‘Weeds’ Actress Meital Dohan Drops New Single, ‘Yummy Boyz.’ – Interview

Musicians often turn to acting at some stage in their career. So when an actress turns to music, it should be just as natural. For Meital Dohan, who is best known for her role as Yael Hoffman on “Weeds,” turning to music was something she’s always had within. I recently caught up with the multi-talented artist to talk music, entertainment and whether or not she’d go to the prom with me.

Q – Thank you, Meital, for doing this.

A – Thank YOU guys for doing this.

Q –You’re mostly known for your role as Yael Hoffman on “Weeds” and “Monogamy” with Rashida Jones. How did you get involved in acting?

A – Well, ever since I can remember I’ve been an actress so it’s hard to think about how it all happened exactly. It wasn’t some kind of plotted out career move – it was just what I loved and what I did. It was very natural for me to act and I didn’t have to think about whether or not I wanted to do it. I think when something feels that organic it’s more about just not fighting your instincts and impulses.

Q – Having a solid career in TV and films, you’re now turning to music with your debut album, “I’m In Hate With Love” coming out later this year. Was music something you’ve always been in? How did your interest turn to music?

A – I’ve always had a deep love for music and I had done a big performance with Israeli singer Ivri Lider. When I met my producer Che Pop, who has worked with Dr. Dre, Eminem and Lauryn Hill, he was so talented and so dope that I jumped into working with him. And music is so much fun. It’s magic.

Q – The lead single is “Yummy Boyz.” It’s kind of a mix between Kylie Minogue and Katy Perry, with a lot more sex appeal and humor. How would you describe your music?

A – I like your comparison because I like Katy Perry and Kylie Minogue, but if I must, it’s a little bit of an ice cream with a little bit of satire with a little bit of dance-your-pants-off sprinkled on top. I’m making my music because I’d love my audience to have fun and feel some liberation. I think we all need a spoonful or two of the musical sundae I’m cooking. Maybe even a pint if things go as planned.

Q – You’re originally from Israel. How’s the entertainment landscape in Israel different than that of the states?

A – To start with, in Israel, if you don’t know, we speak Hebrew - which has a lot of guttural “ka” and “va.” More so, of course, the size differences are tremendous. After all I think the population of LA is bigger than all of Israel so because of that you can understand how different the industry is.

Q – Will you be touring with the new album?

A – Sure. Get ready!

Q – You’ve also written a book called “Love and Other Bad Habits.” Of all the mediums (acting, writing, singing, etc.) which do you enjoy doing the most and why?

A – I don’t see them as separate mediums so much as different ways of expressing the self. When I act, write and sing I am equally engaged and focused, but they all tap into a different part of my creativity.

Q – Will you go to the prom with me? No, I’m just kidding. Thanks again for doing this. Is there anything you wanted to add?

A – I’d love to go to the prom with you.

For more information on Meital Dohan, visit her at: http://www.meitalmusic.com/.


Jason Tanamor is the Editor of Zoiks! Online. He is also the author of the novels, "Hello Lesbian!" and "Anonymous." Email Jason at jason@zoiksonline.com.
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