"Middle Class Rut has played with Alice in Chains and Filter." – Interview

The two piece band Middle Class Rut recently released the album “No Name No Color,” which is a collection of songs off of previous EPs. They’re a band on the rise, known for the abnormal amount of noise that comes from a two piece band. Currently they’re out on the road with Filter. I got a chance to chat with Zack Lopez about the album and the tour with Filter.

Q - How would you describe your band’s sound?

A - How would I describe it? I probably wouldn’t. I’d just rather have someone listen to it and have them make up their own ideas. I don’t think there is a description that is going to sum up or give someone some insight into what we sound like.

Q - Your new album is a collection of songs off your past EPs. Did you rerecord the songs or did you compile them all onto a feature length album?

A - There are a couple different recorded versions of them. They were remixed and remastered, but a song like “Baby Being Born,” is still the same one we released on our original EP. That wasn’t a rerecorded version that made it on the record.

Q - What is your band’s writing process like?

A - We have separate rooms in the studio. Sean goes into his room; I go into a play area. He has an acoustic, I have an acoustic and we just give ourselves and hour to brain storm. Then we meet in the kitchen and go over what we have. If it’s something worth moving on, then we move out to the main room and plug in kind of half electric. If it makes it through that we go full electric, so it’s kind of like a three step thing before we can get the actual song.

Q - How is the tour with Filter going so far?

A - It’s going good, we’re only a few days into it so we’ve only done two shows. We did a couple shows on our own before we met up with Filter and those were exciting for us. We’re just kind of getting into the swing of things out here, it’s still pretty new.

Q - What can fans expect from your live show?

A - It depends, we have two different sets that we’ve been doing on the tour, so it depends on the night. We switch out instruments, I’ll try drums and Sean will do guitar and sing and the other night we’ll just do it the other way around.

Q - You’ve played with some pretty big bands like Alice in Chains and Them Crooked Vultures, how have you been influenced by the bands you’ve toured and played with, if at all?

A - I think we were more influenced by them earlier on. I don’t think we played a show with any of those bands and came off of it going, ‘now we’re going to do something that’s been influenced by them.’ It was a cool experience to play with bands we grew up listening to.

Q - Who are some of your influences, who is the one person or band that made you pick up your instrument?

A - There was no trigger moment. Both of us started playing our instruments at the same time. More than it was one band, we were just looking for something other than what we were doing at the time and playing an instrument just seemed like the cool thing to do. So that’s kind of why we started playing.

Q - Are there any bands that you’re really into right now?

A - Nothing that’s come out recently has really taken us by storm.

Q - Thanks for taking the time.

Check out Middle Class Rut at www.myspace.com/middleclassrut.


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