“‘Dexter’ starting to get good?”

Well, I mean "Dexter" has been the best show on TV for a few years now, in my opinion, so to say it's starting to get good is silly. However this season has started off slow. Really though how else could you follow up the ending of last season?

There needs to be some down time. This week's episode didn't really do anything to salvage the season. It was just another hour of waiting for something good to happen only to have to wait until the trailer for next week's episode to get anything good.


One of my very few complaints is how easily and coincidentally some of the loose ends on the show are tied up. That seems to be how season 5 has been going so far. At the end of the episode, looking forward to future weeks, there is a lot that could be going down. I may have been mistaken, but did I see Deb as well as the rest of Miami Homicide showing up at the scene of one of Dexter's crimes after it had gone wrong because Julia Stiles' character screwed things up?

I don't know, but finally it looks like we might be on the edge of our seats again…your thoughts?


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