opinions that are coming out while I’m half asleep. I don’t know. It’s very strange.

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Z!: I was over at your website ( and I see that you have a new single “Locust Dance” coming out tomorrow, can you tell us a little bit about that?


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