"An Apology to Adam Lambert Fans from Bob Zerull."

Recently I wrote a post about James Durbin saying how much I liked him so far. I love his tone and I think he has amazing range, comparable to Adam Lambert’s range. In said post I recommended that Adam Lambert fans check out other singers like Rob Halford, Ronnie James Dio etc (I don’t think I mentioned Bruce Dickinson, but I should have). I probably shouldn’t have brought Adam Lambert up, but if anything bringing Lambert up in a post about Durbin is more insulting to Durbin than it is Lambert.

My thinking was that if I brought Adam up, I could turn his fans onto a couple singers they may not have heard of before and if they weren’t watching “American Idol” then I could make them aware of James Durbin, because I think they would like him, especially the more rock oriented Lambert fans. Then it turned into a Lambert vs. Durbin thing, which is not fair to either of them.

I made a joke about getting cheap hits by using Lambert’s name in my post. Every website is looking for hits. I didn’t want cheap hits. I just wanted to share some recommendations to Adam Lambert fans…I really did. What bothered me the most were comments saying that Zoiks! is just now looking for cheap hits. Do you know how many lazy Adam Lambert posts/polls we put out? Most of those were pandering to Adam Lambert fans. I on the other hand tried to start a dialogue and throw out some recommendations and it turned into a war of Adam Lambert fans vs. me.

I’m sorry if I upset any of Glamnation. It is my fault for jokingly mentioning getting cheap hits. That was not my intent at all, I was merely trying to get a conversation going and in a way I did, I just didn’t think it’d get that out of control. So for the last time I will repeat when I wrote that article I wasn’t trying to get cheap hits; that’s what this apology was for.


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Unknown said...

I don't know why the comparison is being made. They are two totally different singers. Adam left a lasting impression when Season 8 was over. Of course a lot of people are going to try and copy him, after all, they are also trying to get their foot in the door too. Just remember, no one will EVER compare to Adam Lambert - NO ONE. And Bob, apology accepted. Thanks for the turn on.

Amella said...

Your just trying to get CHEAP HITS again

Anonymous said...

No one can budge me, I am a full Adam Lambert fan and not one of the younger ones either which he likes...but I will buy any music that Adam put out...
James Durbin did a fine job the other night but if he goes into heavy metal I will never listen to him....Entersandman with Metallic is only one I really liked..and when Adam done it...Also Purple Haze....

Meat Popsicle said...

You're just doing it again :). Plus I don't remember ever hearing Adam Lambert say he was 'metal', people are apparently too stupid to understand that metal and rock aren't the same thing, including Durbin. I also am not looking to American Idol for my 'rock' quota lol...and am kind of loling at anyone that goes to an AI contestant for 'hard rock'. Good luck with your AI driven metal careers everyone! lmao

Anonymous said...

lol that you think Lambert fans are unaware of other great voices. but um, thanks?

HannaBec said...

Your foot is in all the way up to your knee. You should probably stop while you're ahead (just barely).

Unknown said...

Bob, you insulted the intelligence of Adam Lambert's fan and what you should be apologized for.
All of us possessed TV set and we all know the program called American Idol
and further more I am sure many of them is aware of this Durbin kid without been prompted by you,
People can see and hear by themselves and can decide whether they like what they see or hear again without input from you.
Also many Adam's fans are seasons music lover who may actually lived through the golden age of Rock and Roll. Don't be cocky to mentioned that women know nothing about R&R, they are major record buyers, not men. Therefore I found your second article is just as offensive and arrogant. I don't know why you even bothered to write this article where there is no added value to the readers nor Zoiks.

Anonymous said...

OK, Bob, you've made your point...you wanted to show Adam Lambert fans that there other other "voices" out there we might also enjoy. Thanks for the tip. I, as an older AL fan, have been to hundreds of rock concerts in my day...I'm a huge music fan. But I'll tell you this, I have never seen live or listened to a CD of another artist who could sing any genre of music so perfectly as Adam Lambert! I've seen Elvis, Michael Jackson, Rolling Stones, AC DC, The Who (the list goes on) as well as singers such as Frank Sinatra etc. (many times) but again I say, Adam can sing anything he wants amazingly. Not only that, his charisma, personality, dancing ability, creativity, humbleness, kindness, generosity and mega talented performer is why we love him so much. He cannot be compared to anyone else because he just is the total package. So please stop comparing him to JD or any other. Adam is in a league of his own.

Anonymous said...

ADAM & James are both not happy that they are being compared ... the two are in no way similar stylistically ... ADAM has said numerous times that his is more of a Glam Rock style throwback from the 70's with his own combo of different styles. Besides that ... what makes you think that ADAM's fans are unfamiliar with the metal bands of the past? ADAM brought back the vibe of Zepplin .. Aerosmith .. Metallica ... etc. so there's no need to 'introduce ' us to metal ... we just LOVE ADAM for the PERSON that he is ... not just his UBER Talent & Charisma!!


Anonymous said...

We glamberts are not completely unaware of rock bands. And I'll get my rock quota from Led Zeppelin, not American Idol, thank you.

Apology Accepted.

Anonymous said...

From 1969 to 2009, Robert Plant was the standard by which I judged male rock singers; I first heard Adam in 2009. Now he is the standard by which I judge ALL male singers (maybe even females, too). I have probably seen more 'classic' rock acts live than you just because I was lucky enough to have lived when they were actively writing/recording and touring. Don't assume Adam fans are musically unaware. We just recognize a unique talent when we hear it.

Thanks for your intent of furthering musical education though.

Anonymous said...

stop the comparisons--Adam is in a league of his own--I hope James goes home

Anonymous said...

"I probably shouldn’t have brought Adam Lambert up, but if anything bringing Lambert up in a post about Durbin is more insulting to Durbin than it is Lambert."

Urghhhhh...from that sentence alone, I know that I do not care for any music recommendation from you...and yes, however you deny it, you bait for cheap hit, definitely!

SusieFierce said...

I don't have a problem with you using Adam's name in a headline to get hits. I love the fact that Adam's name generates hits.

I saw the previous article and thought it beyond presumptive and patronizing that you would think Adam's fans are somehow unaware of the most amazing vocalists throughout rock and music history. What on EARTH would give you that idea?

I know Adam fans with encyclopedic knowledge of the many of greatest rock and vocal legends of all time. It is the fact that many fans are such connoisseurs of music and vocals is exactly why we are so enthralled by Adam. We GET how truly exceptional he is.

Adam fans don't exist in a vacuum; we all come with our own knowledge and history and usually a lifetime love of music, creativity and self-expression.

Some interesting reading, so you can really grasp the depth and breadth of how his technique and ability are analyzed and compared to the greatest of all time:


This was a transplant from a different forum, where the conversation is much longer and shares comparisons to some of the greatest rock, opera, gospel and pop vocalists throughout the world.

This is NOT a fan forum, but a discussion of all facets of rock and the major players throughout history. Their discussions are fascinating and I'm sure you will agree, they KNOW their rockers.


But anyway, thanks for the generalization. Also, I don't believe Durbin is one one-thousandth the vocalist Adam is, but I wish him luck.



Anonymous said...

You better SHOUT UP! If you want to post an article, better THINK and RESEARCH before writing.
Right now, you are A MESS!

AdamRocks said...

Wow, Adam fans need to chill.... and this is coming from an Adam fan. No wonder people think glamberts are loose cannons.

Bob Zerull said...

Thank you all for accepting my apology.

As for the comment that mocked me saying I don't think Lambert fans are aware of other voices. That's just stupid, some fans are some fans aren't. The ones that aren't might have found it helpful. There's a lot out there that everybody knows about, forgive me for sharing. Now I think you owe me an apology Anonymous #2.

And the person that said Lambert brought back Zeppelin, Aerosmith, and Metallica is crazy. First of all Metallica never went anywhere. Zeppelin's music never went anywhere and Aerosmith hasn't remained relevant. Lambert had the opportunity to carve out a nice rock career, but went with Lady Gaga instead. That said I look forward to seeing what he does next. Hopefully it's better than his first album.

I'm generally not an arrogant person, but music is subjective. Those of you that say, 'they've seen 100's of rock concerts including The Who, Stones, Elvis etc and Adam is in a league of his own,' are merely stating your opinion. I two have seen hundreds of concerts. Steven Tyler can sing circles around Lambert as well as Freddy Mercury, Ronnie James Dio, Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford, Robert Plant etc...but that's just my opinion. Doesn't make either of us right or wrong.

Anonymous said...

Who's Bob Zerull and why should I care what he has to say??

Anonymous said...

Anon #2 again - I apologize for being snotty.

I'll leave this link for you to check out how Adam's been ranked on DDD's 100 Most Technically Skilled Rock Vocalists.


Their ranking criteria is exhaustive, and I believe Adam has been moved ahead of Jackie Wilson recently to the #1 position, but I can't be arsed to find the most recent list.

Maybe there are some vocalists on the list that they can introduce to you. ;)

Anonymous said...

Bob, you said:"Steven Tyler can sing circles around Lambert as well as Freddy Mercury, Ronnie James Dio, Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford, Robert Plant etc...but that's just my opinion." Yup, your opinion and kind of a silly one at that :) But, why to argue? They are all great in their own way and all have devotees thinking that no-one comes close to their fav... My opinion is that no one on the scene today can come close to Lambert in technical vocal ability and vocal versatility. NO ONE! He is Pop today, he can be Rock tomorrow, go all classical or any other genre his heart desires...The fact is that not too many greats can do that...nothing much to argue about :).. Peace.

SusieFierce said...

Bob, I respect your opinion (even if I don't agree) and encourage you to read some of the Digital Dream Door threads.

Technical ability is quantifiable and therefore not a matter of taste or opinion. In the same way you can gauge the difficulty of a piano concerto, you can scrutinize vocal ability by breaking down its components. (Of course, the nuance, genre, lyrics, impact, etc. are all subjective, so not debated in the technical forum.)

In the DDD 100 Greatest Technical Rock Vocalists thread, technique IS analyzed by music lovers who know their music. Those participating in the conversation must illustrate their contentions by using head-to-head video proof.

It's an education in music analysis and I think you will be amazed at what happens when these posters put their lifelong favorites up against Adam's skill and end up conceding that Adam is the superior vocalist from a technical standpoint.

The bottom line, though many were very resistant at the beginning, more than a 100 pages of debate followed; the end result is that Adam currently stands at No. 1 above every other vocalist you mentioned. If nothing else, it's a great read for a Sunday afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Bob, some of us fans get what you were attempting. I think this year that it has become a sensitive issue with the more rabid fans of Adam who are very protective of him and sensitive to any perceived dissing or attempt to lead them away.

Of course you were not doing that. Many of us appreciate hearing other artists as well. James is a bright light on AI this year. Adam would be the first to praise other artists and he has led some of us fans to view their work as well.

Anonymous said...

Just curious as to why you would assume Adam Lambert's fans are not already familiar with Ronnie James Dio, Rob Halford, etc? Adam is capable of doing a great 'rock scream', yes, but it is but one of the weapons in his vocal arsenal. I like music in many genres, from blues to punk to metal to pop and love that Adam can do so many different styles of music. That's the only reason that I dislike comparisons to Durbin, because so far he has shown himself really capable in only one direction. It will be interesting to see how he progresses throughout the season.

Anonymous said...

How about fucking off! I have listened to both Adam and this Durbin guy you're trying to sell to us, Adam is flawless, has an unbelievable range that he can hit on both high and low notes effortlessly without losing perfect pitchQ! I haven't seen any of that from your Durbin! Then I see Adam own his style, his being, being original and captivating me till I crave for his next performance, I haven't felt any of that from this Durbin guy! I see Adam's emotions come out on every song, I see him throw his heart on the floor for all of us to see, I haven't seen any of that from this Durbin guy! I watch Adam's eyes while he sings, he tells a story in his eyes alone, I haven't seen any of that in this Durbin guy! So now tell me, WTF am I missing? How about you get a life and stop trying to mess with Adam's!!! If this Durbin guy is so good why does he and you have to bring up Adam in every story about him? Where is his originality? Haven't seen any! Ya, have fun with your attempt at gaining cheap hits at Adam's expense, it's ok, Adam is used to being used, but he will still come out ahead of you!!

Bob Zerull said...

You can't argue with fans I guess...they're too biased. Technical ability isn't quantitative. There are different technical aspects to singing. How do you rank these different abilities to come up with the best singer of all time? There may things that are quantitative, but there is too much personal bias in any list that ranks the best singers of all time. You know how many list of greatest guitar players, drummers etc there are? Every list is completely different. I promise you it's subjective.

Adam Lambert is a great singer and amazing talent, we can all agree on that.

Who is Bob Zerull and why should you care? He's some fat bald loser who's opinion is no more or less valuable than yours. Why should you care? You shouldn't, but I enjoy a good debate. Just ask Jason Tanamor and our on going Jay Cutler debate.

Anonymous said...

Lambert did NOT have an opportunity to carve out a nice rock career, as you allege, Bob. His label said that rock radio made it quite clear they would never play a new artist who is openly gay. And the rock "establishment" HATES American Idol contestants (Daughtry's funeral dirges that pass for rock these days succeed in spite of rock radio, not because of it). Moreover, the fact that rock is now an establishment says everything one needs to know about why rock is no longer relevant. The second reason is that rock is boring, staid, and sad -- full of whiners. One reason why rock fans who gave up on the genre love Adam is because his shows are a throwback to the days when we were entertained and had FUN. Rock can stay in its nice safe little box while I go out and have fun at a Lambert concert any day.

Anonymous said...

He's just an idiot with no credibility whatsoever! It's obvious he's a non-fan trolling for hits. That's all.

The "story" about just wanting to share with Adam fans is fiction and pathetic.

Jades said...

I have seen all the major acts you refered too.. Some of them several times. I am old I grew up on those singers. Judas Priest, I own every album...I also know a great voice when I hear one. Adam Lambert is so freaking talented that I actually watched AI on the finals night. Never watched one show before that and none since. I have seen him live. Live he is unbeatable. I rank seeing him live with seeing Bowie and Led Zep. and that is saying alot.

Lovinadamandjames said...

Again, people are picking on James Durbin. I love Adam but his fans suck big time. As if defending Adam by dissing others is gonna make Adam look better. It doesn't, it makes the fans look insecure. I wish James the best. Bob, don't apologize. The fans are too sensitive and I do not want to be grouped with a bunch of pathetic yoyos like them.

Mel said...

Too bad, I've really enjoyed Zoiks. But blatant click baiting with drummed up ~controversy turns me off. *deletes bookmark*

Anonymous said...

Adam Lambert is like Prince (not singing wise_ but they are both in a league of their own NOBDY will ever compare to the two of them or ever will so leave them alone

SusieFierce said...

I guess I'll try one more time ... BTW, saying, "I guess you can't argue with fans," is again dismissive and patronizing, which is the primary issue I took with the original statement.

Of course technique is quantifiable. You can break breath control down to the seconds a note is held and you can count the number and range of notes that are hit and put it on a scale. You can count the number of octaves transitioned through and you can also count the number of notes hit within a single riff. [Read the DDD thread, they break it down VERY clearly and they are very democratic. They are open to adjusting that criteria when a case is made for it to be modified.]

Mastery of any skill usually starts with an "Introduction to ..." (step A) and builds up to – if you continue to refine that skill – with Advanced Theory or Performance 500 or whatever (step Z). Now, mastering an instrument, like many other skills or abilities, requires a progression from each step that demands you master the previous step before moving on to the next. Training the vocal instrument is no different.

There are piano prodigies who sit down at the age of 5 and may be at step W, but they still must learn the basic skills. They may be able to do it in a fraction of the time of the basic learner, however, and that's why they are prodigies.

The point is: You start at the beginning and then technical difficulty increases as you move on. It IS quantifiable. It's how textbooks are written.

Adam was recognized at having an undeniable natural talent at a very young age and he began classical training. He has worked, honed and refined those skills for 18+ years while studying at the feet of the greats.

As he's said repeatedly he idolizes the vocal skill of Plant, Mercury, Halford, Tyler, etc., etc. and he's had the advantage of learning FROM them while integrating his professional training and developing his own musicality (with a vast knowledge and understanding of MANY genres). But there are often times when the student does supersede the master.

Is this one of those times? From a technical standpoint, many believe so and make a compelling case for it. From a creativity/body of work standpoint, it's only beginning to be explored. And THAT is something that can and will likely be debated for years to come.

Anonymous said...

Get back to me when Durbin actually sings live with no vocal enhancements. The show will be pre-taped for the next two weeks.

Lambert in his idol days was always live.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure why this comparison keeps coming up, I think it is spurred on by blogs, media, maybe, just maybe, over-protective Adam fans. I love Adam, have since he first appeard on Idol, think he is iconic (remember all the comparisons of Adam to Elvis-and I am old enough to remember Elvis well-saw him up close and live in the 68 Comback). Don't think Adam needs his fans protection-he is quite capable. James has an amazing voice, is developing his own style, has not compared himself to Adam, has shown much courage in his life, deserves encouragement and support-Adam would do that, think his fans should follow suit-just one over the top Adam fan's opinion.

cheril said...

It gets tiresome when people say the Glamberts are this or that. We are as individual as James Durbin and Adam Lambert. How about if we totally drop all the comparisons altogether.

Lisa Harrington said...

Thanks for clearing that up. Adam Lambert fans take him very seriously. We do not take kindly to cheap shots. Every artist should have a loving and protective fanbase.
thank you,

Anonymous said...

Fair enough. I'll tell you tho, Im a metal head from the 70's and 80's. Ronnie James Dio was and is one of my all time favorite metal singers EVER. Rainbow was in my baby blue 8 track tape deck 24/7. I for one am very well aquainted with the metal masters that many people have long forgotten or written off yet I still do not feel James Durbin can hold a candle to any of them... not from what I've seen so far. He's got the range, and maybe the power, but not the control and he sure as hell doesn't have the raw emotion. He comes off as faking it. Everything including his poser wardrobe feels forced. Im sure that has to do with his Aspergers but in the end, all other things put aside, music is an emotional connection and if you cant create that connection with your music, you fail.. regardless of the reasons why.

Bob Zerull said...

I wish our site had a chat room or a live podcast where we could talk with Adam Lambert fans live.

I appreciate the debate. It's been fun, I promise to leave Lambert alone for awhile, mainly because I hate settling on cheap hits, which is why I've tried to keep the discussion going so that these end up more than just cheap hits.

I love music, we all don't have to agree, but it's fun to debate our differences. Thanks for all the comments.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bob....I have always appreciated the support you have shown Adam Lambert. You have been amazing! I understand what your intent was, and I am sorry you were misunderstood! Love all the singers you recommended and really like James Durbin! Adam is my #1, but I love all sorts of music. Thanks again ~

KED said...

Wow, this is silly. I am constantly amazed by Adam Lambert's voice, but we all know there are other talented artists out there. No two singers are alike and I enjoy listening to suggestions from others regarding artists I should check out.
Adam Lambert does not need defending. His career will stand for itself and it will be good regardless if he remains pop or leans a little more rock.
Now... let's listen to what Bob Zerull is really trying to say, and if you're a big Adam Lambert fan like I am, let's try be a little bit easier to get along with. Mr Lambert deserves that.

Anonymous said...

I say we settle this silly LAMBERT vs DURBIN debate on the idol stage once and for all.....

man, that would be incredible. durbin would be mopped though. lambert is a superstar. durbin is just a decent singer.

Anonymous said...

If you were looking to apologise and for a serious discussion (rather than just cheap hits because you used Lambert's name) why insult Adam Lambert? Explain why a comparison to Adam Lambert is an insult. From where I sit it looks like a huge compliment.

I am not a "glambert" but I appreciate good music, artists and musicians. Adam happens to be one of the artists I include in that description.

Your apology is the apology you give when it's not really an apology.

PS I don't know anything about Durbin as I don't watch American idol. I only became aware of Adam Lambert because he had 3 hit songs in Australia in the last year. I am not interested in Idol contestants as a rule so I'll pass on the whole checking him out thing. If he puts out some good music on his own later then maybe I'll take notice.

Anonymous said...

I will give you a hit for that apology. Thank you.

Jesse said...

Dear Bob, I was chill until this -

"Steven Tyler can sing circles around Lambert as well as Freddy Mercury, Ronnie James Dio, Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford, Robert Plant"

Now I'm not too happy, cause it just ain't true. Adam belongs in that same group. Don't forget, metal fans are never going to accept an openly gay guy....not in Adam's life time. The only genre that is open is opera or broadway, and Adam isn't interested. He has no choice but to go pop, which is still an uphill battle. You know the metal fans well enough to know there is no way for the gay!

Anonymous said...

I didn't even read the last article but I'm sure some of the most defensive glamberts went completely over the top crazy all over your comments section. I don't even get it. We stan a really cool, talented, awesome guy. There is no reason to come guns drawn and blazing at every article about Adam especially ones that aren't even criticizing him. That's why some sites don't even want to write about him. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

I didn't even read the last article but I'm sure some of the most defensive glamberts went completely over the top crazy all over your comments section. I don't even get it. We stan a really cool, talented, awesome guy. There is no reason to come guns drawn and blazing at every article about Adam especially ones that aren't even criticizing him. That's why some sites don't even want to write about him. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

This comparison of Durbin to Lambert will hurt Durbin in the long run. So far, Durbin is a one trick pony - he was a rock scream and writes about whores. He made a fatal error when he compared himself to Lambert becausae now everyone else will to. I wish him well - but Lambert puts most male singers to shame which is why Meatloaf said he is the long lost child of himself and Freddie Mercury and why Zeplin let Adam do their songs. You are a foolish man to jump on the wagon for Durbin so quickly before you see what he is really about. May be good, may not. I assure you though, we Adam fans know music. Adam is a throw back, classic rock guy - So far Durbin is a metal wanna be. You are proving you underestimate us once again. Regardless, nice of you to sort of apologize and get more hits of course.

Anonymous said...

The past 2 idol seasons they have tried to find a comparison. Last year it was the Siohban girl and this year Durbin. The problem is, you can't find anyone who will EVER compare to him! You will find other talent but none will match his. So to try to recreate the magic that Lambert created on idol will not happen again. It took 8 seasons to find someone like him and idol will go on but no one will replicate the amazing journey he took us through that year. I'm enjoying idol this year and will continue to watch. I see lots of talent this year but no one except one or two have the "it" factor. Adam Lambert broke idol. It will never be the same!

Anonymous said...

How does Bob know that Durbin has better range than Adam Lambert? Does he have credentials in music? Most people who knows music/vocal said Durbin couldn't hold that high notes. So my advise to you Bob, to check with vocal coach or someone that knows about vocal / music before say something outrageous like that. Or maybe Bob, you could check the DDD website.

mary ann said...

Every singer needs a dedicated fan base. Everyone knows that. And we are proud to be part of the fans of Adam Lambert! So what is the big fuss about us being too dedicated? Each to his own, buddy! We love Adam not only for the great, great singer and performer that he is, but we truly love Adam because of the person that he is...We just love Adam! And it is but understandable that, as fans of Adam, we stick by him! So, I hope that instead of saying that his foot goes through the door, James Durbin should just shut up and sing..his way, of course, and not singing Adam's songs..cos, just like what he said, he doesnt want to be compared to Adam. So, an advice to James Durbin, don't ever do anything that Adam did on Idol cos that would surely compare you to him.

Bob Zerull said...

I was done commenting until I read this, "Don't forget, metal fans are never going to accept an openly gay guy....not in Adam's life time. The only genre that is open is opera or broadway, and Adam isn't interested. He has no choice but to go pop, which is still an uphill battle. You know the metal fans well enough to know there is no way for the gay!"

What the fuck? Really? Freddy Mercury and Rob Halford were both opening gay. Elton John is openly gay, Zakk Wylde, Axl Rose and Jerry Cantrell have all mentioned him as a huge influence. So let's back off of the metal doesn't accept openly gay people. This day in age it is a shame that anybody wouldn't accept openly gay people. But that is a whole other conversation.

Anonymous said...

'Zoinks' Mr Zerull, I think you finally get it. Glamberts love a good debate. An article can start about paperclips and end up with comments on some issue totally unrelated. I love reading and commenting. Because of 'Glamnation' (and the internet of course)I have taken part in conversations that are sometimes educational, most times entertaining and full of emotion. Adam Lambert just empowers his fans to express their thoughts without reserve. I love it!

Jesse said...

No Bob, No....Elton, Rob, Freddy et. al. were firmly established when they came out (Freddy never did come out, actually).....That's a whole different deck of cards ~

Anonymous said...

Bob this video is enough said:

I honestly think you might want to reserve judgement until we see what Durbin really can offer. A rock wail does not a great singer make...

I and many Adam fans wish James well, but to make this comparison is just under educated and fictional at this point.

Bob Zerull said...

Who gives a shit if they were established or not. If the metal community were homophobic they would have turned their back on any gay metal musician.

I have no doubt there are some metal fans who are not tolerate, but don't rip on an entire community because of a few assholes.

Gay or straight, if the music rocks it rocks. Fuck those that don't accept it.

Adam Lambert will have a harder time making it in the "rock/metal" genres strictly because he comes from "American Idol." Has nothing to do with his sexual orientation.

But again, not all rock fans will discriminate because of AI either.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe the hate-filled Glamberts on this article. My God! UFB.

Anonymous said...

Bob, your apology was a very humble and brave thing to do. I respect your integrity and accept it with lesson learned. The other Glamberts like me need to let this one go. You are not the enemy. You have always been a supporter of Adam lambert. Some of these remarks to you were less than flattering and downright awful. So in the same spirit, I apologize for their very bad manners. If Adam knew what they were saying back to you, I can assure you he would be deeply ashamed.

Anonymous said...

Bob- I almost feel bad for you- don't mess with glamberts and yes we are intelligent. I to have been to all the great concerts in my day- rolling stones, u-2-,moody blues, Jethro tull- oh the list goes on and on and I will tell you know one has ever moved me like Adam lambert. In your defense I accept your apology completely, I really don't think you knew what you were getting into lol.

Anonymous said...

The comparisons keep coming up because James keeps trying to be like Adam...from dress...to his song choices to the way he tries to perform. He's not comparing in my book and he needs to take a lesson from Adam on BEING HIMSELF. Let's see who James Durbin is...continuing to try and copy Adam is going to do more harm than good because he just can't compare. Like Sioban who TRIED the wail last year James doesn't have the control at those high notes that Adam does..hurt my ears. I wish him luck, but he needs to get out of Adam's shadow.

Anonymous said...

Bob- apology accepted and being a glambert I am ashamed at the way some of us treated you. please continue to write about adam because I do like your web-site and your one of the few left that you don't need face-book or twitter to comment. Love that!

Anonymous said...

bob dude, I don't watch American Idol , so i not really into the Durbin dude, I like all kinds of music but lambert made me remember I like rock too. He reminded me of all the other rock singers i enjoyed. like Tyler and those you mention...since rock was dying as i was growing up.

A lot of Adam fans are not hating on Durbin, most of us are indifferent.. but that article kinda made me find him irritating..(you did him no favors) if this will be the general tone of those who dislike and are not into Lambert..try 2 down him by lifting up somebody else, then I might have 2 get more active in this sh*t.

i found the whole article weird, in its assumptions about what we know or what we listen too.

do you go posting about beiber and his fans and they need 2 listen 2 other singers because there 2 dedicated? no right? thats silly right?

so why target lambert, and treat us like we are mindless groupies?

yes he had the chance 2 go full on rock, but I have been on rock and metal sites since and they have made it clear, they wld not make it easy for him...so why should he not try something that works for him, for now.

if you like Durbin just post about him, don't use this as a opportunity to down on lambert because he is not for you or not to your taste, like a lot of homophobes have been doing (not calling you one, but i have seen other articles do it)...like you said music is subjective.

You probs have not followed one thing about Lambert since idol or glanced at anything but fly by newspaper headings..

man i am so disappointed in this kind of behavior, makes me kinda sad.

There is room for all types of singers. let us love our guy,
and u can love whoever you want, as it should be.

and there and many reason why i love him besides his amazing voice

His fearlessness, it takes a lot of balls 2 go out into the world, and be against the grain.

His honesty, in being truthful to himself and who he is, no matter what hate is spewed.

His kindness, despite all the flash and OTT things, he really is a nice guy, and has a good heart.

His charity, he has used his popularity for so many good causes, when most do not. he has raised about a mill. dollars for so many different causes.

His helpfulness, he has pimped, complemented and helped so many people struggling 2 make it right now, when most only think about themselves.

peace and love, my friend.

Anonymous said...

oh and bob, this is peace and love again...from above

now worries,

note, this is the first time i have been on ur site,I have no idea, what you have posted before so if u have had good things 2 say about lambert, then good on you.

we are an very intense bunch, sometimes


just realize, we are each different people from different walks of life, with our own experiences

some react in different ways, and yes some are very protective of lambert.

he doesn't really need it as he seems very strong on spirit.

Adam has so many different and diverse fans, its what i enjoy as a part of being his fan, i learned so many things, met so man different people.

so note only a fraction of us have posted here,

all i ask is don't generalize us.

thanks man.

Anonymous said...

Durbin can sing you are right but he is no star or great performer - AL has the whole package. This is where the comparison can be made.

And ps your site looks cheap!!

Anonymous said...

What would make you assume that Adam fans don't know Rob Halford, Ronnie James Dio or Bruce Dickinson???? I ignored you first click-bait post. I almost didn't respond this fake apology.

Seriously, not like these are secret artists who needed you to spread the word. So all I can assume is that you really know very little about Adam's fans. Many of us have been following music for a long time waiting for someone like Adam -- and for me the wait is over.

How about talking to some Adam fans before you make assumptions -- we're a diverse lot. And, yes, some of us know a bit about metal and like it.

BUT if you thing Adam is defined by his vocal range or power -- you just don't get it. I really recommend you catch him live sometimes because he is truly one-of-a-kind.

Anonymous said...

Bob, I don't understand why you even brought Adam Lambert up in the first place. You could have just written about how much you like James Durbin. Looks to me like you were asking for trouble.

Anonymous said...

You wrote "A new Adam Lambert - if not better" Did you really expect Lambert fans NOT to respond? You knew you'd get this reaction. Why are you asking for apologies?

Anonymous said...

When we need advise on music we ask Adam or someone with more credentials then you sr. thank you.
what make's you think we only listen to Adam?
Next time think...before.
Your apology does not sound right, at least to me but it makes no difference.
Time will tell about all of this.
I wish James all the luck because he is going to need it for the next few weeks.
Like I said before, it's just not enough to hit high notes and he is already an arrogant kid, not a very good start but good luck to him anyway.

Bob Zerull said...

Actually we do make comparisons to Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and any and every other musician. It's just every time we mention Adam Lambert the Glamberts come out in full force good bad or indifferent.

So that's why I mentioned Adam Lambert, because I mention all artists. I'm not an Adam Lambert hater who's is tearing him down by building someone else up. Durbin is virtually unknown, has been compared by many to Adam Lambert...I did the same. Again I apologize, but man the more idiotic comments i read the more and more uninterested I get in apologizing to some of you.

Anonymous said...

Again you are so deep in it it's not even funny.
Every time you try, or pretend to try to say something nice ( it sounds really fake to me) you make it worse, I wonder if you are in the right job since this fiasco gets worse and worse.
I do not read your articles, I found this one by chance or bad luck but it seams to me that you could change prefessions.
Please don't do to public relations, or music expert, you are really bad at both of them.

Anonymous said...

Bob you didn't apologize-- or i should say you equivocated enough about what you were apologizing for that it's irrelevant. you slammed a massive insult at AL by saying, in essence, that it is Durbin that is diminished when Adam is mentioned in the same breath. don't claim to be a fan, because that was an intensely provocative and hyperbolic statement. I realay think you should refrain from writing about Adam. Pimp James all you want -- compare him to anyone under the sun; compare him to the great metal guys, how's that? but please, do us all a favor and leave AL out of it.

Anonymous said...

"The Glamberts come out in full force, good bad or inddiferent."

I rest my case.
Writing is NOT your strong point.
Or thinking before you write.

Glamberts come out full force to be on his side.
Makes sense right?

Glamberts come out full force saying bad things or not saying anything because they are inddiferent to him and his music.
Makes no sense at all...

It seams you are enjoying this a lot, cheap hits sr. so I will stop here.
Good luck and really, really, we do not need your apology, really, really, don't be so hard on yourself, let it go.

Glamb4ever said...

Thanks, but I don't need you to tell me about Rob Halford, etc. You make it sound like Adam's fans know nothing about rock and you are going to enlighten us.Been there, done that, don't need you to educate me about rock n roll.

Anonymous said...

WTF!! Don't you people have LIFE these days??? I am a huge Adam fan but this is really ridiculous!!! GET A LIFE everyone!!!! No wonder everyone thinks Glamberts are off their rockers!!! And I have nothing at all to say about James Durbin!



Anonymous said...

Bob, thank you for apology. Feel really sorry for you. My good advise, watch Michael Slezak interview about AI and find the part where they talk about Adam and JD!
You have to say "Thanks Lord" that Glamberts family don't know you address.
My advise for future. If you wake up in bad mood, check what color of shades Beiber had on his last show or how many times Steven Taylor said F....... sence he became AI judge. Belive me, it will not hurt you so much on next morning:)

Anonymous said...

I didn't read the original article, but I think you're lame for apologizing to anyone about sharing an opinion. Don't apologize. Espcecially don't lick Lambert fans' boots. YUCK!

Anonymous said...

See what I said about the Sparkle Cow stampede? Just watch out, these freaks will find out where you live and harass you at your home next. They are a scary, dangerous herd of weirdos who are obsessed to the nth degree about a fat screecher.

AnonGlam said...

When Adam stepped into the idol stage, he really brought the show alive. As Paula once said, he set the bar so high. As a die-hard Glambert fan I may be biased, but I honestly felt Idol was a bit boring after Season 8. Nobody struck me as exciting and talented as Adam.

My point is that Adam has shown us what he's capable of (he was jumping around the stage one day and melting Paula to a pool of Abdul the next week) and he's also a world well-known singer now (also don't forget the Grammy nomination for his first album), while James Durbin is still.. well, he hasn't really showed a lot on Idol. We know he's great (yeah, I'll take you 'Durbinators' word for it-- great) in doing metal and rock, but we haven't seen him stepping out of that comfort zone.

That being said, I think it's too early to say that James is better than Adam. But oh well, everybody has their opinion. Some people can be his fans, but I'd be forever Glambert.

PS: Oh, have I mentioned how extremely humble and modest Adam is? No? Well, he is.

And Bob, apology accepted, though I don't see the necessity to make another article like this one that with no doubt would create another argument.

Anonymous said...

To the person who called Adam a fat screecher. Did you not hear James Durbin throughout Hollywood week? That's what you call screeching. Apparently James sings one song okay and he's already dubbed better than Adam who has proven himself throughout his whole season with various genres, and afterwards with his album, singles, concert sales, and a Grammy nomination? And if you think Adam is fat, then most of America must be extremely obese. I dare you to provide one recent picture, taken in the last few weeks, where he would be considered fat. Just look at pictures of him at the Grammys, where he is very slim and made many best dressed lists.


I ask you, how tall are you and how much do you weigh?

janet said...

Bob, stop making lame excuses, you were insulting to say the least. To suggest to Glambert fans to listen to other singers that YOU reccommend, oh please. What makes you think that we haven't heard anything else, look at the categories of generations Adam Lambert fans cover. I'm 61, grew up in the sixties, grew up in Liverpool, been to my share of concerts and heard amazing singers. The moment I heard Adam Lambert and saw him perform he had me hooked, and he was the only reason I watched idol. Adam is the best performer to grace the idol stage and I doubt there'll be another one like him. The contest has been over fo 2 years, there is no comparison, I don't care how may times Randy tries to tell us this is the best year for talent, he said it last year too, which Crystal should have won,but nevertheless there was no season like Adams season, A.I.never been the same since.

bea said...

what a politician! trying to be fair ..... there is no apology to be made, there is no comparison to be made.
Adam is Adam. He is IT.

would you ever compare Barbra Streisand to Celine Dion ?

if you have no inspiration, just do not write and take a break. World does need some silence!

Anonymous said...

This is so stupid!!!! Stop the ridiculous arguments and GET A DAMN LIFE everyone!!!! There is NO comparison so let's just call Adam the KING OF GLAM ROCK and Durbin the KING OF METAL!!! OK, agree, now go fix breakfast for your kids or go to school!!

Anonymous said...

Durbin isn't the king of anything--yet! I haven't seen him sing much of anything to be able to make any kind of a judgment on him. Adam has been accused of screaming. Adam doesn't scream, but I believe that James Durbin does scream. I want to see Durbin sing a song all the way through without the scream to know what his VOICE is really like. Adam was professionally trained to hit those high notes and does it in a way that doesn't hurt my ears, while James DOES hurt my ears. And Adam is capable of singing a tender ballad without resorting to a wail, while we don't know if James has that ability.

Anonymous said...

""Steven Tyler can sing circles around Lambert as well as Freddy Mercury, Ronnie James Dio, Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford, Robert Plant"

"Now I'm not too happy, cause it just ain't true."

Oh it's true.

"Adam belongs in that same group."

Oh no he doesn't.

"Don't forget, metal fans are never going to accept an openly gay guy....not in Adam's life time."

I guess you didn't know that Rob Halford is openly gay? Metal have excepted him.

songbird317 said...

comparing adam lambert to anyone is absolutely absurd ... and you are an absolute JERK Zerull!!!

Unknown said...

I am a Durbin fan and a Lambert fan. What's really interesting to me is that the singers this season are going to be able to sings songs that they choose. No "Elvis Week", "Rat Pack Week," "Disco Week" or "Country Week," They have a HUGE advantage over singers from past seasons, who were forced to sing out of their comfort zone most of the time. Adam rose to that challenge and re-interpreted songs to fit him no matter what genre they were. He said he would LOVE to sing Sweet Child of Mine or more Bowie, among others. There was just no place for them on Idol. Adam did choose the Gaga route for his cd, but I think we are in for a different style on his new one. Have you heard his bluesy "Whole Lotta Love" from Fantasy Springs? Give another listen to his version of Aerosmith's "Cryin'" before dismissing him as a rock singer.
I hope Durbin goes all the way. And, I'll continue to be a huge Lambert fan. Both are fierce singers who deliver every song with passion. Rock on, James and Adam!

Anonymous said...


It was just a matter of time until some predictable (and unimaginative)goof used the 'sparkle cow' reference!

What I want to know....what took you so long?

Oh,I know....perusing Adam Lambert articles to get a 'sparkle cow' jab in. Careful......your mo is showing.

Bob....congrats on the hits. It's really what you expected,isn't it?

songbird317 said...

ummm ... hello... steven tyler would NEVER ompare himself to anyone els in teh music industry! he knows who he is and he fully appreciates and understands what it takes to make it in the music industry and what these kids are trying to accomplish with the incredible opportunity they have before them right now! he has a lot more respect for the, "ARTIST" and the individual ... and what it takes to be an artist and an individual in this judgmental world than that! and as long as they have music in their hearts, he fully respects them and enjoys hearing what they have to offer! he has even said to some, "it is a privilege to be sitting in front of you and getting to hear you sing!" because he knows first hand what it takes to have the guts to get up there and sing your heart out in front of thousands and millions of people! that is why he and jennifer have been perfect choices to sit on the judge's panel. i thought i would really miss simon being on the judge's panel, but the truth is ... AI has more heart & soul than i've ever seen on the show ... and it is so much more fun going through the process of getting to american's next idol with them! i think they way they handle the judging roll will give all of these kids the confidence they need to get up there and give it their all, rather than being so afraid of what simon might say or think of them! so how about we don't offend anyone by trying to compare them to another artist, we respect what each of them bring to the table respectfully send them home by voting rather than trash talking them, and other than that ... sit back and enjoy the ride!

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge Adam fan and have been since his first audition.
Unfortunately there are always OTT fans who give the rest of us a bad name. I doubt Adam would respond as some of those here have. Haven't those OTT fans read his tweets? Adam has even mentioned that there are some fans that go too far in trying to defend him. One of the things he's loved for, besides his amazing talent, is his kindness. Some of you need to emulate him. Best comment:

AdamRocks said...

Wow, Adam fans need to chill.... and this is coming from an Adam fan. No wonder people think glamberts are loose cannons.

Anonymous said...

I really think this comparison thing is so silly. They are differant in every way. I do think some fans including myself do tend to try to protect Adam's individuality a bit to much at times. Adam is Adam James is James. Remember when Adam was on Idol people compared him to Queen's lead singer and those fans when bazerk too. This is not a war it is an open dialogue between fans and potential fans.I enjoy a lot of artist from many types of music as most do. I think alot of fans who follow Adam knows he too likes alot of types of music too. Life would sure be boring if we only listened to one artist. That is just not reality.

laurieb said...

I have read both posts made on this subject, and altho I agree that there is no comparison to Adam Lambert and James Durbin, I want to point out a performance that Adam did while part of the Zodiac Show. It only lasts a few secs but clearly shows more range than we've seen from Adam since. The song is Black Dog, skip to around 1:27 where Adams part comes in. This man can do the metal songs very well if he wants to. I like James and am looking forward to watching what he can do on Idol. Adam has opened my eyes to so much in the music industry, and made me appreciate music all over again.He has awakened in me , what I thought was lost. I am not alone in this thinking and that is what makes us Glamberts so passionate towards him. As Ive said before, there are crazy and mean people out there who are only fans of themselves and try to stir up trouble. A true fan of any artist will only try to make you understand their passion and why they love so much, not try to tear down someone else to make that point.

Anonymous said...


It's true that Adam inspires. He has ignited a new found appreciation of music within me. He has also enlightened me as to what I deem (personal) good music/vocals ....and I gotta say,there aren't too many artists that do it for me on the airwaves today. Adam Lambert and Adele are a couple of current artists who are blessed with superior voices,imo.

James Durbin has a great voice,however,he still has some 'provin''to do. Adam had to prove himself. Now it's James' turn. We don't know yet what's in his future. American Idol is fickle. He may forge through....he may fizzle.

The fact that Mr. Zurell has prematurely set the bar so high for young James by using Adam as a comparative, is the reason Adam's fans are so passionately debating/disagreeing/opinionating (some,like any fan group,do go a little overboard). That's why Adam's fans are here......and perhaps his 'tone' comment from his initial post has irritated a few.

Britte said...

Thank you for your apology, but no thanks. The tone was forever tainted when you wrote this:

I probably shouldn’t have brought Adam Lambert up, but if anything bringing Lambert up in a post about Durbin is more insulting to Durbin than it is Lambert.

So my dander was up immediately. That was such an UNNECESSARY statement and was calculated to stir the bees nest of fans.

But that's what you were aiming for in your psuedo apology, huh? You got it, so don't pretend to be hurt and insulted.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous (a couple of comments ago) says:

Sorry.....Mr. Zerull (not Zurell)

Anonymous said...

I've watch AI-10 from the auditions thru the Top 13 elimination. With the exception of this past Tuesday (when he actually nailed it) Durbin did not impress me either vocally or as an individual. Also, stating that you're not Adam in on breath and then performing ACIGC (horribly at that) in the next is beyond contradictory. I have seen the greats sing and Adam absolutely deserves to be ranked among them. James Durbin is NO threat to Adam's future. They're apples and oranges.
That said, there is more than enough room for additional talented voices in the music world today, Durbin included if others enjoy him enough. I'm not one of those who do, but just because I don't support or enjoy him doesn't mean I'd prevent other people from doing so. To each their own.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

As Adam has said "it is not that deep". I am an Adam Lambert fan but also a fan of all music. While I will buy ANYTHING Adam puts out, I am also always looking for new artists or old artists I have not thought to listen to before. I love diversity (way better to have milk, dark and white chocolate...more to love and more to choose from). Adam himself recommends groups and artists and I am happy to try anything so thanks for the recommendations.

Lenny said...

Whoa, wait, WHAT? I didn't see the original article in question, but, leaving aside Adam for a minute, you did NOT just put James Durbin's name in the same sentence as ROB HALFORD, DIO and DICKINSON, did you?!?!?!

And it's rather condescending for you to say that Glamberts need to be EXPOSED to these greats. I'm 35, and a LOT of Lambert fans ARE from that generation that grew up on Judas Priest and Maiden and Dio and Queen and the like. FYI, that's WHY we're Adam fans - because FINALLY, after decades of indie and alt rock voices that all sound like each other, and bland pop princes who are more about image than voice - FINALLY, we had a voice that was a throw back to those very greats you think we need to be introduced to.

So, forget about apologising to the Glamberts, you need to be apologising to all those you mentioned in the same breath as James Durbin. That's insulting to THEM.

As for it being insulting to DURBIN to mention him in comparison to Adam, if you meant because comparisons are unfair in general, I'll agree with you. But Durbin is the one who compared HIMSELF to Adam, so he kinda opened that door. If you meant it's an insult because Durbin is better, our ears are hearing very different things. I'll just leave you with the words of Brian May - who, JUST in case you need reminding, spent most of his career in close quarters to THE. GREATEST. VOICE. EVER. in rock music: "I’m not easily moved to jelly by male vocalists, but Adam’s voice reaches out with sensitivity, depth, maturity, and awesome range and power which will make jaws drop all around the world." Again, not the words of a crazy Glambert, but the words of FREDDIE MERCURY'S bandmate. Case closed.

Bob Zerull said...

Lenny Said: "Whoa, wait, WHAT? I didn't see the original article in question, but, leaving aside Adam for a minute, you did NOT just put James Durbin's name in the same sentence as ROB HALFORD, DIO and DICKINSON, did you?!?!?!"

No I wasn't putting his name in the same sentence. I was trying to tell people who like Durbin and Lambert that they should check out those guys, because they are the originals and can't be compared.

Britte said: "I probably shouldn’t have brought Adam Lambert up, but if anything bringing Lambert up in a post about Durbin is more insulting to Durbin than it is Lambert."

What I meant by that is that Lambert is established. By making the comparison, it is worse for Durbin, because now he has to live up to Lambert, not to mention have 100's of members of Glamnation hating him just because of the comparison. The reason they are comparable is simply the range, the comparison's really begin and end there. Durbin has the range, but he isn't as polished as Lambert, but that's not a bad thing.

Anyway, that statement wasn't meant to piss Lambert fans off, it wasn't a dig at all.

Anonymous said...

Durbin is 1000 times better than Lambert because he is REAL. Lambert is FAKE from his colored hair to his pedicured toes. In the words of Elaine Benes "Fake...fake...fake"

Anonymous said...

Bob Zerull, DUDE, please, just do this. Google "crazy sparkle cows" and see what you come up with. These older women (and don't let them "trick" you into thinking they're young and hip and average weight) ARE VICIOUS. They infiltrate then they bully if you don't give anything but shiny ass kissing compliments of the glittery douchebag who is Lambert. They have completely made Lambert a laughingstock with their NON-STOP online spamming and non-stop "defending" of Lambert. Go over to their fansites like Adam Official. You want to see a group of craaaaazy, bored, lonely middle aged women talking about the "glambulge" (yes, they fantasize about a gay dude's penis, and they write porn and draw pictures and bake cakes). They, many of them, bought 50 or more of his CD's EACH OF THEM, so they can get their precious Adam's CD to platinum. They're NUTS, I feel sorry for their families having to put up with 24/7 Lambert. Sorry that you are the new "let's bash this guy for saying something bad about our glamgod", but you're not the first and you sure as hell won't be the last. These women are horrible. I've been observing these women for almost 3 years, and the crazy doesn't wane.

Anonymous said...

"These women are horrible. I've been observing these women for almost 3 years, and the crazy doesn't wane."
Congrats. You must be frikkin' clairvoyant knowing about their behaviour a YEAR before Adam went on Idol.

Anonymous said...

To the one who said "moo".
Are you introducing yourself, honey?

Anonymous said...


While you're looking up 'crazy sparkle cows', look up 'uninformed infantile Adam bashers', too. You know....those who aren't completely in tune with their own' sense of self'. They feel the need to bash Adam and his fan base because they haven't come to grips with their own self worth. Usually from another 'fan base',their M.O. (modus operandi) is to use foul language,inappropriate slurs and are often very incoherent!!!

Oh,and of course,the 'sparkle cow' reference is used 'ad nauseam',which means they're very limited in their creativity to an excessive degree!!

By the way, and just a reminder, Adam's fans range from very young to very old. Quite the demographic! Of course the informed, intelligent types know this!!

Anonymous said...

I'm just curious... Do you Sparkle Cows *really* like Madame's singing; or do you just lust for his well toned bod?

Anonymous said...

LOL, I googled crazy sparkle cow. OMG, craaaaaay craaaaaay.

Anonymous said...

Educate yourselves! Read www.votefortheworst.com

Anonymous said...

"These women are horrible. I've been observing these women for almost 3 years, and the crazy doesn't wane."
Congrats. You must be frikkin' clairvoyant knowing about their behaviour a YEAR before Adam went on Idol"

I said ALMOST THREE YEARS, you dumb old cow.

Anonymous said...

@Bob Zerull.
Congratulations, you just managed to gain one poster who wrote 5 different comments within 20 minutes. And he is giving link to that dying site VFTW.
Any hope for an intelligent discussion is now gone.
But you got your hits, didn't ya?

Anonymous said...

"I said ALMOST THREE YEARS, you dumb old cow"
First of all I'm young calf.
And you still can't count, you DUMB PRICK.
Jerking off during math class causes blindness.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said:

"I'm just curious... Do you Sparkle Cows *really* like Madame's singing; or do you just lust for his well toned bod?"

All of the above,and thensome UIAB (uninformed infantile Adam basher)!!!

Proving your m.o.,one comment at a time!! Thanks for making it easy!!

Anonymous said...

And who are you?

Don't F# with his fans...
Your lesson learned and i'll find my own artists thank you.

Anonymous said...

I can see the comparison, Durbin has Assbergers and Adam likes ass.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. VFTW a "dying" website? I think you need to check FaceBook... It's growing like a house afire. AI is dying.

AnonGlam said...

See, Bob? Told ya this article wasn't needed. Now the fire's bigger.


Anonymous said...

Why all the fighting? I happen to think both boys are very talented! There's room enough for all.

AdamRocks said...

I am so sick and tired of reading the indignation of Adam's fans in these comments and every other article out there that is perceived to be negative.

I love Adam's music. I want him to succeed. I think he has a stellar voice that few can match. HOWEVER, I do not feel that every time an article author mentions Adam in comparison to someone else, they are bashing Adam.

Some of you fans are an absolute disgrace acting like schoolyard bullies. Why do you feel like you have to prove to every writer out there how wrong they are with all your little factoids and links?

Do you have any idea how outlandish this makes you look? You are NOT doing Adam any favors by constantly defending his honor. The last time I looked, he was a big boy capable of taking care of himself.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you're not going to make any friends amongst the Glamberts if you say the Lambert/Durbin comparison is more flattering to Lambert than the reverse.

Glamberts do tend to be misguided and take their indignation too far, but at this point you're just digging that hole.

Anonymous said...


I accept your apology if you feel an apology was necessary.I am one of Adam's younger fans so I guess I am an Sparkle Calf weighing in at 102 pounds. Adam evokes a lot of passion. A lot of people love him and want to protect him.I personally just love him for his voice. He is beautiful both physically and spiritually.He's a very sweet person.

Anonymous said...

Mooooo Mooooo!!!! I am a beautiful sparkle fat cow and I love Adam!!!!! So there!!!

Haters are most welcome to lick my backside!! All you have is shit on your face anyway!!

Anonymous said...


"I said ALMOST THREE YEARS, you dumb old cow"
First of all I'm young calf.
And you still can't count, you DUMB PRICK.
Jerking off during math class causes blindness

LOL, if I got a nickel for everytime I heard a dumb old cow say they were "young", I'd have a hell of a lot of nickles. I've witnessed the "glamberts" during the year of 2009, during the year of 2010, and now 2011. HOW MANY YEARS IS THAT?

Anonymous said...

How pathetic. Anon @5:02 AM wrote:

"LOL, if I got a nickel for everytime I heard a dumb old cow say they were "young", I'd have a hell of a lot of nickles. I've witnessed the "glamberts" during the year of 2009, during the year of 2010, and now 2011. HOW MANY YEARS IS THAT?"

Dish it out but can't take it?? Your frustration is showing!!

Oh @Bob.....see what comes out of the woodwork when attempts to maintain civil dialogue gets hijacked. The 'Sputter and Spewers' have invaded this site,unfortunately. It'll be all downhill from here, unless they leave. Their only objective is to stir the pot. Not remotely interested in contributing anything worthwhile or intelligent to the discussion,as evidenced in their comments.

Anonymous said...

OH. MY. GOD. If anyone, anywhere, questioned the mental stability of the so called "glamberts", by reading all these BSC comments from them, I think we have our answer. What the hell is wrong with you Lambert fans? I've heard you're all nuts, and have witnessed some of it, but reading all these comments really brings it all home. C R A Z Y. That's C R A Z Y. Wow, over a gay karaoke singer who wouldn't cross the street to piss on any of you women even if you were on fire. Face it, ladies, Lambert didn't turn out to be the "international superstar" you all wanted him to be. He came, he saw, he fizzled. He's just a washed up rehash of crap that has already been done many times over but by much better ARTISTS (he's no artist) than him.

Anonymous said...

"LOL, if I got a nickel for everytime I heard a dumb old cow say they were "young", I'd have a hell of a lot of nickles."

You're obviously forgetting about the plethora of young, hot MAC models that are Lambert fans. ;)

I am a fan of Adam. I look forward to what he does on his second album (since the first wasn't that great, IMO.) Though I'd prefer if he were more rock, I do actually like the guy.

It's his fans that I can't stand. I don't even want to be lumped in with them, so I won't actually admit to anyone I know that I like and listen to his music. People who don't even follow AI know how bad these women are. (One question that comes up repeatedly is "if the average age of these women is late 40's, why haven't they learned basic spelling and grammar by now?" LOL. Scary part is that many are actually teachers. Let that sink in for a moment...)

(And, for the cow questioning the "3 years" comment -- give it a rest. We all know you were likely a Claymate before now.)

Bloggers are slowly learning that it's simply not worth it to write about Lambert any more. Mainstream media already has - I know of many journos and announcers who don't dare invoke his name. They all have scary glambert tales to tell.

And yeah - what someone else said was true: It's time to get your number unlisted, and possibly change your name. Right now one of these insane twats has your house mapped out on Google street view. They'll try to have you fired, and they'll badmouth your pets in their secret forums.

Good luck Bob.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. VFTW a "dying" website? I think you need to check FaceBook... It's growing like a house afire. AI is dying."
If you had an ounce of brain left, you would realize that VFTW is a parasite living off American Idol. If AI dies, VFTW goes down with it.
And any site that after 10 years of existence amassed all of 4000 followers on the Twitter and 5000 friends on Facebook is not exactly screaming of popularity.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 7:52.
Are you one of the middle-age posters from TopIdol?? You just repeated EVERY meme that was posted ad nauseaum at TI.

Adommy said...

Bob, deleting this article doesn't seem to be a bad idea now.

Anonymous said...


If a tree falls in the... oh, wait - wrong question.

How about "if obesity-related disease is lowering life expectancy, would a glambert consider 23 to be middle age?"

No, I'm not a poster at Top Idol. Or Vote for the Worst. (I do read there though, and MJ's and more.) I prefer to keep to my own sane group of fan/friends, who enjoy your wild and crazy glambertness in private. I'm pretty sure I'm breaking some sort of unspoken rule just by engaging you though. Like not tapping on the glass at the baboon exhibit: You know you shouldn't, but it's too much fun to watch the crazy screaming and flailing that happens when you do.

Bob - Please don't delete. Let these insane idiots' words be a warning to others. But I can't blame you for locking the comments (as many, many other bloggers and news outlets have.) It's not even worth responding to them - because no matter what THEY'RE ALWAYS RIGHT YOU'RE ALWAYS WRONG AND EVERYONE'S A HOMOPHOBE!!!!eleventy!!!1111


Anonymous said...

@Anon 9:54.
The reason I asked you if you are from TI is because of your copy/paste opinions and now - your wording.
You reacted exactly like the people you have so much contempt for - insulting me without even knowing who I am, whose fan I am and calling me fat and insane idiot.

Anonymous said...

Adam Lambert and James Durbin are both pathetic excuses for entertainers. WTF.

Anonymous said...

MMMMMFFFFFFFFF.....the sparkle cows beef curtains smothering lamebert

Anonymous said...

@Bob Zerull

Wow, I don't know where to begin.

I want to accept your apology, however, it seems more of a knee-jerk reaction to all the negative comments without really understanding WHY people became upset.

You threatened to never write about Adam again. It's not the fact that you wrote about him that got people upset, it's HOW you did it.

I'm not going to quote, it's too much. Your whole title and your first paragraph was condescending to Adam Lambert and us fans. You obviously have not done your homework.

1. Adam IS a rocker. Pre-idol, he fronted Citizen Vein which included Tommy Victor of Prong and Monte Pittman his current guitarist.


2. Why didn't Citizen Vein make it? A&R suits at the record companies won't sign rock bands no matter how good they are. When they do sign them, they don't promote them.(Why do you think rock is dying out?)

Adam's intelligent enough to know a rock album wouldn't cut it. He's even more genius to allow people to get to know them and THEN introduce rock to people who may not already be into rock (many glamberts were into rock already).

Enter Sandman

20th Century Boy + WLL (reggae v)

You can look up his Purple Haze cover on your own. (that way you can practice researching for the articles you write)

3. Perhaps the most brilliant thing Adam's done is to introduce his rock fans to pop music. Equally as brilliant, Adam would perform songs which were electro-pop on his FYE CD with a rock edge at his live GN concerts and other appearances such as MTV UK Live Sessions.


Perhaps next time you write about Adam you could write about the numerous international music awards he continuously wins or new releases, charities he's involved in or even if you saw him at a nightclub, but to taunt Adam's existance and his fans that's a bit much.


Anonymous said...

To the Anon poster complaining about middle-aged Adam fans writing fanfics and other types of behavior:

There's the proof right there that not all Adam's fans are middle-aged and old.

Those are YOUNG fans who are writing the ridiculous X-rated fan-fics. Those teenagers also write fan fics about Harry Potter and Malfoy, Spiderman and Superman, Twilights Edmond and Jacob, Tokio Hotel's Bill and Tom (who are twin brothers for God's sakes. The list goes on so your stupid arguments about Adam fans' craziness are just that: Stupid and irrelevant.


Anonymous said...

LOL at all of the GLAMBERT OUTRAGE, it's OUTRAGE I TELL YA! I hope Durbin wins American Idol (something Lambert couldn't do) then goes on to sell millions (another thing Lambert couldn't do) of his first CD just to spite you vindictive, mean, hateful women who think you know what "rock" is because you obsess over some creepy tranny. You glamberts are terrible, I guess I see where you've gotten your reputation from by reading all these comments. Nasty. I feel sorry for the "real life" people in your lives, they must be sick to death of hearing about "Adam Lambert".

Ninalyn said...

I'll take you seriously, Bob, when you know that the lead vocalist of Queen was FREDDIE Mercury.

Then again, you also seem to think a man with an enormous vocal range and an absolutely superhuman falsetto is beaten out by a rough-voiced has-been who had to take a job as a reality-show judge to try to make himself relevant again while said man with the superhuman falsetto goes on being a legend twenty years after his death, so it could be just a bit too late for you to grow some basic common sense.

Anonymous said...


You said: I didn't even read the last article but I'm sure some of the most defensive glamberts went completely over the top crazy all over your comments section. I don't even get it.

No wonder. You missed
epic statements from Bob Zerull such as this:

"'American Idol' May Have a New Adam Lambert - If Not Better."

"Ok, Adam Lambert really has no business being in this article but..."

"I know the Adam Lambert fans are dedicated and will take the time to read any article on Adam Lambert no matter how dumb the article is. I try not to use Lambert unless I really believe in what I’m writing."

And here's a sentence from Bob's so-called apology:

"I probably shouldn’t have brought Adam Lambert up, but if anything bringing Lambert up in a post about Durbin is more insulting to Durbin than it is Lambert."

So next time you decide to get onto members of the same fan base you belong to, maybe you should find out what's going on before becoming a benedict arnold.

Anonymous said...

@anon 1:11

1. James will not win.

2. Adam has sold more than a million world-wide and if you count his digital sales he has sold more than a million in this country.

3. Adam is doing just fine. He is the first idol to headline is own world tour and he was 98% sold-out.

All you have is your talk, but I can easily provide proof for everything that I say.

Anonymous said...

Condescend much? Uh, dude, a good part of Lambert's fanbase cut their teeth on Zeppelin, so um, yeah, we've heard of people like Halford and Dio. Meh.

Ever notice how guys like those two better than chicks? I mean, they are not exactly Plant or Mercury, or they? Bor-ing.

But next time, don't assume all Lambert fans are glued to Idol. I never even saw him on there -- I discovered on Youtube, afterwards.

And since I spent the 70's in So-Cal singing in clubs, yeah, I've heard of those guys we "may never have heard of." (!) But um, thanks or "turning us on" to them Heh