Blake Lively’s Nude Photos are Not as Good as Vanessa Hudgens’ Nude Photos. - Photo

Another set of nude celebrity photos have hit the web. The victim this time around is “Gossip Girl” star Blake Lively. Of course, her reps are adamantly denying their client has ever taken nude photos of herself and will take legal action if any websites publish them.

The photos, which can be seen if you know how to use Google, show a blonde woman, who sort of looks like Lively, photographing herself with a cell phone. Each photo, save for one, carefully hides her face so that people have no idea if they are of Lively at all.

The one that does show her face appears to be Lively, but who really knows – the woman is blonde and Lively really isn’t that unique of a person. Whether or not these photos are real, the purpose has already been accomplished – to get Lively the most press possible.

Personally, I could care less if these photos are of Lively. She’s a mediocre looking woman and an OK actress. If they are real, they could possibly boost her notoriety in a positive manner. If they aren’t, Lively will go back to being that blond chick from “Gossip Girl.” You mean Taylor Momsen? No, that other chick. The one with fake nude photos on the web? Possibly. Screw it, let’s look at Vanessa Hudgens’ nude pics.


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