"Black Label Society's JD DeServio talks album and Zakk Wylde's sobriety." – Interview

For my birthday I decided to treat myself to work. It’s not really work though, because I’m going to head out to Chicago to check out one of the greatest guitar players of all time in Zakk Wylde. I got a chance to chat briefly with Black Label’s bassist JD DeServio about the new album “Order of the Black,” the new drummer, Zakk’s sobriety and showering habits.

Q - How is the Black Label Berzerkus going so far?

A - Ah it’s been killing dude.

Q - I’m real excited about Saturday’s show in Chicago.

A - You’re coming out to Chicago?

Q - Yeah we’ll be there, can’t wait.

A - Cool.

Q - How many songs off of “Order of the Black” have been making the set?

A - We’re actually putting four in.

Q - You recorded the new album in Zakk’s new Black Label Bunker. How did that work out?

A - It went awesome dude. He turned his guest house into a studio. He put a bunch of real good gear in there and it came great. Looks beautiful and the sounds killing dude.

Q - You got a producer credit on the album. What did that entail?

A - Yep, I co-produced the record. It mostly entailed keeping Zakk away from everything so he doesn’t ruin everything (laughs). I also got to mix it.

Q - Will Hunt has joined the line up for this album and tour. As a bass player is it difficult to adjust to a new drummer?

A - You know what, for this style of music, all the drummers are pretty much going to be similar. You know what I mean. You have to be like a rock drummer. There wasn’t really any adjustment at all; Will’s a great drummer so it was pretty easy actually.

Q - Now that Zakk’s sober have you noticed any differences in him?

A - Yeah, there’s a lot more beer around now (laughs).

Q - Is he at least showering more often?

A - Um….yeah a little bit more.

Q - What’s next with your other project Cycle of Pain?

A - I think next year I’m going to try and put out another record, and do some more shows or something like that.

Q - I don’t want to take up any more of your time, thanks for taking the time.

A - No problem. The Berzerkus has been killing all the guys on tour have been great, Clutch has been cool. That’s about it man it’s been a pretty good time. So you’re coming out to Chicago?

Q - Yep.

A - That’s coming up.

Q - Yeah look forward to seeing you guys there.

A - Rock on buddy.


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