"Art of Dying signs to Disturbed's label." – Interview

The Vancouver based band Art of Dying is the first band to sign to Intoxication/Reprise Records - Disturbed’s record label. “Art of Dying caught our attention with the great hooks that they write,” Disturbed front man David Draiman said. Recently I got the chance to chat with Jonny Hetherington of Art of Dying.

Q - How did signing to Disturbed’s label come about?

A - We've always been that semi-annoying self promoting band off the stage, endlessly passing out CDs, handbills and business cards. One of those CDs got into the hands of Disturbed guitarist Dan Donegan. He basically called me up after liking the CD and we kept in touch over the following year, which led to an opportunity for us to do some touring with them as the opening band. That tour turned out to be one long showcase, as Dan and David Draiman often watched our set from side stage. Later that year they flew us out to Chicago to sign us to their label at Warner Brothers called Intoxication.

Q - Where does the title The Art of Dying come from?

A - It comes from a longer sentence: "The Art of Dying is my life to live." It's a code that we live by recognizing that life is precious… It sucks, but we're all dying.

Q - How is the new album “Vices and Virtues” coming along?

A - Couldn't be happier with where it's at! You will hear our hearts and souls on this record.

Q - How would you describe its sound?

A - It shares a direct relationship with the title, Vices and Virtues. I can easily divide the songs into those two categories. The first single is now on iTunes, so check it out… it's pretty crushing!

Q - What is your band’s writing process?

A - We have many, from the 5 of us jamming things out at full volume to just 1 of us in a tiny bathroom with an acoustic. Everyone brings in amazing musical ideas and then we just add beer and champagne and see what happens. We have a lot of fun writing together.

Q - Do you have any touring plans to promote the album?

A - We're expecting to be on the road for a couple of years playing everywhere we can. We will be releasing official tour information soon on our website www.artofdyingmusic.com

Q - What can fans expect from your live show?

A - We like it loud… it sounds like Jack Daniels tastes. We're known for being the last ones out of the building every night… we like meeting the people that support us if you don't mind sweat and beer.

Q - What’s it like to share the stage with bands like Metallica, Tool, Disturbed etc? Did you learn anything from playing with those bands?

A - It's amazing! It is THE school of rock… Standing side stage and watching those bands do their thing every night is pretty inspiring. The only place I'd rather be is on the stage.


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