"Evolett's Haden Brightwell grew up listening to Genesis and Nine Inch Nails." – Interview

Evolett is an electrifying new band that is fronted by the power driven voice of Haden Brightwell. The debut album “For Your Consideration” is in stores now and come February, fans will get the chance to see the band live. Brightwell recently stopped by to talk about Evolett, the album and her most embarrassing stage moment.

Q - How would you describe your sound?

A - Alternative/Rock.

Q - What’s your song writing process? Do you have a designated writer, do you all write, do you write as a band, etc.?

A - Our guitarist brings a lot of ideas to the table and we usually just go from there.

Q - What your favorite song to play live?

A - Probably "The Compromise" or "The Portrait."

Q - I see you have a couple shows coming up. What can fans expect on the touring front in the New Year?

A - We are working on some tour dates in Nov/Dec right now and plan to have a full tour set out for February!

(Photo by Sutherland Boswell)

Q - What can fans expect from your live show?

A - A more raw, heavy experience than just listening to the record. Most people catch on to us after they see us live; it's just a whole different kind of energy, I can't really explain. You just have to see us live to understand.

Q - Any embarrassing on stage moments?

A – Ha ha, yes! We played a battle of the bands about 2 years ago and during one of our songs I saw the monitor fall off stage. The whole band stopped and it got super quiet and all you heard was a baby crying. The 2 year old pulled the monitor down on top of him somehow and it broke his leg! I guess the embarrassing part for me was the fact I didn't realize what happened and all I said into the mike was "uh- oh." I was pretty clueless and embarrassed! Luckily the little boy was okay other than the broken leg. :(

Q - Who are some of your early influences?

A - Growing up I LOVED Genesis; anything that had Phil Collins in it. As I got a little older it was Underoath, Nine Inch Nails, just a lot of heavy stuff. And of course any pop music!!

Q - Who are you listening to now?

A - Recover, Weezer, Queens Club, and a friend just turned me onto the new Deftones album.

Fans can follow Evolett on Twitter (www.twitter.com/Evolett), Tumblr (http://evolettmusic.tumblr.com/) and Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Evolett/96695519596) for upcoming news and tour dates.


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