"Zoe Scott has the voice of Sheryl Crow and the fun of Katy Perry." - Interview

Zoe Scott finds inspiration wherever she goes. Her new album, “Woman On Top,” is the result of that very inspiration which she gained from Laurel Canyon all the way to Mojave Desert. Scott recently stopped by to talk about her musical journey to making “Woman On Top.”

Q – Thanks Zoe, for doing this.

A – You’re welcome.

Q – I read in your bio that you were a film student. How did you go from film to music?

A - That was quite a journey which involved a 5 month vision quest on the mountains of Spain with my sister, where I decided to follow my bliss and that was to make music. We immigrated together to California where I lived in a cave and wrote my first album. I lived in a van at the bottom of Laurel Canyon till I got a small record deal with Zeus Records. I began making demos and this led to my first album. It was quite a process and only someone who was completely crazy for it could stick it out.

Q – How would you describe your music for those who have yet to discover you?

A - I call it Woman Rock. Stonesy electric guitars with lots of female emotion. It's sexy, it's sultry, it's raucous, and it’s fun. It's very life affirming. My voice sounds a bit like Sheryl Crow but my sense of humor is a bit more Katy Perry.

Q – You’re well traveled in terms of finding inspiration for your music. Of all the places you’ve been which area served as the best inspiration for you to write?

A - Laurel Canyon here in California has held my attention and creativity for the last 5 yrs. It's so rich in the history of rock and roll; there are so many other creative people who live here and I feel it's a great back drop for my creativity. But the desert is always very inspiring to me. I often go out to the Mojave Desert to write. A lot of my songs are about relationships so wherever I find a muse is a good place for me to write and create.

Q – Tell me about the new album “Woman On Top.”

A - I did a lot of soul searching to write the album. I was newly single when I first started writing it so I was putting my raw emotions into my songs. It was like therapy for me. A lot of lonely nights were spent crafting songs. Then I bumped into publisher Suzan Koc who was running something called the "Songwriter's Rendezvous" in LA. So then the process became less lonely as once a week I was hanging out with a bunch of song-writers. She drilled me to be more and more honest. She also introduced me to The Wizardz's of Oz and Wax LTD who became my producers and I knocked out a lot of the songs with them in two weeks. It was a fun process working on the album with both teams. Although I was pushing myself to places I hadn't been before as an artist so I got bronchitis twice during the making of it!

Q – What’s your favorite song on the album and why?

A - My single "Hard Habit" because it was written about the hottest guy I've ever met and I loved obsessing over him while I was writing the song.

Q – How have you grown as a musician from when you first began this journey into music?

A - A million miles, if you heard my first basic demos, you wouldn't believe it was the same woman. You've got to love the process, it's a long journey. I've developed everything from my ideas, to my melody writing, to my voice. I started working on electronica with monotone poetry; now I'm making Rock/Pop with strong hooks, melodies and meaningful lyrics.

Q – What do you want fans to take away from this album?

A - I want them to take away the idea that life is fun, exciting, and empowering. I want them to know sometimes they've got to be rebels and own their own feelings in order to liberate themselves. I want to inspire people to basically go out there and live their dreams.

Buy Zoe Scott's single "Hard Habit" at iTunes now: www.itunes.com/zoescott/hardhabit-single.


Jason Tanamor is the Editor of Zoiks! Online. He is also the author of the novels, "Hello Lesbian!" and "Anonymous." Email Jason at jason@zoiksonline.com.
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