"Stone Temple Pilots' new self-titled album is worth the wait." – Music Review

Stone Temple Pilots’ new album is the first in nine years. You wouldn’t be able to tell because the self-titled album is an extension of previous STP albums. It almost sounds like the band never took time away at all.

Everybody knows that Scott Weiland took a hiatus and worked with Velvet Revolver, now, he is back with STP and the band, on the self-titled album, used the same formula in song writing that was prevalent on past STP and Velvet Revolver albums.

Currently, STP is back on tour after taking a short break. Fans of STP know the history and trouble that front man Scott Weiland has gone through with both the band and Velvet Revolver. Who knows if the tour break was a result of Weiland’s behavior?

Nevertheless, STP still sells out shows and this album’s tour is no different. The Tampa Bay Times praised, "…No band has ever combined grunge and glam better than Stone Temple Pilots, much to fans' delight….Two of ‘Core's’ unimpeachable smashes, ‘Plush’ and ‘Sex Type Thing,’ prompted huge chant-alongs from the audience. Even a new song, ‘Between the Lines,’ got the pit singing."

“Between the Lines” starts the self-titled album and with this fast paced STP formulaic tune the rest of the album doesn’t stop disappointing. Weiland’s voice is back to form and although there are rumors that the front man is back “partying” the band’s latest effort doesn’t suffer because of it.

Other notables are “Cinnamon,” “Hazy Daze” and “First Kiss On Mars.” If you can put aside all the trouble that Weiland has had and enjoy STP for the music it puts out you’ll love this album. Enjoy it because you’ll never know how long it will last.


Jason Tanamor is the Editor of Zoiks! Online. He is also the author of the novels, "Hello Lesbian!" and "Anonymous." Email Jason at jason@zoiksonline.com.
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