Paul Brady “Hooba Dooba” – Review

You ever hear the expression ‘jack of all trades, king of none/” The first part of that expression applies to Paul Brady. Paul Brady is certainly a king of song writing. When I say he’s a jack-of-all-trades I’m referring to the many genres he tackles with his music. In a way he reminds me of Neil Young in that he plays whatever he feels like playing. The difference is that Neil Young changes album-to-album, tour-to-tour, Brady changes song to song.

You have to admire an artist that doesn’t really care about success. Sure he’d love for everyone to love his music, but he has been in the business for forty plus years and has a big enough base to do what he loves to do. As Paul Brady puts it, “anything beyond that is icing on the cake….and the cake is okay.”

Trying to describe “Hooba Dooba” is impossible. Every song is completely different. There’s country music, Jimmy Buffet type music, “Revolver” era Beatles sounding stuff on here, Eric Clapton sounding stuff. I’m more of a rock fan, so I liked some songs and didn’t like others. For instance the third track “The Price of Fame” isn’t really up my alley, but I can’t deny that it is a good song. I think the melody is great, genre wise it’s just not my cup tea. My MTV generation attention span gets bored, even though I recognize that it is a good song.

That said there was a lot on here I liked, so I’d like to focus on that. “Winter’s Ball” is a nice up beat in the vein of Elton John or maybe Michael McDonald. If you like Clapton’s version of “I Shot the Sheriff” you’ll dig “Winter’s Ball.” My favorite song on the album is “Follow That Star.” It’s a rockin’ song that kind of flirts with blue grass, but it’s good old fashioned blues played on the acoustic guitar. I’d compare the song to the Beatles if Eric Clapton were in the band instead of John Lennon.

I wasn’t familiar with Brady prior to receiving “Hooba Dooba,” but he’s been in the business for forty plus years. He’s written hits for Bonnie Raitt, Brooks and Dunn to name a few. If you like any of the artists I mentioned in this article I think you should give “Hooba Dooba” a chance. I think old school country fans (back when country had heart, soul and substance) will appreciate Brady’s “Hooba Dooba” the most. Just for the pure fact that Paul Brady writes and plays music he loves on his own terms is reason enough for me to recommend “Hooba Dooba.”


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