"deadmau5 was in the house." – Concert Review

When you stumble upon the name “deadmau5,” for the first time, your inclination might be to say “Huh?” and ponder how to pronounce it (FYI, it’s said “dead mouse.”). But, upon first hearing his music, you’ll most likely be in awe and want to listen to more.

deadmau5, also known by his birth name Joel Zimmerman (His stage name started off as a computer screen name when he began using it on a chat site after a mouse crawled into his PC and died there.), performed at the Eastern Michigan University Convocation Center on October 25, 2010 in Ypsilanti, Michigan. From the moment he took the stage and delivered his signature progressive house and electro-house style of music, the crowd was mesmerized. He began his set with “Some Chords,” a song that starts off with mellow beats and features a gradual intensity that brought the crowd to its feet, where they stayed all evening. By the time he played his second song, a driving force called “Sofi Needs a Ladder,” the crowd went crazy.

A deadmau5 show isn’t just a concert; it’s an experience. It’s a festival of lights, costumes and sound that will envelope your brain and suck you in. Throughout the show, deadmau5 sits atop a platform that resembles a giant, light-up thrown. And for an hour and a half, audiences are not only treated to the thump-thump of his music, but they get to witness him in a series of flashy, fake mouse heads (During the song “Ghosts N Stuff,” he even dons a ghost costume). His show is heavy on lightening design, and audiences get to experiences flashes and strobes that correspond to his beats. Sound a bit strange? It is in a way, but this style has earned him legions of fans throughout the world, many of whom attended his Ypsilanti show.

Watching his fans was an experience in itself. Audience members (who were mostly aged 18-21) were dressed in everything from stripper attire to homemade versions of his famous cartoon-mouse head. Of course, there were plenty of glowsticks on hand as well.

Despite spending too much time pondering how he doesn’t suffer from massive amounts of head-sweat from wearing his costume pieces (After all, I used to make a living wearing mascot costumes, and let me tell you, the heads get super funky!), I thoroughly enjoyed myself! Not only did deadmau5 put on an incredibly entertaining show, but the people-watching and his opening act (the wildly fascinating Skrillex, who captivated audiences with his mixing abilities and seemingly boundless energy) were also fantastic!

If you haven’t been to an electronic music show before (or even if you‘re a techno veteran), I highly recommend going to see deadmau5! And now, you can even pronounce his name when inquiring about tickets. For more information about his music or winter tour, visit http://www.deadmau5.com/.


Kate Brindle is a stand-up comedian from Ann Arbor, MI. For more information and for tour dates, visit her at http://www.katebrindle.com/.
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