An Interview with Rap Phenom Kellee Maize.

Kellee Maize found a way to bring her music to fans all over the world. She gives them away for free as downloads via her website. Her new album, “Aligned Archetype,” has already been downloaded 400,000 times. Maize recently stopped by to talk about her role as CEO, musician and, overall, nice person.

Q – Thank you, Kellee, for doing this.

A - No problem, I am happy to!

Q – You come with a lot of talents. You’re the CEO of Nakturnal, singer, rapper and dancer. When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? Why?

A - Wow, it changed all the time but I always loved music and wanted to write and perform it. But there was a time when I said I wanted to be an astronaut, the president, a ballet dancer, and a pediatrician and I think that was all in the same year. :)

Q – You exploded onto the scene with your 2007 independent release of “Age of Feminine.” The album was distributed via iTunes and was downloaded more than 100,000 times. What factors attributed to the success of the album? Why was it so popular?

A - A lot of push online. The downloads were free and when something is free it becomes much easier to get folks to try it out. :)

Q – Your second album, “Aligned Archetype,” has been downloaded 400,000 times. Does the success of the second album solidify you as a bona fide star?

A - I would not call myself that and there is a lot more to do to actually get where I need to be but, I am super grateful to everyone who downloaded and supported so far!

Q – What’s your favorite song to perform and why?

A - Wow, that is a tough one. I think it is Evolution Remix. I think few people would be familiar because we don't promote that song much and haven't done a video but I love to rock it on stage and feel the crowd responds well.

Q – You offer up your albums as free downloads on your website ( Why did you decide to do this when money seems to always play a factor?

A - Well, for now, my costs are very, very low thanks to a really great support system in Pittsburgh by videographers, photographers and marketing help so I am able to do this. Also, it is important to me as an artists that people have access for free as long as I can, and as a business woman, again, if something is free, it seems there is a higher probability that people will give it a chance.

Q – Your company, Nakturnal, focuses on women achieving their goals. How and why did you come up with this idea?

A - Well, I just felt the presence of so many amazing women who inspired and motivated me and wanted to harness that energy. I remembered hearing, women can't work together, they are caddy and what not, and I feel that we need to be diligent about breaking that theory.

Q - How do you successfully separate the business side of things with your company yet still maintain a creative side with your music? Is there a secret?

A - Well, I have a hard time some days. I tend to see them as separate but yet, they both involve my creativity on every level so I think the secret is to not see focus on them as separate and therefore competing. I just try to focus on being positive and doing what is in my heart.

Q – You are a very spiritual person. How much of role does spirituality play in your music? What about your business affairs?

A - It plays a role every moment of every day. Sometimes I need to get centered to bring myself back to love and peace but, its very important for my well being.

Q – Say you had to pick one job. Would it be running your company or performing music?

A - Ha ha, well, that is rather difficult for me but I am less and less involved in the day to day running of my company as my music grows. So, I would probably be performing music as that would still keep me involved with my girls at my company cause they support my music and I know they got it all under control!

Download Kellee’s albums at her website:


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Anonymous said...

Wow! Kellee is awesome. I just checked out her music and I am thoroughly impressed.


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