The Devil Wears Prada Warped Tour - Interview

So this was our first Warped tour. The day before the actual show in Tinley Park we got emails from nearly every band on the tour asking for coverage. I’d hoped to cover as many bands as possible, but that just wasn’t realistic…but I didn’t understand that at the time. We showed up for interviews at 12:30. We wanted to do the bands that contacted us (including The Devil Wears Prada). First thing we’re told that The Devil Wears Prada is already booked, so we didn’t sign up for an interview with The Devil Wears Prada (but our name was already on the list).

Fast forward a couple of hours we’re introduced to two guys, we know they’re one of the bigger bands on the tour, but we have no idea which band they’re a part of. Because they were one of the bigger bands we were too embarrassed to ask them who they were. If you pay attention to our questions you’ll notice that we’re trying to figure out who the band is by asking questions like who are you excited to see on tour, who are your influences and finally what time do you go on. That said, they were a couple of cool guys and put on a killer show.

Zoiks! How did you get involved with the Warped Tour?

Daniel Williams (drums): This is our third Warped Tour. Our first year was 2008. I guess just the project of a booking agent getting us the shows or whatever. We love Warped Tour, we love playing it and we’re happy to be here.

Z!: How is it different playing the Warped Tour vs your own tour?

Chris Rubey (lead guitar): Pretty much guaranteed huge crowds, which is awesome.

DW: Yeah huge crowds. When we play our own headlining shows, they are still great shows, I just think the amount of people, way more people come to these festivals so you’re just guaranteed that.

Z!: How do you prepare for the random time slots?

DW: Wake up early.

CR: Our tour manager just tells us every morning at nine am. So you just kind of wake up, look at your phone and mentally prepare for how your day is going to be from there.

DW: We’ve only played once so far, it’s rough. It’s hard to get up at nine or ten o clock and then be on stage a couple hours later and put everything into it, but everybody does it.

Z!: Would you rather go on earlier or later?

CR: As far a like good shows go, it’s kind of fun to play late, but it’s also nice to be done and the kids aren’t tired watching you when you play early.

DW: Yeah that was big thing. They’re really excited in the morning and everybody is stoked to be there.

Z!: Who are some of your early influences?

CR: Early on when we first started I would say we were influenced by the Christian Metal Core scene of like Underoath, Norma Jean, As I Lay Dying the obvious bands in that genre. A band called Still Remains is a really big influence on our general sound as far as metal core goes. Yeah we all kind of listen to different stuff five or six years later.

DW: Yeah it’s kind of evolved into something else, it’s more his (Chris Rubey’s) brain now.

CR: It’s whatever we are listening to or want to play at the time.

Z!: Were there specific bands you were excited to see, meet, play with here on tour?

DW: We’re good friends with a bunch of the bands here, August Burns Red, A Day to Remember, Bad Rabbits is a sick band, they’re awesome. I have some friends in There For Tomorrow, they’re really good. There are a lot of good bands on the tour.

Z!: What’s your song writing process like?

CR: Since we have to tour a lot recently we don’t have the same time to sit down as a band to write all together, which is how our first few cds were. We all kind of live in different areas. So I’ll just write some stuff on the computer, write a basic song, two guitars, bass and drums and then I present them to the band and it’s I like this, I don’t like this, lets do this. It’s kind of like I bake the basic cake and then we as a band puts all the decorations on it. Normally we demo all the songs out before we go to record them then they change even more when we go to record them. It’s like an evolution of the original recording.

Z!: What time do you guys play today?

DW: Seven, it’ll be sick.

Z!: On big tours like this does ego ever show up or play a role?

DW: I think there is always some…

CR: You hear rumors and stuff, but I’ve never been affected by ego really, more just people being tired by the end of the day.

DW: Exactly. A lot of times anger comes off ego, but a lot of times it’s just someone having a bad day or just tired. Ego is not really a problem. I’ve never met anybody on this tour that is just like, ‘I’m too good for you.’

CR: Everyone understands, because we’re all in the same boat.

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The devil wears prada rocks, I think that their music is constantly evolving. Thanks.


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