An Interview with ‘America’s Got Talent’ Champ Michael Grimm.

“America’s Got Talent” Season 5 winner Michael Grimm has a new album coming out Tuesday, May 17th. He recently sat down with me to talk winning, getting engaged and, of course, the new album.

Q – Thanks, Michael, for doing this.

A - It's my pleasure; thank you for your interest in the album.

Q - Congrats on winning the fifth season of “America's Got Talent.” Unlike “American Idol” where it’s essentially a singing competition, AGT’s contestant pool showcased a variety of talents. How do you get prepared for a contest knowing that you could be going up against another singer one day and then a dancer the next?

A - Well, first of all I think overall the contest is a great experience and the other contestants were a lot of fun to watch. There is a lot of great talent out there and I don't think you can prepare by considering everyone else. I think you have to prepare by really knowing yourself, pushing yourself and knowing your limits. Be prepared with your own talent.

Q – When the judges give you advice, how much do you really take into consideration and how much do you brush off as fluff?

A – Ha ha!! I plead the 5th! ;)

Q – I read that shortly after you proposed to your girlfriend. Congratulations. What’s more nerve racking, the thought of getting married or the thought of becoming a huge star?

A - Thank you. Honestly, nothing is nerve racking when you know that you are ready.

Q – Your new album comes out May 17th. Being away from “America’s Got Talent” and having the opportunity to showcase yourself, how different will this album be versus the type of songs you sang on the show?

A - Other than a great production by the legendary Don Was, the songs on this album will still be as soulful, but they mean so much more to me than the songs on the show. I think once you hear the album you will understand what I mean. I don't feel I should deliver something different than what I do; I wouldn't be true to myself or to my fans.

Q – Tell me about the recording process. Were there any obstacles or anything you particularly liked or didn’t like about the process of making a record?

A - I had the honor of working with the best of the best! There is really nothing that I don't like about this album. Everyone in this process was on the same page with me; we all understood each other and the music is a great mixture of what I have wanted to put out there. It's what I have been waiting for and I truly hope that it is just the beginning.

Q – Do you feel that winning a reality show competition discredits you to musicians who came up “the hard way” by touring and paying their dues? What would you say to those people?

A - Absolutely not. I've been paying my dues for over 20 years; I know what it's like to keep fighting for what is yours and NOT selling out, staying true to myself and earning fans and a place in this world in the process. Nobody can discredit that.

Q – Will there be a tour with the album?

A - Yes. We should be on the road this summer. I can't wait!

Q – Thanks again for taking the time to talk to me. Is there anything you wanted to add?

A - I just want to take a moment and thank all of my fans for always being there and for making me who I am today. I hope that this album is everything they hoped for, as it is for me.


Jason Tanamor is the Editor of Zoiks! Online. He is also the author of the novels, "Hello Lesbian!" and "Anonymous." Email Jason at
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Susan F. said...

Thanks so much for highlighting this wonderful talented soul!! Long overdue and this is the BEST CD I have ever had my hands on and I truly mean that. He deserves all that is coming..soaring to great heights!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome singer, awesome person, and an awesome life ahead!

funluvnrm said...

I love Michael as he has a BIG heart & a wonderful soul, that alone is touching to me... Plus he does not ONLY have older people listening to his soulful voice, but he has people from "ALL" ages & NOT just aNyOnE can do this, so I send the brightest blessings to Michael Grimm & his lady Lucie... They will be getting married in Hawaii & I am so happy for him & for Lucie... "Brightest blessings"

LUVingKINDness, Ruby


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