Erikka Innes Is Funny and Foul on "Sex with Nerds"

Comedian Erikka Innes may look sweet and innocent with a voice to match but her comedy is hardcore. Innes has a new comedy CD/Download out called “Sex with Nerds” with topics that run the gamut from a video game invented by Jean Paul Sartre to the mechanics of the tampon to why she’s totally ok with beer goggles.

As an introduction to a new talent, “Sex with Nerds” introduces Erikka as a slightly awkward comedian who occasionally lingers on a joke too long or adds something less funny after she’s already got the big laugh. These are the mistakes of a young talent and will likely go away with more experience.

Erikka has the material to be a fantastic comic. While we have heard female comics in the past play the innocent while spouting profanities, Erikka fearlessly treads on material that would make less bold female comics squeamish. I particularly enjoyed Erikka’s admonishment to porn stars regarding oral that I will leave you to discover on “Sex with Nerds.”

Like many other comedians Errika has a call back or two, jokes that hit early in the show that she brings back later. On “Sex with Nerds” the call back is Pirates and the transition from guys in funny hats and eye patches to a statement about the nature of pirates and the odd declarations of feminists goes to a shocking yet very funny place.

“Sex with Nerds” is a terrific introduction to a talent that I had never been exposed to. Erikka Innes is smart yet foul and with more time she is only going to get funnier and more daring. Once Erikka becomes a little more confident on stage and stops lingering on some of her punch lines she will only get funnier and more daring.

As it is now “Sex with Nerds” is a very funny comedy record but as Erikka improves I am excited about how funny, bold and slightly twisted her future records will be.


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