Oh No Fiasco Drew Influences from Muse and Bjork. – Interview

Oh No Fiasco is an up and coming band that relies on its energy for its live stage shows. The band is fronted by the dazzling Lindsey Stamey. She recently stopped by to talk about the band and its music.

Q – Thank you, Lindsey, for doing this.

A - You're welcome. Thanks for having me.

Q – The band used to be called The Few. Why the name change and how did Oh No Fiasco come about?

A - The name The Few was virtually unfindable online. In today's music world, that just doesn't fly. We decided to go ahead and change the name last December. The guys were in a band and I was the singer for a different one and we played shows together for a few years. My band broke up. They lost their singer at around the same time. The rest is history.

Q – You guys have shared the stage with big names like Sevendust, Finger 11 and 10 Years. What did touring with these big bands do for Oh No Fiasco?

A - Made our live show stronger. Playing with such professional bands makes you step your game up for sure. It also helped us make some pretty amazing contacts which I hope will help in the future.

Q – The new album fuses Evanescence, No Doubt and Flyleaf. How would you describe the band’s sound?

A - I get that a lot being a female singer in a band. I think if I were to describe the sound it would be alternative dance rock. We draw influence from Muse, The Killers, Metric, Bjork, etc.

Q – What has been the fan reaction to the album?

A - We've gotten great reception to it. It's funny because the songs that are people's favorites are not the ones we assumed they would be.

Q – I love the energy in your voice. What can fans expect from live shows?

A - Energy, Energy, Energy. We love to wear costumes and paint our faces so it's a very fun show.

Q – That’s all I had for you. Is there anything you wanted to add?

A - Visit our website http://www.ohnofiasco.com/ to find all things fiascofied.


Jason Tanamor is the Editor of Zoiks! Online. He is also the author of the novels, "Hello Lesbian!" and "Anonymous." Email Jason at jason@zoiksonline.com.
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