Neo Geo Kicks off Vans Warped Tour Mid-July. - Interview

The band Neo Geo will kick off the Vans Warped Tour on July 16th. The new self-titled album dropped last week and, with it, the band is looking to make some noise. Rainy, Neo Geo’s front woman, stopped by to talk about the new album and subsequent tour.

Q – The name Neo Geo means New Earth. Describe the orientation of the name and why you decided to name the band this.

A - Neo Geo was something special, different and "groundbreaking" in a literal and abstract sense. We wanted to pick a name that encompassed the different influences we have individually as musicians and the original sound we create as a band. Neo Geo was also a game consul, and that complimented the electronic sound of our music. The meaning of New Earth allowed us to create the opportunity for a new future in music captured by the enticing and futuristic vibe we emulate. Therefore it was the perfect name for us in all aspects.

Q – I’ve heard a couple songs. There’s a nice mix of pop and rock. How would you describe Neo Geo’s sound?

A - An electronic rock infused sound with a hint of hip hop infused with passionate lyrics and eerie undertones.

Q - You're a female fronted band. There has been an influx of female fronted bands like Halestorm, The Pretty Reckless and Paramore. What separates Neo Geo from other female fronted bands?

A - I feel that it is my history in music being brought up as a classical singer that broadens my cultural perspective. There's a deeply rooted passion that is not only expressed on the album but as well on stage that makes us truly unique.

Q – The band’s new self-titled album came out 06/21/11. What can fans expect from this album?

A - There is a variety of different songs on the album, and each has its own sound. The album always keeps you on your toes as of what you’re going to get next with each song; there is no room for the mundane. The lyrics and melodies are full of passion and very captivating, and you'll always believe what you’re hearing without a doubt.

Q – Which are your favorite songs to play live and why?

A - My favorite song to play is “THS.” This song is about my father and how he was never in my life. It's a release when I sing this song and I feel so free.

Q – The band is about to start the Vans Warped Tour. How did you get involved with the tour?

A - We played eight dates last year, and then got asked again to play this year for 16 dates. It's been such a great experience to play this tour because you get to play to so many new faces and see so many great bands. This year's Warped Tour is going to be an amazing one! Our debut record is finally released!

Q – Will there be a separate tour for the new album? (We’re near Chicago and Peoria if you ever put together dates.)

A - Yes, there will be a separate tour for the album and that's all in the works; Chicago is definitely a must. ;-) And watch our debut music video of “Can't Catch Me” at

Q – Thank you again for taking the time. Is there anything you wanted to add?

Pick up our debut album on iTunes:


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