"Far East Movement draws influences from Michael Jackson, Nirvana and Beastie Boys." - Interview

The members of the alternative pop, hip hop, electronic, rock group Far East Movement have been together since 2003. They have five albums, with the latest album “Free Wired” being their debut with Cherrytree Records. Their songs have appeared in the films “Piranha 3D” as well as “Fast & the Furious - Tokyo Drift.” They’ve supported Robyn and Kelis on their co-headlining tour as well as Lady Gaga on the Japanese leg of her “Monster Ball Tour.” Recently I got a chance to talk with the band about their upcoming album “Free Wired.”

Q - How would you describe your band’s sound?

Prohgress - “Free Wired.” Alternative pop inspired and mixed with hip hop, electronic, alternative rock.

Q - Can you tell us a little bit about the band’s writing process?

Kev Nish - We all sit in the studio while the tracks are being produced and shoot out concepts like a brainstorming session till ideas turn into lines and hooks. Sometimes songs can come to us as fast as 2 hours if the party is crackin’ or sometimes it takes days and re-writes.

Q - What's your favorite song on the album?

J-splif - All the songs (laughs). But we'll say "Girls On The Dance Floor" is one of the most important songs to us cuz it’s the song that got us signed to Cherrytree Interscope records.

Q - What's your favorite song to play live?

Prohgress - We'd have to go with "Like A G6" right now; it’s been crazy hearing the crowd sing the song back to us word for word.

Q - Are there any plans to tour?

DJ Virman - Yes, right now we're on tour with Mike Posner for 30 cities then (the) first of November we're headed on tour with our Cherrytree label mates La Roux.

Q - What's your most embarrassing on stage moment?

J-splif - Once in Houston at the House of Blues I stepped in front of the monitor speaker to get closer to the crowd and in the heat of the moment I stepped back and tripped over the monitor right on my ass, swaggerless and not free wired. (Laughs)

Q - Who are some of your earliest influences?

Kev Nish - Michael Jackson, Nirvana, Linkin Park, Beastie Boys, Snoop Dogg, Tupac, The Dogg Pound, Outkast, Daft Punk, ATB.

Q - Who are you listening to now?

Prohgress - Robyn, Kanye West, La Roux, Eminem, Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Empire of The Sun.

Q - That's all I had. Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Kev Nish - Thank you Zoiks! Online and thank all y’all free wired readers. Live free, stay wired. New album “Free Wired” is coming October 12th. Much love fam.


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