"Anthony Raneri from Bayside was influenced by Nirvana and Weezer." - Interview

One of those most anticipated albums coming out this year is from a band you may not have even heard from. The album is called “Killing Time” from the band Bayside. I should have asked if that was a “Saved By the Bell” reference… oh well. Anyway, I got a chance to chat with front man Anthony Raneri of Bayside and we got a chance to talk “Killing Time.”

Q - You've been together for ten years, with your new album “Killing Time “it seems as if all the pieces are starting to fall into place in terms of what it takes to be a successful rock band. What were you intentions with the new album?

A - We have always felt like we are a band with things to say. Lyrically and musically. We've always wanted to turn people on to good and honest music and the best way to do that is with a loud voice. So we really hope that this is the record that will bring our music and message to the masses

Q - Is there a constant theme or concept that goes with the album?

A - The chorus in the title track of the record is "I spent all of my life waiting for a moment to come" and I feel like that really sums up the theme of the album. We're all killing time in between import occurrences

Q - How was the writing process “Killing Time” different from your previous albums?

A - We have always been really rushed with writing and recording all of our records. This album we spent a whole year writing and re-writing and recording and re-recording until we felt that it was perfect. It made a huge difference

Q - Do you have any touring plans?

A - We are currently in Europe for a bit, and then we are in Australia for a bit before we get back to the U.S. in the Spring for a headline tour.

Q - What can fans expect from your live shows?

A - We have always been a no gimmicks kind of band. We play fast and loud and passionate. You won’t really hear us demanding walls of death or continuously asking the crowd how they're feeling. We just cram as many songs into the allotted time and play them as well as we can

Q - What was the first live show you ever saw and how did it affect you?

A - I saw Glassjaw and Silent Majority in a cafeteria in Long Island in I think '96. I fell instantly in love with the punk and hardcore scene. I knew it was where I belonged

Q - Who are some of your early influences?

A - Nirvana, Weezer, Bad Religion, Lagwagon.

Q - Who are you listening to now?

A - Old pop like Abba, the Bee Gees, the Monkees and different show tunes are probably my biggest influences these days (laughs).


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