Mix Paramore and My Chemical Romance with some metal and pop punk and you’ll get Evolove. - Interview

The Vans Warped Tour is in full swing and a band that seems to be missing is Evolove. But don’t worry. The group will be heading out on tour this August with Gemini Syndrome and Stitched Up Heart. Guitarist Colby Jensen stopped by to talk music, the band and touring.

Q - Where did the name Evolove come from?

A - Lucy was thinking of ideas for a band name, and had thought about the idea of having a palindrome (spelled the same forward and backward). The first word that came to her head to describe our music was "Love." The word Evolove is kind of representative of the theory of unending love, or a love that continues to grow with time, which is how we all feel about this band.

Q - How did the band come together in terms of forming it?

A - Lucy and Billy were in another local LA band together. When that band broke up the two of them started searching for the perfect line up via ads on Craigslist and MySpace. They met Dave and I and we've been chugging along at full speed ever since.

Q - The new EP, "Breaking Heartstrings," comes out August 9th. There is a little Paramore and My Chemical Romance in your music. How would you describe your sound?

A - I've heard "If Paramore and Joan Jett had a love child, it would be Evolove." It's hard to really describe a sound, but if I had to create a recipe for Evolove, I would say "Take Paramore and MyChem, add a dash of metal and pop punk, mix well."

Q - There are a lot of female led bands. What separates you from other bands with a female singer?

A - We tend to think of ourselves as a hard hitting band that happens to have a girl singer and we don't write our music influenced by that fact. Lucy does not come off as "just a girl" and our music is super high octane! The energy that comes off the stage when we perform, it allows us to hang with any guy fronted rock band any day.

Q - The band will tour with Gemini Syndrome from August through September. How did this tour come about?

A - We will actually be touring with Gemini Syndrome AND Stitched Up Heart, from Aug 9th-Sept 26th. Both bands are good friends of ours, and our booker, Danny "Z" Hillman from Inner Light Agency, had the great idea of putting us all on the road together. The first half of the tour is the "Breaking Heartstrings Tour" which will be in support of our new EP of the same name. The second half of the tour is the "Reinforcement Tour" which will be like a frontal attack! We plan to work as a force and spread our music like an ear virus.

Q - What can fans expect from your live show?

A - It's easier to say what you shouldn't expect to see. You shouldn't expect to see any standing around or shoe gazing. That being said, guitar spins, jumps, smiles, sweat, and a whole lot of running around are a general occurrence at an Evolove show.

Q - Thanks for taking the time. Is there anything you wanted to add?

A - Don't mind if I do. Anyone that would like to get to know us better can come be friends with us at http://www.evolovetheband.com/, www.facebook.com/EvoloveTheBand, or www.reverbnation.com/Evolovetheband. Many tour dates are up on both sites and more are being added daily. So come check us out and see us in your town!! Love, Evolove.


Jason Tanamor is the Editor of Zoiks! Online. He is also the author of the novels, "Hello Lesbian!" and "Anonymous." Email Jason at jason@zoiksonline.com.

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