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Indigo Charlie is an up and coming artist who worked under Beyonce Knowles sister Solange as a personal assistant. Now she’s out on her own pursuing her own dream. She’s been compared to mentor Solage as we as Kelis and Paramore. Recently I got the chance to chat with Indigo.

Zoiks! How would you describe your sound?

Indigo Charlie: My sound is very indie/alternative. When I sing it has a hint of air to it that gives people that mellow feeling. Some people say..."hauntingly beautiful." I’m not a soulful sound, but I do have a lot of soul, which comes off in the music and gives it that bit of edge. What I love about the songs I’ve been creating is that they sit over a super tight beat that if you ask me hits kind of crazy. I want my sound to be soul scratching. I'm sharing feelings.

Z!: As a fan of music and as a reviewer (if you will) I always find it easier to compare the artist I’m reviewing to another artist, but I hate doing it, because part of what makes an artist an artist is originality. What is your take on being compared to other successful artists?

IC: Comparisons between artist are a part of the journey and I always find it so interesting to see who I’m compared too. As an artist who is considered to be green in this business, it’s only a compliment to be compared to other great artists who are seasoned in this business. As artists we are all on a journey to make people feel and in my case dance with their souls, so we definitely all have something in common.

Z!: “Honey Magazine” described you as a mix of Solange, Kelis and Paramore. Those are three great talents, is it hard to live up to that description?

IC: Well, that's can't live up to another person's artistry. I’m not trying to live up to the description. Blushing and amazed at the mention in the same sentence....All three of those women are incredible talents, but I can only live up to the expectations I set for myself and be better than myself. I’m creating a lane for myself while pushing my creativity and individuality, so when the day comes maybe someone will be compared to me.

Z!: What was the moment in your life that led you to want to play music?

IC: My mom will tell you stories about me being three years old hamming it up in the front seat of our jeep wrangler singing lyrics that at the time had absolutely no meaning to that three your old. I’ve always had a love for music, but it really became a dream in middle school when I participated in chorus and sang solos at all of our concerts. The stage was home then and its home now.

Z!: You recently worked as an assistant to Solange Knowles. As an aspiring musician, is it difficult to stand on the side watching someone else achieve your dream, it must be at least a great learning experience?

IC: Honestly, at the time I was working with Solange I hadn’t fully dipped my feet into my music career yet, so I was just excited to gain the life experience, travel all over the country, and learn about myself along with this business. As for watching someone else achieve my dream, that's not the case. She's living her dreams and desires. We all have different dreams and each is different from the rest.... all individual to each person's heart. I learned so much about business, fashion, being organized and forward thinking on the road. She gave me an awesome opportunity to learn from life, not a book. I'll never forget that. I have such an advantage as I enter my fashion internships because of my learning opportunity working with her.

Z!: You just launched your second video “On The Edge,” could you tell us a little bit about the vision for the video? Was it your vision, if not who’s was it?

IC: When it came to coming up with the concept for “On The Edge” I really wanted to channel a deeper energy and vibe in comparison to “I’ll Never Change” because I felt the song called for it. This song was written from a dark place and I wanted the video to capture the same emotions, which is why the majority of the video is in black and white. As for the vision, it really was a collaborative effort between myself, Chanel Green (my mother), and Carmen Chan (photographer/director). I remember sitting in my living room throwing out ideas bad and good. The thing about me is I create concepts with no budget in mind, which sometimes can be unrealistic, but its good to have someone like my mom who knows how to take my idea, tone it down, and make it realistic for what we have. As for Carmen, she is brilliant at making the idea come to life and really understands how and where I would look best, along with being a master in lighting techniques.

Z!: Who is your earliest musical influence?

IC: My earliest musical influence hands down is Prince, which I know sounds so left because my music doesn’t really channel a Prince vibe. I actually just went to his concert in LA and he hadn’t even been on the stage 30 seconds before I was a balling crying mess, it only took his silhouette to bring that emotion out of me. I am so appreciative of the realness and creativity that he has brought to music. When it comes to his lyrics and moody thoughts I can’t contain myself. Prince truly has impacted me musically because when it comes to making people feel and that being more important than anything....I get that from him.

Z!: What was your first concert experience like?

IC: It’s actually a truly sad experience now that I think about it. I was in the 3rd grade living in Atlanta, Georgia and I had tickets to go see NSYNC (my favorite boy band then and now...still), but they didn’t come on until really late. Their late start time was a little much for 3rd grade me, so if you can’t tell already...I fell asleep in the concert chair and sadly woke up at home. I NEVER saw the show. Luckily, I’ve seen every NSYNC show for every album since! Phew!

Z!: Thanks for taking the time, is there anything else you’d like to add?

IC: Please, no thank you so much! I really appreciate you wanting to chat. I’m back in the studio finishing up this EP, so I’m really excited to continue this journey and share it with you. I have a lot of stories to get off my chest :) Thank you so much for being so supportive of me and I leave this with you...... “Be beautiful. Be pure. Be fly. Be you.”

Bob Zerull is the Managing Editor of Zoiks! Online. He writes pop culture commentary, does interviews with bands, and reviews music and stand-up concerts. He also administers Zoiks! Online's Facebook page. Follow Bob on twitter at bzerull. Email Bob at

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