"Hinder talks 'Lips Of An Angel' and the new album 'All American Nightmare.'" – Interview

One of the biggest bands in the world recently released its new album, “All American Nightmare.” Hinder’s Mike Rodden stopped by to talk about the band’s monster smash “Lips Of An Angel,” the new album and the biggest lesson the guys learned so far.

Q – Thanks for doing this.

A - No problem. Thank you.

Q – Hinder exploded onto the scene with the radio smash “Lips Of An Angel.” How did that song come about?

A - The story behind lips was actually a true story. The whole thing happened to Austin one night. He was sitting in his place with his girl and an ex called him up and you know the rest.

Q – “Lips Of An Angel” came out in 2005. Hinder had already been around for about five years. What was the feeling like going from essentially a no name band to a world famous band overnight?

A - We had no idea things would turn out the way that they have. It wasn't easy though, that’s for sure. We worked our asses off to get where we are. Still we are very blessed and thankful for everything we have.

Q – The band is approaching its 10 year anniversary together. How difficult is it to stay at the top of the game when there are so many great bands working today?

A - God that makes me feel old! I think if you stay grounded, hungry, and work your ass off; that’s all you can do.

Q – The new album, “All American Nightmare” just came out. The first two albums sold more than 3 million copies and spawned 5 hit singles. What is the expectation of the new album in regard to following the success of the first two?

A - We wrote the best album we could. We can only hope that our fans and new fans love it as much as we do. Hopefully it does better than the first two.

Q – How different were the writing and recording processes on “All American Nightmare” from the other two albums?

A - The first two albums were co-written with our producer. Most of the songs were written in the studio. Whereas this record was co-written with several different writers. So we got a really diverse sound.

Q – What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from being veterans in the music business?

A - You have to enjoy the ride and not take the little shit so serious.

Q – I haven’t heard the new album yet but am looking forward to it. How has the fan reaction been with the new songs?

A – Our fans are the best in the world. We started playing six new songs in the set four months before the album came out. Everyone at the shows seems to love the new songs. It’s great when you look out in the crowd and see people trying to sing songs that they've never heard before just because they dig it.

Q – Thank you for taking the time. Best of luck with the new album. Is there anything you wanted to add?

A - Hey, thank you. We just want all the fans to know that we couldn't do what we do with out you all. So we love all of you.

Check out the review of “All American Nightmare” here: "Hinder's 'The All American Nightmare' is the band's best effort." – Music Review.


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