"What is Lady Gaga thinking?" – CAPTION MONDAY

Join Zoiks! Online every Monday for Caption Monday. Basically there will be a photo of one celebrity. You, the reader, have to put words in the participants’ (with bubbles) mouths. Please be tasteful and do not say anything that will make you look stupid. Those comments will be deleted. In other words, let’s have fun with it.

This week: Lady Gaga.

So… what are Lady Gaga and this man looking at her thinking/saying?


Jason Tanamor is the Editor of Zoiks! Online. He is also the author of the novels, "Hello Lesbian!" and "Anonymous." Email Jason at jason@zoiksonline.com.
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Anonymous said...

Gaga - I'll see you at 5 in my hotel.

Guy - Really?

Anonymous said...

Gaga - I've only been with 5 men.

Guy - Can I be next?


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