"Stetson partners with Erin McCarly & the PawnShop kings."

Stetson is bringing its Fall/Winter 2010 collection to life through an innovative partnership with Sony/ATV Music Publishing and two of today’s most exciting musicians. This fall, Erin McCarley and the PawnShop kings will debut their renditions of music’s most iconic songs through a series of video look books featuring the new Stetson apparel and accessory collection.

The entire clothing and accessory collection featured in the videos will be available for purchase through a direct link on the Stetson site. Each artist will be wearing a variety of new Stetson pieces, including signature hats, denim and boots. As an added bonus, visitors to the Stetson site will be able to download both songs for free.

Stetson chose Erin McCarley and the PawnShop kings because their inspiring journeys truly resonate with the essence of the brand. Each artist selected their respective songs based on their own personal experiences. McCarley felt a special connection with “I Saw the Light” by Hank Williams because it spoke to the growth in her own life. The song represented her coming of age and blossoming maturity as a woman, rather than the song’s original religious roots. The PawnShop kings chose a song that was reflective of their commitment to being charitable and giving. “Revolution” by John Lennon and Paul McCartney of The Beatles was the perfect song and captured their mission to put out positive messages to fans and encourage others to give time and energy to making the world a better place.


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