Egypt Central’s “White Rabbit” is One of John Falls Favorite Albums – Review

Every now and then you hear one of those albums that is just special. Beginning to end it is a great album and Egypt Central did just that with the new album “White Rabbit.” Recently I got a chance to chat with John Falls of Egypt Central, we talked about the new album, gas prices, the state of the music industry and Egypt Centrals tour plans…check it out.

Zoiks!: Congratulations on the success of your new album “White Rabbit.”

John Falls: Thank you very very much.

Z!: I think the album is going to be really big for you guys, can you describe “White Rabbit” to those who haven’t heard the album yet?

JF: It’s a song that’s about deception. It’s about having people around you that will do anything to distract you and make you believe anything they want, with their soap opera reality. And then it’s about the awakening that we personally have with that exact scenario. It’s a way of telling it to the fans in a relatable way but also in a fun way so that maybe they can take control of their situation if someone is doing that to them and it’ll show them the outcome.

Z!: How was the writing recording process different this time around?

JF: Well on the first one we were very young; the band had only been together 8 months when we recorded that record. The music all came together first on the first record and then vocals were put around that. For this record there were whole thoughts and ideas that came from Joey (Chicago: bassist), and I and Blake (Allison: Drummer) that were complete ideas before anything was put to it. I think that the time in between record one and record two as well as the natural maturity that comes with age as a musician and as a person. For whatever reason as well Joey likes to say that God likes to throw him curve balls in life so he has something to write about.

Z!: You had some success with the first album and you were able to build a lot of momentum heading into this album. Could you feel the momentum when you were recording the album and did you know you were sitting on something special?

JF: Yeah I think we felt the momentum to some degree, but at the same time there was a little bit longer of a gap than we would have liked due to making changes with business relationships and things of that nature, that we felt that we needed to build a different team around us in order to reach the goal that we set for ourselves, so it consumed a little bit of it. Then there was that natural concern that will fans forget but we were constantly writing. People had been asking for a new record for a long time, some people knew that the record got released was released six years previous to its national release, through the internet completely on our own just trying to get the first record out. So there was a huge gap for some people and a smaller gap for the rest, but it was too long on both fronts, but we knew we had our work cut out for us going into the studio and we knew we had to deliver a superior product to give people what we felt like they were missing and that is a rock record that you can listen to front to back and we’re actually talking about real life not just writing a cool song because we are in a band. When we walked out of the studio not only did we feel like we accomplished that, but we felt that we had just made one of our all time favorite records. For me when I step away and I block it out of my mind that I’m in the band and I listen to it, it’s one of my favorite records that I ever heard.

Z!: How are the songs translating live?

JF: Awesome, the fan response to the songs is ten times what they were on the first record. When we made the first record we had only played eight shows, so we went in and recorded the songs that we had. This time with every song we tried to capture that energy of the live show in the recording. That way you can feel it when you’re listening and then when you come live you can expect those parts to be that much more energetic and intense live. I think we took that very serious as one of the goals that we wanted to accomplish. We really wanted people to feel that passion in the recording process as well as the live shows.

Z!: What are you summer tour plans?

JF: We’re headlining for the next month and a half, we’ll do a full loop of the US. The next package will be us Burn Halo and Red Line Chemistry. After that we’ll be hopping back out with some bigger artists doing support slots.

Z!: What was your first live show you ever saw and how did it affect you?

JF: First live show? Wow, I don’t even know (laughs). It was always sneaking into shows, because I grew up in state custody and group homes or whoever would take my ass.

Z!: Is there one that sticks out?

JF: Yeah, I was going to say the one that really grabs me I think throws people off, I mean I’ve seen them all, I’ve seen the Big 4, I’ve seen Kiss, I’ve seen…I’ve seen it. The one show that got me though had to be Garth Brooks.

Z!: Wow

JF: God, I was like come on man and my buddy was like dude you’ve got to go, don’t act like you don’t know some of his songs. I listen to everything, I’m just into music, I don’t care what it is, if it’s good I’m into it. WE went to the show and he absolutely, as an entertainer blew my mind. He could do anything with the crowd. He was forty something years old doing black flips off the drum cage, tied himself to a zip line flying across the arena and there is stuff blowing up all over the place like you’re at a Kiss show. I was like, ‘what the hell is going on?’ It was so good that when I walked out, he was doing back to back nights at the arena in Memphis, and it was so good that I had to freaking buy tickets for the next night just to make sure that it wasn’t a onetime thing and he did it every night like that.

Z!: That’s awesome. When was it that you first discovered that you wanted to be a musician?

JF: About three weeks before I started trying to put this band together (laughs). The thing is that I’ve always loved music, it was always a part of my life, I just never in my wildest dreams thought I’d be where I am today.

Z!: What’s your take on the music industry and do you think that the social media sites make it easier for newer bands or does it water down the music scene?

JF: I think it does both. I think that it waters it down, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. It makes it harder to get to the forefront, but I think that is what the industry needed to do. Social media did to the music industry what the music industry refused to do to itself and that’s let the fans decide who the quality artists are. If you didn’t have it you’d still be served the same ten bands in every genre. There are bands out here now that are on radio that cannot draw what a band who’s never had a song played can. That’s pretty amazing to me.

Z!: How are the tours going. Everybody talks about the economy being down. I live in Moline Illinois and nobody shows up to shows out here unless it’s a country artist or classic rock artist, nationwide are people showing up?

JF: Yeah everything seems to be doing exceptionally well right now. I think that there was a dip, but people forget that especially with rock, when economy gets bad, politics get bad, the world gets bad that’s when they want all of us back. When it’s all good and there’s tons of money to throw around it’s like go get your ass to the club. Now that we’re in a tough spot, that’s when rock really shines. That’s when people need that moment to get away. Yeah it can be hit or miss if like five huge bands played the same town with in like two weeks, obviously at least one of the shows is going to suffer. I would say the festivals, we just played Rock on the Range and they didn’t seem to have an issue at all. We’ve been playing tons of festivals, no issue at all. Nothing seems to be hurting like that. I would say that when people discuss it, I don’t think it’s that people don’t come out, if people like you, they’re going to come out and support you. They find away. At the same time I wish they could lower these gas prices a little bit. If somebody is reading this that can do something about it, please lower the gas prices (laughs).

Z!: Do you like the big festival show or the more intimate settings more?

JF: I like them both. I like the big ones because it’s so much fun to be there, you’re around a ton of bands that are your friends. The environment, the huge crowd, everybody is in to it and the exposure is obviously on a greater level. At the same time it’s harder to spend time with each fan. When you play a club that is a 1000 or 2000 seater on down what it allows you to do, if you’re a dedicated artist and dedicated to your fans go out and spend time necessary with them.

Z!: That’s all I had, thanks for taking the time to do this with us.

JF: Anytime brother.

Z!: I really like the new album and I think that within two or three years you’ll be headlining a lot of those festivals.

JF: Yeah I hope so, if week one is any indication this is going to be a big one for us, we debuted in the top 75 today. If thought if we were in the top 200 we’d be happy, but to not only be in the top 100 but the top 75 is awesome.

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