Brian Regan Live Concert Review – Adler Theatre.

Brian Regan walked on stage at Davenport, Iowa’s Adler Theatre. Although the theater was half filled, Regan delivered a solid one hour performance that solidifies his status in comedy.

Regan talked family during the first half-hour, giving an idea of what Brian Regan must be like off stage. “My wife and I have two wonderful children. And another child.” Regan told a hilarious story about playing with his children – one boy and one girl – to which his son was on his back and his daughter was hanging onto his leg.

“All of a sudden, my daughter disappeared,” Regan said. “I thought she left but she was really in mid air, over my head.” The result was the comedian’s daughter landing on his head. Regan said, “You can’t just jump on top of my head. You hurt daddy.”

Regan said his daughter felt remorse and got him a pillow to put on his ailing head. “She must have thought it was like a bandage or something,” Regan said. As audience members thought that this was the end of the bit, Regan added, “Then she jumped on my head again saying she didn’t want to hurt me again so she put a pillow in between them.”

This residual attack of solid material kept the audience engaged and satisfied. This is what makes Brian Regan great.

The second half of the show was dedicated to everyday life of Brian Regan. The climax of the concert came when Regan talked about checking into a hotel. From debating with the front desk clerk to numerous attempts at trying to get into the room with the magnetic door key, Regan had the audience at his disposal.

For the money, Brian Regan is worth every penny. Even with the audience at half staff, Regan still goes all out.


Jason Tanamor is the Editor of Zoiks! Online. He is also the author of the novels, "Hello Lesbian!" and "Anonymous." Email Jason at
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