"Is Adam Lambert, Jennifer Hudson or Clay Aiken the most successful non-winner of 'American Idol?'"

“American Idol” has spawned some great talent. Idols such as Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jordin Sparks and Adam Lambert have all made careers for themselves. Of that list, the only one to not win the competition is Adam Lambert. This begs the question. Which “American Idol” non-winner has gone onto become the most successful?

Here is my list of the Top 5 most successful “American Idol” contestants to not win.

5. David Archuleta – David Archuleta was runner-up on season seven and was one of the youngest contestants to grace the stage. Archuleta’s debut album reached number two on the Billboard 200 chart.

4. Adam Lambert – Adam Lambert was runner-up on season eight of “American Idol” but he was probably the most memorable. His debut album “For Your Entertainment” went to number three on the Billboard 200 and Lambert was nominated for a Grammy but lost out to Bruno Mars.

3. Clay Aiken – Clay Aiken’s debut album “Measure of a Man” not only went multi-platinum but it spawned a career post “AI” filled with multiple tours, a New York Times best-selling book, and a role on Broadway.

2. Chris Daughtry – For someone coming in fourth-place on the fifth season of “American Idol,” Chris Daughtry has gone on to become the third most successful “AI” alumnus in terms of record sales behind Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. Daughtry was nominated for a Grammy for the song “It’s Not Over.”

1. Jennifer Hudson – Jennifer Hudson only took seventh place on season three of “American Idol” but the singer and actress has gone onto have extraordinary success post “AI.” Hudson won a Grammy award for her debut album and went onto to win an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in “Dreamgirls.”

I know this article will spark debate so let’s have it. Post your comments on your choice or why you think I’m an idiot. After all, this is my opinion.


Jason Tanamor is the Editor of Zoiks! Online. He is also the author of the novels, "Hello Lesbian!" and "Anonymous." Email Jason at jason@zoiksonline.com.
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adamfan said...

ADAM LAMBERT will be the most successful. Give him time. Clay is already fizzling. Sorry Clay fans. I was a Clay fan also but his career is all over the place and not managed well. Jennifer is a good actress and I am so proud of her losing all that weight. She looks beautiful. She has a powerful voice but tends to yell at times. I see why she was voted off so early. If she can keep her big, powerful voice under control, she is really good. Adam has wonderful vocals and an outstanding, sweet, kind personality. I think he will reign supreme because he has creative ideas, a wonderful stage presence, and sings like an angel. He doesn't sit back and wait for others to do things for him; but rather, he takes the bull by the horns and plows forward. He is already the most recognized international star. If he wasn't gay, he would be more revered in the US also. I believe his day will come here also. He won numerous awards abroad, besting Lady Gaga for best tour among others.

Polkaking said...

Why is it that Adam fans always have to talk down other Idols to make their guy look good.

It's OK to say you like your guy and say nice things about him. It is unnecessary to say nasty things about others. That is one of the reasons Adam fans have such a bad reputation.

cheryl said...

I have no intention of criticizing any of the other individuals in the article, but unless something very drastic happens going forward(he already had his 'drastic' AMA moment in 11/09), Adam Lambert will soon clearly be the most successful. You have to remember that he's only had about 18 months since he finished the American Idol tour. In that time, he's put out an album that's already gone Platinum world-wide has has sold approx. 800,000 in the US; had 1 platinum single in the US and more than one in several other countries; had a nearly sold-out International tour with 115 stops; and has been nominated for a Grammy. Not bad for being AI 'Runner-up' in May 2009. What had all of the others mentioned in the article accomplished in less than two years after Idol? Your assessment appears appropriate as things stand today, but Adam Lambert appears to show all the signs of continued longevity and increasing popularity.

Anonymous said...

I do like your choices, WAS a clay aiken fan until Adam came along. (still love clay but adam is another leaque than all of these people. I love them all but Adam Lambert is the next iconic superstar in the making,I know I know I sound like this crazed glambert, but all I have to say is I love all your choices but something happens when you really get Adam, he's just in a different leaque than all the rest! Sorry but I'm not easily convinced with any artist today until adam came along. He is so different, america needs to embrace him!!!

Doug said...

OK, Cheryl……….you asked!
1. 1st album – over 600,000 sales first week – Double Platinum in 2 weeks
2. Wrote New York Times Best Seller List Book
3. Executive produced and starred in 1st TV special
4. Won American Music Award and Billboard Awards
5. Musical guest on Saturday Night Live
6. 2004 – Platinum Christmas Album
7. Sang National Anthem at Opening World Series Game
8. Founded National Inclusion Project
9. Appointed as an UNICEF Ambassador

All this with in less than 2 years off Idol. Clay Aiken is still an active musician and performer even though there are those who would like everyone to think he was not.

Cheryl……..I am glad that you have someone who you admire and I hope that in 8 years Adam succeeds as you hope he does. The great thing about American Idol is that so many young singers have the opportunity to be successful, (some more than others) in the music field.

Anonymous said...

To Polkaking..Some of the worst dissing of Artists comes from David Cook,Aiken & Kris Allen Fans..not
Adam Lambert Fans. Adam's fans have
a reputation for being passionate. And
there's nothing wrong with that.
Adam is the total package. Talent,Looks,Charisma & he's very
smart. He'll be Iconic..

Anonymous said...

Please REMOVE that picture of ADAM at Burning Man so many years ago. That was another phase of his life so why do you keep re-surfacing those pics? As an ADAM fan I really would appreciate it! THANX!!


Anonymous said...

I am from Northern Europe, and best known here are Adam Lambert and Chris Daughtry, so, to me they are the most successful, internationally. I even saw Chris´ video played on China´s music TV channel a couple of years ago. And in my country Adam´s music is played daily on radio, so, to me he is the most successful. Never even heard about Clay Aiken before AI8 and Adam. David Archuleta I know only because I watched AI season 7. And as a name Jennifer Hudson sounds familiar, but sorry to say, I am not familiar with her music. So, to me Adam Lambert is the most successful, maybe not in record sales, but his name and music is known in many countries outside US.

Anonymous said...

My, My, Jason, but you do like to start trouble, now don't you. Slow day at the office? Or needed something to do over the long weekend? This is the kind of question that brings out the worst in us Idol fans. I can just invision you sitting back in your chair laughing your ass off!
Might as well put in my two cents while I'm here....They all have talent, but my truly unbiased opinion is that Adam Lambert and Jennifer Hudson are the real winners here. They are both megatalented singers who have much further to go in their careers. Lambert is so damn good looking, and has so much charisma he could probably become the first gay president, not to mention his unparrelled singing voice. Jennifer has so much acting talent, that her singing has almost become secondary, even though she can belt one out there with the best of the other Divas. All she needs is one more juicy role. They're both destined to be legends.

Anonymous said...

OK...as for 'most successful'--in terms of the amount of work each has done: Clay wins hands down. He has toured more than all the other finalists COMBINED-heck even more than any other major star in just 8years. No one else has toured 10+ times in just 8 years!!! . He has appeared on TV and in other media more than all the other finalists combined. Doug had a good 'starting' list for Clay; but it really would fill up many pages with all his accomplishments. Jennifer won an Academy Award-that is the 'most successful' in highest award won; Carrie is 2nd with her many music awards. Adam--I love--but he is far from 'the most successful' of anything! David Archuletta really hasn't achieved that much--yet. Chris has done amazingly well in terms of record sales and success of his tours. Clay really shouldn't be in the category of 'runners-up'-as he really did win AI2-IF there were more phone lines and hours of voting time. Millions of his votes just never made it in. Who really believes Ruben 'beat' Clay after 'Clay received 80 percent of the vote every single week he was on'(quote is from TWO producers of AI)?? Remember-the very next season, and each season since-all finalists have 2 phonelines and 4 hours of voting time afforded them. Ever wonder why????

Anonymous said...

Quite interesting that Jennifer Hudson hobnobs with Oprah (the most powerful celebrity in the world), has a highly successful endorsement deal with Jenny Craig, is a spectacular singer and did I mention Grammy Award-winning artist and Academy Award-winning actress? Let's be realistic Clay has faded out, and Adam is gimmicky and not writing his own music. Kelly Clarkson is another great along with Fantasia. The women will overshadow the men.

LambertsLabelle said...

as much as I can say..cause I really dont follow the careers of the other idols..
Adam Lambert is the only one having mayor sucess worldwide.
And I have to protest -I dont think that Lambert-fans have a bad reputation tu put other artists down.I really think its the oposite,we are open minded for lots of other artists.We learn from the best..Adam shows us tolerance and co-existenz..
There will be a kind of agressivity against Clay Aiken,he really trashed Adam while A.I....We dont forgive that so easy.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again......"my dog's better than your dog, my mom's prettier than your mom, and my dad can beat your dad up."

Anonymous said...

Adam is the only singer on this list that I like. I think he is the best singer and will be the most successful. He does write a lot of his own music btw, and even if he didn't why would that matter. Not all of these artists on this list write their own music. What matters is finding good songs and singing them well, like Adam does.

adamfan said...

To correct an anonymous poster: Jennifer Hudson has a deal with Weight Watchers and not Jenny Craig.

Also in my original post I was not criticizing Clay or Jennifer but simply stating why I believe Adam will prevail.

To the poster who said Adam is gimmicky and doesn't write his own music, he wrote 5 of his songs on his last album and is writing most of his songs on his new one. Where do people get this info?

Anonymous said...

Clay is currently on tour for the second time in less than a year. After that he will be going back to Broadway and next year recording a new album (#7). That guy isn't ever going to fizzle, as much as the Glamberts wish he would.

Clay has done more and gets more high profile opportunities than Adam ever will. In 7 years Adam will have drifted away.

Fluffygrl said...

Adam is known well here in New Zealand, and also in Australia where he is very popular too. We never hear about Clay at all, never hear his music on radio etc...Jennifer we know of from Idol and the movie Dreamgirls but apart from that, hear nothing about her really. Adam has had less time than the others to make his mark but he is definitely already a far bigger INTERNATIONAL star.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for all you Adam fans. He is doing so well his first year off AI. Let me see hmmmm. Lets talk in another 2 or 3 years and see where he is before we label him a superstar. The music business is fickle. Easy come..easy go.

Anonymous said...

There are successful idols whose careers will continue, Kelly, Carrie, Clay, Chris, Jennifer, Fantasia are the ones who come to mind. Adam, don't think so, of course I don't like his voice, personality, attitude, but his fans do take the prize for being the most immature, jealous, OTT, and annoying fans of all idol.

Anonymous said...

Adam is like Mario, remember him? Yea me either.

JOE said...

The entire question is silly as none of the Idols are in the same place in their career and so you cannot compare. I am not a fan of Adam, however, nobody knows where he will be in 3-4 years. His fans think he will be the best thing since sliced bread, better than any other Idol. Jennifer's fans think her Oscar says it all....Chris just goes about performing and doesn't have the over the top internet fans, but he is very successful.

Clay keeps on chugging along. He is successful and has many important industry people in his corner.

So.basically, this question is really about the fans. Which of these 4 has the fans who will spend the time posting over and over and over. And, on something as trivial as this.

Yep.I'm here so I don't blame anyone.

I just hate the fans who insist on getting digs in about the other Idols....not necessary. Adam fans love to say Clay is a horrible person because he said something mean about Adam, yet they think its OK for Adam to say no nice things about other singers....silly, really.

So......lets cool it and stop being so over the top. It makes others laugh and really doesn't do anything for the star but sometimes put them in a embarassing situation.

Anonymous said...

I have no interest in slamming any artist. My hubby and I never watched Idol until one night,m during Season 8, we caught Lambert's audition. Hubby (a professional singer and guitar player)looked at me, I stared back at him and we both KNEW..in that instant, that we were witnessing music history. Each successive performance, week after week only cemented that opinion. We have now seen him live 8 times.There is no performer on the planet that comes close.He will be iconic. Mark my words.

Anonymous said...

One more thing, to JOE here...Adam goes OUT of his way to Tweet about other artists new albums, videos, etc, so that HIS fans will check them out.For his recent B'Day he asked his fans , instead of sending gifts to him, to donate to Charity Water and broke all records with them when in two weeks his fans donated over $290,000 so that people in underdeveloped countries could have something WE take for granted. Clean drinking water!So please, before YOU knock someone, check your facts. Thanks. A Proud Glambert! :D

Anonymous said...

I like ADAM LAMBERT. Because of so, so many reasons.

Anonymous said...

Adam is not only the most talented artist but frankly, he is also the most likable. To follow Adam's suit, I will not say anything unkind about others, but Adam has a generous, thoughtful and amazing personality. For me, he is the total package and a star that will rise to iconic levels.

Anonymous said...

queenrosered: too bad Adam's fans aren't as nice as he is. I have never read so many put-downs of other singers than from Adam's fans. So far, those people seem to not be here, but lets be honest. There are some people who go out of their way to be nasty. AND.....Adam's handlers have basically told them to "bug off" and that they are hurting Adam.....but yet they still go to every article about AI, even when Adam isn't mentioned and diss whoever is being talked about.

It is sad and unfortunately, it gives the wrong impression. I am sure there are great Adam fans. Too bad the odd ones are so vocal.

Anonymous said...

Another "my Idol is better than your Idol" spat? Yawn...

Anonymous said...

"Lambert is so damn good looking, and has so much charisma he could probably become the first gay president, not to mention his unparrelled singing voice." Love it! This comment says it all.

Anonymous said...

This is a no-win question, one that is essentially meaningless, and one that accomplishes nothing but stirring up venom. It's ridiculous to compare a 9 year long career with a 2 year long career. It's ridiculous to compare sales numbers from years ago to sales numbers today. And the put-downs of various fandoms...all I can say to anyone who does it is "Pot, meet kettle." You're as bad as anyone you criticize. No fandom deserves blanket censure, and all of them have OTT members who'd do better to keep their mouths shut and their typing fingers to themselves, but never will.

dewy said...

I don't know who the most successful will be, it's much to early to tell, but I really doubt it will be Lambert. I was a fan until his nasty jealous attack on Susan Boyle, who is a very gentle lady. She didn't do anything to warrant such an attack. That was the end of my fandom. I know most of his other fans just said he was entitled to his opinion and it was OK to attack her, but seeing all the crap about "he's so sweet" just makes me sick.

I would like to see Jennifer Hudson continue with her success.

Anonymous said...

Its funny how so many people say Adam's fans are mean etc. So many mean things said about Adam from other people's fans but that's okay I guess. One thing Adam did not attack Susan Boyle. He was misquoted as people know full well. He didn't like her cover of Rolling Stones song and he did not offer that opinion was asked what he thought. He certainly is more careful now not to hurt people's feelings while still being honest. He is still being misquoted at times but so are other personalities its just how it is.

Anonymous said...

Besides an amazing voice, ADAM has an outstanding personality and CHARISMA. I think this is what makes him stand out and what will keep his as "people's choice" for a long long time . Such gifts are forever.

dewy said...

"One thing Adam did not attack Susan Boyle. He was misquoted as people know full well."

This lame excuse is used by every sleazy politician who is caught with his foot in his mouth. Lambert said the ALBUM was hilariously awful, and her recording of "Wild Horses" was horrible. So, how was he misquoted? Did he forget to say, "In my opinion?" No matter how many times you try to whitewash it, the guy is a nasty piece of work and nothing is going to turn him into "sweet."

Anonymous said...

@dewy, I don't believe for one minute you were ever a fan of Adam Lambert - and if you were, you were a pretty poor excuse for one if his statements about Susan Boyle were enough to turn you against him. I'm not going to get into a debate about what he said, because it's a waste of time. I will, however, say it's ridiculous to pass judgment on the kind of person he is based on that one incident. There are far, far more examples of him praising other artists and treating others with decency and respect. His friendships have lasted for years, his present and former lovers have been unfailingly loyal to him, and those who have worked with him (from his pre-AI days, from his days on the show, from the recording of his album, from his tour...) are uniformly complimentary of him. Sad that none of that means anything to you. Adam did not attack Susan Boyle as a person, he said he didn't like her performances. You, on the other hand, have taken your comments about Adam to a personal level. Not impressed.

Anonymous said...

I would say, going by album sales and radio airplay (since American Idol is about finding a recording artist, not an actress) that Chris Daughtry is the most successful non-winner. I have no idea why all of these articles are always talking about what a big deal Adam Lambert is. He doesn't get a huge amount of radio play. I believe he's had one semi hit, and has his album sold a million copies yet? The only thing I can think of is that his label pimps him to the press as being a huge deal. he's not!

Anonymous said...

To all the anonymous Adam fans...

I appreciate that you stand up for your guy, but please, you can't complain about Clay saying ONE comment about Adam and then give Adam a pass about his comment about Susan. I am sure both guys wish they had not said what they did. And, of course, Adam did respond to Clay in just as nasty a way as he perceived Clay comment to be.

The comments here are pretty funny. The problem is that some people feel that they have to say the same thing over and over and if they do they will convince someone that their favorite is the best. Someday I would like to see a grown-up response to this kind of discussion.

"Lambert is so damn good looking, and has so much charisma he could probably become the first gay president, not to mention his unparrelled singing voice."

This quote says it all.....and Lambert fans don't think they go overboard!!

Anonymous said...

Adam has done very well, but I think his hype far exceeds his success. His album never went Platinum. His sold out tour was mostly very small venues. Every Idol with the exception of Kelly has sold less with each subsequent album.

Jennifer is great and deserves all of her success.

Clay sold close to 3 Million albums and his first tour was in Arenas, and not cutdown arenas either.

If all of the non-winners I believe Clay has earned the most money. AI broadcasted a figure that he had earned 38 Million Dollars touring. This was in 2005. He has had many tours since then. Granted his career is not what it used to be, but he still has a career 8 years post Idol. He is currently on tour. Let's see how Adam is doing in 8 years, maybe he'll be a superstar or maybe he will be forgotten. Comparing where Clay is now and where Adam is would be like comparing apples and oranges.

As far as not knowing him overseas, well he has never been promoted over there.

Oh and Glamberts, Adam disses other artists all the time, not just Susan Boyle. Pot meet kettle.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer is looking great these days!!

The most successful at this moment in time (not what they were but what they are)

#1 Jennifer Hudson
#2 Chris Daughtry
#3 Adam Lambert
#4 David Archuleta
#5 Clay Aiken

Jennifer Hudson because she's successfully crossed over to film and TV. I had a tough choice for #2. Daughtry has sold a lot more than Lambert but Lambert is way more successful internationally than Daughtry. I gave it to Daughtry because only time will tell if Lambert sustains his level of success. Next came Archuleta though he was recently dropped by his label his CD sold more than Aikens recent CD. I put in last place Aiken because his claim to fame was in the past. But I agree with the author for including him because he is still successful in Broadway terms and I see a strong theater future for him. He'll be around for years to come. I agree too that all 5 are the most successful and in a lot of cases more successful than the majority of the winners from Idol.

Anonymous said...

Sparkle cows take the first prize award for bashing of other artists. You can find them at several websites like SS or TwoP trolling other idols' threads and stirring up crap. You also find them invading any place that mentions Adam and spewing their notion that Adam will be king of the world. They have been brutal with Kris.

Yes, Adam has talent and can sing, but so can David A, David C, Kelly, Jennifer, Clay, Chris D, and several others. Adam has the benefit of deep pocket promotion and was sent all over the world to perform in venues of 300, 500 or maybe more and then the tour was pronounced "sold out". Other idols mentioned didn't get that much promo or opportunity to perform all over the world in small venues or the same could probably be said for them. Everyone knows Simon Fuller won't let his pick fail if at all possible.

Anonymous said...

If you want to read put down's from fans David Cook fans take the grand prize for viciousness. Check out their tweets to radio stations, record labels and their posts. They constantly try and sabotage anyone from Idol who is more successful than Cook

Anonymous said...

Here come the Cook fans again herding over to do their put downs. They accuse others of negativity all the while using the term "sparkle cow". Real mature. The sad part is that it's 99% women 50 and over hurling these insults. Do you kiss your grandkids with those mouths? I see fans of ALL fan bases being jerks and name calling but I've never seen a level of meaness like Cook fans. Check out their tweets. They gloat over Archie being dropped, they gloated over Clay being dropped. They are a mean spirited bunch.

Anonymous said...

The saddest part of all is that the majority of the posters above are women 45 and over. Name calling. And you people raised children? I hope not.

Anonymous said...

Not one of the singers mentioned has received the multitude of incredibly disgusting comments Lambert has received - many about his homosexuality. Check them out and have your barf bag ready.

Anonymous said...

You think Adam has received insults for being gay. Give me a break, whatever he has received is nothing compared to what Clay has received. I've even seen Glamberts make homophobic comments about Clay.

I like David A but in what universe do you think he belongs on that list? He has never had a solo tour and his second album may have sold more than Clay's, but I doubt by much. Clay's second album sold 1.5 Million.

The only Idols that have been able to mount successful solo tours are Clay. Kelly, Carrie, David C, and Chris. Fantasia just had her first solo tour and Jordin had a solo tour last summer, but I don't know how well they did. Even Jennifer, when she toured, toured with someone else.

No one has the Glamberts beat for viciously going after fans of other artists.

I think determining who is the most successful is a combination of what they have done in the past and what they are doing now. Anyone just off AI, especially one who gets mega hype is going to appear more successful. No one has gotten as much hype and $$$ spent promoting them than Adam has, not even Carrie or Kelly.

Anonymous said...

Oh and Clay was not dropped, he had a one off album deal with Decca. After being burned by RCA, I doubt he wanted to sign a long term deal.

Anonymous said...

Think it is kind of pre-mature to be making this list. Adam has only been out two years from Idol, and one album. Considering, he is the only Idol to every headline his own tour must have some impact. Think we should wait 5-10 years before this discussion is meaningful. Didn't Archie's just lose his mgmt company and his label. The music business (album) is hurting.

Anonymous said...

"Think it is kind of pre-mature to be making this list. Adam has only been out two years from Idol, and one album. Considering, he is the only Idol to every headline his own tour must have some impact."

I think you need to check your facts.

Anonymous said...

This whole comment section is disgusting. What the heck is wrong with you people?

Idol fans diss other Idols/Idol fanbases like nobody's business, and here's a newsflash - it's NOT just one Idol's fanbase which does it. All you holier-than-thou types really need to put a sock in it. I've seen this garbage from Adam's fans, from Kris's fans, from David's fans, from Archie's fans, from Clay's fans. Not so much from Kelly's, Chris Daughtry's or Carrie's, but probably only because they are well-established and currently successful, so their fans feel more secure in their success and place in the business.

The whole subject of this column was a bad, bad idea - unless the intent was to generate hits and stir up a lot of bad feelings. If that's the case, well, congratulations. Mission accomplished.

Anonymous said...

If you look at what they have done, Clay wins because he was from way back in Season 2. It also depends on how you measure "success". Hudson has crossed over into acting and also is doing the WeightWatchers thing. Archie and Daughtry are singers, but that is it. If you want to look at who has the most potential to be an iconic superstar, it has to be Adam. Because he not only sings like no one, he can act and model. He can be a diplomat or an activist as he is well spoken and passionate. He is also agreat business man and has a great work ethic. And he's only been off of Idol for 18 months.

Anonymous said...

If you want to look at who has the most potential to be an iconic superstar, it has to be Adam. Because he not only sings like no one, he can act and model. He can be a diplomat or an activist as he is well spoken and passionate.

This is why Adam Lambert fans are laughed at everywhere. Are you forgetting that he dropped out of Community College after one semester? That he has no business experience at all, that acting and modeling are in the current resumes of many of the AI contestants? Lambert is not special, no matter how much you try to pad his achievements. He sings and does the exact same gay sex act that he did in his night club act. He just has a bigger stage now.

Anonymous said...

What is funny is that columns are supposed to generate debate. So this column is perfectly fine. What is not fine are the nutjobs who stand by their "idol" but bash the other ones.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you want to get technical, Clay Aiken, in addition to his singing/entertainment career, has a degree in special education, has spoken before Congress on several occassions, and is currently a spokesperson for for the GLBT community.

Anonymous said...

what's telling is how the comments from overseas are totally ignored... the US being so caught up its we-are-best chauvinism.

Lambert is a huge star overseas. His records are given considerable airplay. he is a star.

he transcends Idol. there are those who follow him not due to it, but in spite of it. and while he is unfailingly appreciative and complimentary to the show, it was merely a means to an end.

Anonymous said...

This is simply what I feel is true of Idol/RCA/Jive/19 and the contestants of American Idol. All we need to do is look at the matter in which the idols are publicised after their season ends.First, an Idol graduate that gets a contract with RCA/Jive is as hot as he/she will very likely be. The label publicity, radio play, etc. money is dolled out to take advantage of that recent AI exposure. In Clay's case he got a double-platinum award after one week, presented by Clive on GMA. As one who tried to get his music on the radio, after a few weeks, we were told they were not allowed to play Idols. After a second album went platinum it made the radio often - Christmas music. When the third album dropped to gold, all promo disappeared, and we were told they could not play Clay. He has been responsible for any and all success personally for years. Now we read about David Archuleta. First album did fine, when the second didn't, the DJs have told fans the label pays them not to play him. I think it is plain, think of all those who have been removed from their initial label. I think it looks like a ponzi scheme. After the first album (pure gold for the label) they take the publicity budget for that artist and use it for the next graduate of Idol and that first album. Clay was never promoted overseas or allowed to tour there. At least Decca has released his albums in Singapore, Indonesia and next month, Australia, and his PBS show too. If I was Adam, I would look around for another label before they pull their plug to publicise whomever wins this spring.

Shari said...

1. 19/RCA has taken a different approach with Adam than with prior Idols, probably largely because they saw huge potential for international success (Simon Cowell - who has nothing to do with Adam's career, FWIW - said as much during the AI Top 2 Performance Show). Not saying that other Idols haven't had international appeal (although most haven't) - just that, for whatever reason, Adam's management and label have chosen to capitalize on it in his case. Turns out that about 40% of Adam's album sales have come from outside the U.S., and he was able to tour successfully internationally (and contrary to what some haters have said, the vast majority of the venues were comparable in size to those he toured in the U.S., and a few were significantly larger). Solid U.S. sales, combined with significant international sales, means Adam has the potential to generate serious revenue for RCA. RCA is well aware of that, and they continue to support him. Next release is a DVD/CD of the Glam Nation Tour. RCA isn't a charity; they're releasing it because they think it will be profitable enough to justify the expenditure.

2. The Sony labels will not be signing the Idols going forward; they will be going with UMG.

3. Adam does not have the freedom to look for another label, even if he wished to do so. There's a little thing called a contract standing in his way. Rumors were flying that UMG tried to buy out Adam's contract, but RCA was not having it.

Anonymous said...

"Lambert is a huge star overseas. His records are given considerable airplay. he is a star."

So why IF he is such a huge STAR he was playing 2,000 seat or less venues?

No doubt Adam is doing well, but statements like this and others are why Glamberts have such a bad rap.

No one attacks other Idols as much as the Glamberts.

If your guy is such a superstar, why do you have to go around and defend him everywhere? Anytime there is an article that says that he is less that perfect, you guys swarm.

You are hurting him, not helping him.

If anyone holds the title of most recognized International Star it would have to be Kelly.

Fan wars are stupid.

Anonymous said...

"Fan wars are stupid."

And you're fanning them. Nice.

"Glamberts" probably wouldn't be so OTT in their defense of Adam if the haters didn't try so damn hard to disparage his every achievement - and those haters come from multiple Idol fanbases, show up at every Adam-related article, then feign outrage when Adam's fans respond negatively to the provocation. Adam's detractors are NOT blameless here, no matter how much they like to pretend that they are.

Do I think it's lame when Adam's fans post crap about other Idols and their fans? Yep. Do I think it's lame when Adam's haters do that to Adam and HIS fans? Yep. And the latter happens every bit as frequently as the former.

If everyone would just spend more time supporting their own favorite Idol, instead of hating on other Idols and their fans, maybe there could be articles like this one - only with comments sections that don't wind up as cesspools of pettiness.

Anonymous said...

This Idol constant comparison so I we can get some hits is so getting old. For the last 8 years and for obvious reasons, Clay Aiken's name has constantly been used in comparison of the new Idols or runner-ups. You will not necessary see many comments from his fans because we have learn from the years to simply ignore this crap...Some of you will learn after so many years that these sort of questions will no longer be of interest and relevant. Enjoy your fandom :-)

Anonymous said...

"Glamberts" probably wouldn't be so OTT in their defense of Adam if the haters didn't try so damn hard to disparage his every achievement - and those haters come from multiple Idol fanbases, show up at every Adam-related article, then feign outrage when Adam's fans respond negatively to the provocation. Adam's detractors are NOT blameless here, no matter how much they like to pretend that they are.


Honey that happens to EVERYONE, not just Adam. The trouble is you guys take everything so damn personally.

Enjoy his success. He is successful. You don't have to go around over inflating his successes. It diminishes Adam and makes you look like a fool.

Anonymous said...

Honey that happens to EVERYONE, not just Adam. The trouble is you guys take everything so damn personally.

Enjoy his success. He is successful. You don't have to go around over inflating his successes. It diminishes Adam and makes you look like a fool.

And when it happens to other artists, both Idol-related and not, their fans react the same way. It happens with less-than-complimentary articles, or less-than-stellar reviews, or even when a particular Idol isn't mentioned in an article or press release when his fans believe he should have been. The reaction is NOT unique to Adam's fans, and I'm tired of seeing it portrayed as if it is.

And yes, some fans overinflate Adam's success. It's face-palmy when it happens. It's just as face-palmy when detractors make overinflated claims about Adam's supposed *lack* of success. If non-fans can get a pass for being irritated by OTT praise, why are fans criticized for being irritated by OTT insults?

As for BSC fan reactions "diminishing" Adam, the only people who give a damn about that sort of thing are those within the Idol bubble (and the occasional irritated radio PD, but the fans seem to have learned their lesson there). In particular, the fans of other Idols within the Idol bubble love to highlight the OTT contingent of Adam's fandom. Non-Idol folks could not care less,
just as they don't know or care about all the Idol fan wars in general.

Anonymous said...

Although I am a huge Adam fan, I think all of these "non winners" have had great success. In fact, they have had more success than many of the "winners!" But, if you just go by numbers of this or that or try to compare who sold more albums, Adam does have something these others listed do not: he has international appeal. No matter how that came about, he has it. In fact, the only other idol in history who has had that is Clarkson. The world, especially the newly industrialized countries,is bigger than just the U.S. & they are gonna be buying music probably faster than we do. Of course, they will be more tech savvy & won't be buying hard copies of anything. I guess they'll have to figure out a different way to measure success. In times like these, I hope all of these singers have a long, successful career as singing is what they love to do.

Anonymous said...

adam is my choice and the only AI product i embraced.

ormanjo said...

I am, and have from the beginning been, a Clay Aiken fan. I am not a Claymate. I enjoy his singing, and he is hugely entertaining in concert. I will never not buy a Clay CD, nor abandon him as a fan for any reason. Having said that, I did, and do, recognize the incredible voice that Adam Lambert has. When his first bars were out, on AI I knew I was hearing the best voice that was ever sung from the Idol stage. I still think that. However, I will never buy an Adam CD or go to see him in concert. Neither his songs, nor his stage behavior, appeal to me. I do like him as a person. I am sorry he is wasting his beautiful voice on ugly music. And I still love Clay. It seems that more than one entertainer can be admired at a time. By the way,Lambert's A Change Is Gonna Come is my favorite song (downloaded). As for album, Clay's Christmas CD is his best. But any of his tour performances are so much wonderful fun. Don't know where this leaves the debate. My vote goes to Lambert's voice, but my support still belongs to Clay.


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