Jon Huck Delivers ‘Fantasticular Hilaritation.’ - Interview

Jon Huck is a stand-up comedian and actor who has performed his act on stages across the United States. He's appeared on Comedy Central's "Live at Gotham" and portrayed several characters on MTV's "Punk'd." He most recently released his debut comedy album, "Fantasticular Hilaritation," which is now available iTunes & Amazon. Zoiks! Online had the change to speak with Jon about how he got into stand-up, his favorite prank, and the various places he's relieved himself.

Q. How did you get involved with stand-up?

A. My Mom. I was living in LA doing nothing. She suggested I go tell jokes on stage somewhere. I laughed at her and said something like: "you can't just go tell jokes on stage somewhere..." Turns out - you can. Not the first time I was wrong.

Q. Your debut comedy album, “Fantasticular Hilaritation” is now available online. What can fans expect from the album?

A. The album title combines the words fantastic with testicular & hilarious with irritation. So it starts out great. Then I talk about my testicles. Then things get really funny. And by the end you'll probably just be annoyed. It's 40 minutes of me making fun of myself. I also make fun of my brother for doing and saying things that were actually done and said by me. It ends with a great poop story. They can expect to laugh, cry & love... not because of my comedy... just because those are pretty human things to do.

Q. You’ve performed your act on a variety of stages. What’s your favorite road story, whether it’s silly, embarrassing or just plain awesome?

A. I've peed in everything from garbage cans to hotel room safes to elevator ashtrays. I've even peed in a toilet a few times. I've peed in my hat, my suitcase, my night stand drawer... the point is when you get that hammered on the road there isn't really one thing that stands out as being more embarrassing than another thing. It's all one big hilarious tragedy.

Q. Who are your favorite comics, and who influences you?

A. There is no way to answer this question fairly because inevitably I would leave someone very important off the list. I can say that my parents, my brother, my friends, drugs & alcohol have had a major influence on my stand up. Without them I would have no material.

Q. What’s the best advice about entertainment you’ve received, and who gave it to you?

A. "I wouldn't eat that before you go on stage." - a homeless man.

Q. You’ve appeared on MTV’s “Punk’d.” What was your favorite prank, and who was your favorite celebrity to punk?

A. My favorite prank was the Gorilla bit with Ashley Parker Angel. It's funny and not because I am in it. I'd have to say my favorite celebrity was Sugar Ray Leonard. Not because of whatever the prank was but because we got to meet the guy. He's a sports legend. It's rare to meet athletes you watched growing up & even more rare when they are as cool as Sugar Ray Leonard. Top Notch.

Q. What’s next for you? What can fans expect from you in the future?

A. Please check for stand-up dates. I plan on getting out on the road a lot more. I have a movie titled "Garbage" that will be out on DVD near the end of the year and you can always follow me on twitter for updates as well as pointless nonsense (@jon_huck). Thanks.

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